Review Audemars Piguet: Code 11.59

At SIHH 2019, people are expecting Audemars Piguet to launch new changes and novelty of its existing series, why are we wrong? Close completely.

The official has announced that Audemars Piguet has launched a brand new series. CODE 11.59 is an unprecedented new design dimension, which is the hottest topic discussed in SIHH2019. It has been more than 20 years since Audemars Piguet has made such a huge impact on the fake watch industry with its Royal Oak model. This year is the next step they have taken, establishing a new pillar for the brand.

Since 1972, the Royal Oak and Millenary series have been its most powerful pillars, supporting the brand. Royal Oak is an iconic model that makes people question whether Audemars Piguet will launch something that will challenge the Royal Oak itself, and we are here today.

Audemars Piguet’s CEO François-Henry Bennahmias believes that Audemars Piguet Replica needs some changes. His purpose is to prove that the brand is not only proficient in Royal Oak or Millenary. This is not an easy task.

Audemars Piguet CODE 11.59 Chronograph 41mm copy watch REF: 26393OR.OO.A321CR.01

Compliant with CODE 11.59
There is a meaning hidden in the name of CODE 11.59; each acronym carries brand information, representing the idea behind the design of the watch replica itself.

Challenge-Challenge the limits of craftsmanship


D is-dare to firmly believe

E Volvo-never stop moving forward

11.59 – At the last moment of the new day, always stay one step ahead

Next, you will see why the name is best for this series.

New design dimensions
Code 11.59
You can see the replica luxury watch in the picture and on your hand. When I first saw these photos on SIHH2019, some questions came to my mind: “What are you doing? Why use a pure round dial?” However, watching the watch from close angles from all angles makes me aware To this, this is not just your typical round dial watch.

Hidden Royal Oak DNA, unique design lugs

The first thing to notice is the unique new unique shell design. The middle of the case is the well-known octagon, with satin and brushed finishes, representing the DNA inheritance of the predecessor Royal Oak. Capital letters are welded to the curved lugs, while the bottom lugs are not. They are tightly fixed to the lower case letters (even thin paper cannot slide in).

The reason for this design is to keep the watch slim while maintaining its robustness. This also allows the watchmaker to easily remove the back cover to prevent unnecessary damage during maintenance.

Viewing the hyperbolic sapphire crystal from the side
The second unique feature is the hyperboloid sapphire crystal; Audemars Piguet uses light and illusion cleverly here. First of all, when I look at the watch from the side, it looks like two curves are located vertically on the upper surface of the upper glass. However, when I extended my finger to touch the surface, it was just an ordinary dome. The marketing manager smiled and said that this was her first thought. She kindly explained that the other curve is actually on the opposite surface of the crystal (aka convex glass), where the light refracts and creates the illusion of the eye. I have never seen such a design before.

3D logo: each letter is connected by a thin line

The last but not least point is to face the challenges of craftsmanship. For the first time, Audemars Piguet used a unique chemical process called Galvanic Growth (a concept similar to the well-known 3D printing), in which layers of gold slowly formed to create the Audemars Piguet 3D logo. This process sounds very simple, but before it was executed, Audemars Piguet spent a full three years studying it.

Although many people may think that this is already big for men, how can it be placed on the ladies’ wrists? It happened to be some reason.

There are 13 models in this series and 6 movements in total, 3 of which are brand new and unique to CODE 11.59. The diameter of all series is 41 mm; the design is suitable for all genders, which may hold most wrists, but due to its large dial design, its appearance is also quite large. Unfortunately, for all steel fans, these collections are only made of precious metals (white and pink gold), at least for now.

Audemars Piguet CODE 11.59 Tourbillon 41mm copy watch REF: 26396OR.OO.D002CR.01

CODE 11.59 automatic winding
As the first product of the series, the automatic winding code 11.59 has four changes, equipped with the first new movement, caliber 4302. This movement is an upgraded version of its original model 3120 movement, with accuracy and a 70-hour power reserve. By updating, the date window was moved to a position between 4 and 5, instead of 3 o’clock.

There are also four changes to the new self-winding chronograph, equipped with the new 4401 movement, which is the 4320 movement with the first fully integrated chronograph function. It is operated by a guide column wheel and has a vertical clutch with its levers lined up in a row at the top of the movement. The rotor here is different. It is characterized by an open design with an AP logo, which allows a comprehensive view of the mechanism. In addition, it is flyback, and it is indeed worth looking forward to.

CODE 11.59 self-winding tourbillon with Grand Feu enamel
The self-winding tourbillon is equipped with the third new calibre 2950. It is the first flying tourbillon with a central rotor. Please note that the new 3D logo does not appear on this type of dial, just because it is not possible. We will introduce the production process of the enamel dial in the future, so stay tuned.

CODE 11.59 perpetual calendar with unique Aventurine dial
The perpetual calendar model has only a single variant. This unique Tanglin dial is representative of the night constellation in central Le Brazos. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, the East Organ was discovered by accident in the 1700s during the manufacture of glass in Italy. The Tanglin of the present invention is created by adding black copper oxide and cobalt to the glass. To be honest, we ca n’t wait to see it in person.

Manual winding CODE 11.59 tourbillon skeleton
The CODE 11.59 Tourbillon skeleton movement is the most striking in this series. Its movement is made of only three colors of metal; silver, pink gold and black. The tone of the motherboard and bridge is darker, in sharp contrast with the pink gold hands.

CODE 11.59 Minute Repeater Supersonnerie, real artwork
Last but not least, my favorite model is CODE 11.59 Minute Repeater Supersonnerie. This replica swiss watch is clean and simple in white gold with a smoky blue enamel dial. Inside is the 2953 movement (based on the 2937 movement), the watch also has three patents obtained in 2016 in the Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie. The gong is cleverly connected to a large “sound board” instead of the main board, thereby making the sound more stable and eliminating background noise. Another feature is the perforated bottom box, which greatly increases the volume.

Inevitably, CODE 11.59 was compared with their predecessor, Royal Oak. I believe this was the case when Royal Oak replica was launched as early as 1972. The market certainly hasn’t prepared this grotesque watch, but today it has become one of the most popular iconic watches. We need to be patient and see how the new CODE 11.59 will evolve in the future.

We sincerely recommend that you face the collection in person, which will certainly not disappoint, at least for us. All in all, this is a test of time.