Is HYT a luxury brand?

The fascinating H1 of HYT fake Watches, also known as Hydro Mechanical Horologists, now offers a new color scheme, with a black DLC titanium case and red fluorescent liquid indicating the hour of the day.

It is easy to understand why HYT Watches named this model H1 Dracula DLC. To make it easier to match Transylvanian Count, the black crocodile leather strap has red veins.

The surface of the black DLC titanium case is brushed, shot blasted and polished, and has a red rubber-coated screw-in crown. H1 has a magnificent pound time, a diameter of 48.8 mm, and a total thickness of 17.9 mm.

The technical characteristics are the same as the original H1 model. The mechanically wound HYT movement beats at 28,800 vph and provides a 65-hour power reserve.

Most of the time, the design of luxury fake watches follows a certain pattern. There are many commonalities between material choices. We read and write a lot of articles that use the same words and terms over and over again. Then, HYT popped up and broke the formula. Since the brand’s launch in 2012, the team behind these Bunker wrist sculptures has liked to mess up our heads and pull our heartstrings. I can’t stand it alone. However, does this mean that I am in love with HYT H0 Time is a Precious watch, which is quite another matter.

HYT 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS H1 Diamond dome chrysoberyl Replica watch

Constant fascination
I have been a loyal boy of HYT since the first day. I still remember when SalonQP met HYT H1, I was still a watchmaker with wide eyes and felt like I had entered the entire industry. I have never seen anything like this. It immediately inspired my love for machinery and reminded me of the neon green plastic of my favorite LEGO toy set when I was young. Somehow, this phosphor-green liquid placed on the industrial background of the hub and bellows made me feel like a fearless pioneer and an id kid at the same time.

It is followed by H2, which has corrugated bellows and a more dynamic dial. I love it. H3 is cool, even though it has never touched me like now. The skeletonized H4 was restored to glory again. Although the presence of electricity shocked me for several weeks, the bright metropolis finally won me.

The skull fake watch and its many variants are interesting. This is about the maximum level of nonsense I can accept. It pushed it a little bit, but the undeniable technical achievement was to bend the glass capillary into this innovative shape, and then compensate for the pressure changes needed to push the fluid to the bend at the correct speed. But then they decided to blow up the whole thing.

H0 is a new direction. The easy-to-digest case outline is gone forever. Replaced by towering sapphire spots. Bold? Yes. Has the performance stopped? absolute. Is it for me? I am still not sure.

HYT 148-PA-21-GF-RU H1 AZO PROJECT Replica watch

The road to acceptance
When I first encountered avant-garde design, I had to go through a process. The worst reaction I can make is to shrug. Thinking that something is “good” means it is boring. If someone puts their efforts, soul, and suspicious reason into pushing the limits of design, and the passionate response you can most arouse is: “Yes, this is good,” they failed. You should be happy or vomiting for exercise. That’s right. Baby vomit and babies are very cute. should…

A strong reaction is necessary to form attachment. You may like HYT H0 and may hate it. But as long as you can feel something, they will succeed. They stuffed their claws into you. Honestly, they stuffed their paws in me. once again.

The design level of the dial-I am talking about special design rather than craftsmanship-is indeed breathtaking. The simple movement of the wearer’s wrist inspired 63 finely inclined surfaces, capturing and projecting light in endless dance poses. Use a laser to cut the small pieces.

HYT’s unique timing mechanism is undoubtedly the center stage. Since the technology developed by Preciflex, HYT’s “internal sister company”, the term “unique” is often abused in our industry, so it does apply here.


The concept is simple: the two bellows at six o’clock are filled with liquid. The one on the left is filled with colored liquid (red in this case), and the one on the right (always) is filled with transparent liquid. The two fluids flow through the same glass capillary. The point where they met was cut off by a thin meniscus invisible to the naked eye. The division between color and transparency indicates the passage of time in a way that the hour hand usually indicates. The minute is read through the small dial at 12 o’clock, and the second hand can be seen through one of the four holes on the dial.

Other elements that can be seen through these asymmetric dial windows are the double bellows, and the power reserve indicator, whose shadow gradually changes as the 65-hour reserve runs out.

The design is ingenious and transparently mocks people, not a watch for timid people. It is not a swiss copy watch with many practical applications. In short, this is a piece of art.