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Watchmaker: MB & F

Introduce one of the most successful, iconic, unique, unique and different independent brands in the past decade: MB & F. The reason I use these words is because I do n’t want to use the official marketing term: subversive, but I must admit that subversion is very suitable for what MB & F replica has brought to the watchmaking industry for many years, and this started in 2005 and was actually 2007 Since yes, the brand was founded by Max Busser in 2005, but the first UWO, the unrecognizable watch object, Horological Machine N ° 1, HM1, came out in 2007. MB & F’s slogan is “Mechanical Lab”, which really sums up the full meaning of Max Busser and Friends.

Therefore, I will introduce most of the time machines provided by the brand. In the second part of this video, I will say to Max Busser: “Mike Busser”, If you understand what I mean, ask him to come and visit us a long way, yes, Geneva is small, but beautiful! In this very interesting interview, we will introduce more about who is Max Busser, what motivates him to do what he still does, what opportunities he has cleverly seized and developed, and There was basically an inspiring dialogue with a real entrepreneur. Regarding the development of his company, the importance of allies and partners, the dimensions of the company’s friends, the successful experience is very transparent, but more important is the difficulty, I think you will like this moment.

Okay, now I ’m going to quickly review the main timepieces, or use the inherent semantics of MB & F: dynamic sculpture, yes, when you trace them like this in the Who ’s Who of Watchmaking, you are likely to be impressed with creativity and courage ShenZhen is still a very small brand, producing less than 300 watches replica every year. When you look at this issue from the perspective of a larger participant in the industry, this is a good highlight of the creativity and risk-taking that you found in the independent small company that liked her on bagsbagu.com. In a short history, the brand has proposed many completely different timepieces, different designs, different movement developments, and creativity and exclusivity. This is definitely a way to maintain hype, but of course it is to continue A very difficult task to achieve. Okay, I fully understand that some of these watches may not be satisfactory to everyone, which is completely okay, I seriously doubt that this is their purpose, but MB & F did break some codes and defined some new codes, which is a problem for many People are really inspired.

Therefore, as mentioned, the brand started with HM1 in 2007, which immediately established the distinctive tone of MB & F. This is a tourbillon watch with a special design. Hour indicator on the left, minutes on the right and seconds on the 60-inch central tourbillon. It ’s a bit like an adjuster, but it ’s very special. Its design features will become one of the brand marks of the Tomahawk rotor. It is inspired by the famous Goldorak, which is very good for some of us, yes, I From that generation. This fake watch was co-designed with Eric Giroud. To this day, he is very important for the development of most of the brand ’s mechanical sculptures because Max Busser made initial suggestions and Ideas, but then need to go through perfection may be a long iterative process.