HYT H3 Swiss


H3: linear fluid revolution
The world has been waiting for it, but no one knows what will happen. After maintaining our full year of development, HYT’s H3 replica has now entered the field of watchmaking. But can we still use the word “clock” to describe it?
Start with a blank page
HYT is famous for its blurry lines, which once again exceeds all possible limits. The sculptural H3 is essentially inspired by the depiction of the passage of time. This young independent brand not only conquered this field, but also thoroughly (re) created it in various fields.

After H1 and H2, HYT is back, and once again shakes the foundation of watchmaking. Using H3, the brand is deconstructing time and reconstructing it according to its founding principles: two bellows inject fluid into the capillary to show the time.

In a conventional sense, there is no noon and no hands. H3 is redesigning the case with dimensions of 62 x 41 mm. The custom-shaped movement is very suitable for each contour.
HYT and its partners have successfully created timepieces with a highly complex architecture. One of the main challenges lies in machining the case and sapphire crystal. When it comes to movements, one of the most subtle steps in manufacturing the H3 is to recover the energy provided by the retrograde movement and then power the semi-instantaneous rotation of the dial.

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Its construction was originally inspired by the desire for a linear depiction of time, which led to the design of bellows at opposite ends. Then, the sports engineering team solved this constraint (which became the H3’s style symbol) to create a complete movement. bagsbagu.com
Fully linear time characterization
The upper part of this living sculpture is equipped with bellows mechanism. The first on the left drives the advancement of the fluid and therefore drives the time display. Its counterpart compensates for this development in the capillary on the right. The glass tube with a diameter of less than 1 mm runs in vacuum and still contains two fluids: the first is a (aqueous) yellow fluid used to indicate time. The second (based on viscose) translucent liquid is the opposite. The meniscus separates them.
The central part of H3 is reserved for time display. It has neither pointers nor satellites, nor any other time reading system previously invented. Instead, HYT created a rotating dial with 4 faces arranged along the time display tube. Each of these aces has a 6-hour scale so that one can be displayed

To ensure harmony and linear change between hours, HYT has developed an exclusive movement. The complex function is used to automatically rotate the dial to display the relevant part of the current time. The other three faces are not visible. At the end of each 6-hour period, the time display will perform a retrograde movement. During this time interval, the turntable begins to rotate in a controlled manner, so that the time display can jump semi-instantaneously.
When performing a retrograde movement of liquid, the movement will use the energy stored in the bellows and provide the force required for the hour dial movement.

In order to ensure the cohesion of H3’s technology and style, HYT has also developed a linear display for minute display. In the lower right part of the clock, there is a double articulated arm that traverses the scale. Finally, the retrograde mechanism will immediately return to its starting point.
Use the buttons located on the left side of the component to set the time. Each time it is pressed, the central time display bar will automatically rotate a quarter turn. This clever principle allows the required time period to be set quickly by jumping six hours. Next, the circular movement of the crown can be set to precise hours and minutes during this period.
Triple time mechanical orchestration
Therefore, every important organ of H3 follows its own rhythm, bringing the dial to life and reviving time. The choreography composed exclusively by HYT replica is again led by APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi), who is also the head of its predecessor H2.
Special Limited Edition
As HYT explained from the beginning, H3 is the most outstanding timepiece in the brand series. Thanks to its two barrels, it has a power reserve of 170 hours (equivalent to about 7 days). The series is made of carbon gray PVD coated titanium and platinum.