Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 053 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 44.50 x 49.94 mm
Thickness 16.15 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Vertical Tourbillon
Year 2018
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough


The introduction of Richard Miller RM 53-01 tourbillon Pablo Mark Donovan

As always, Richard Mille had something completely crazy on the first day of SIHH. This year is RM 53-01 created in cooperation with Argentine polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The watch instantly looks like the classic Mille creations, with the cask case on carbon TPT, the visible spline screws, and futuristic hollow movement as the center stage. The sport had a large tourbillon at exactly six o’clock and was suspended by a cable and pulley system on either side of the case. Like many other Millees, there is a plethora of less-used techniques at work, including a high-efficiency winding system, a fast-rotating barrel for more consistent performance, and a free-spring, variable inertia balance. Yes, RM 53-01 is not kidding.wholesale Hublot Masterpiece replica Watches



If you are unfamiliar with RM053, Richard Mille’s first watch created with polo player Pablo Mac Donough, you have to check it out. In many ways, this is an outsider in the brand directory, while still loyal to familiar values and principles.

When watching the new RM 53-01, there are other watches to remember. The first is the brand’s early collaboration with Mac Donough, which was launched in 2012 at RM053. This is a more unusual watch made by Richard Mille, one of which is similar to the one where you might enter the battlefield or the sea, with two dials and a tourbillon intersection. This time, the brand chose a more Mille traditional barrel, the action full of big openings. The sport capitalizes on the technologies shown in several previous RMs, including all sapphire RM 56-02 and Rafael Nadal RM 27-01, in particular cable suspension



Here I would honestly say that although I found Richard Mille looking funny on a glass or table, I actually seldom want to wear (Rafael Nadal RM027 at the top). This watch looks technically very bland, from the suspension system to the sports structure to weight loss measures.

Brand: Richard Mille
Model: RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough

Size: 44.5mm x 49.94mm
Thickness: 16.15mm
Case Material: Carbon TPT
Lume: yes, hand and hour markers
Waterproof: 50 meters
Strap / Strap: Blue Silicone


Movement: RM 53-01 movement
Features: Hours, Minutes, Tourbillon
Size: 31.94mm x 30.26mm
Thickness: 6.35mm
Tourbillon diameter: 12.4mm
Power Reserve: 70 hours
Winding: manual
Frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vph)
Jewelry: 19
Additional details: Sports suspension in two braided steel cables tightly with 10 pulleys and four tensioners, bridge made of Grade 5 titanium




Zenith Defy El Primero 21 blue

In 2017, the new Defy El Primero 21 (Precise Timing Remodeling of Precision and Reliability) reinforces Zenith’s spirit of passing blood innovation over the past 150 years. In 2018, the brand presents a delightfully elegant, blue version.replica Tag Heuer MONACO CALIBRE 12 CAL2110.BA0781 Watch

In 1969, Zenith introduced the first fully integrated automatic wheel chronograph movement El Primero with an accuracy of 1/10 second. This pioneering model lays down a new milestone in watchmaking history that has never been surpassed – until now. Half a century later, Zenith once again despised tradition, pushing the existing boundaries and bringing us into the world of 1/100 second precision.



Zenith Defy El Primero 21 represents a significant leap in performance and mechanical design. This is a game against anyone. With a frequency of 360,000 A / H (50 Hz), this newly upgraded movement is ten times faster than the predecessor to the world-renowned El Primero, delivering 1/100 second accuracy. The beautifully designed display magnifies this stunning frequency effect: the inner panel scales from 1 to 100, with a 1/100 second second hand scanning at one lightning speed per second and providing unprecedented visual impact and Provide the wearer with a surreal time travel experience.replica GREUBEL FORSEY GMT EARTH NEW 2018 watch

In response to the trend of modern engineering and ensuring optimal performance, this incredible mechanical complexity is achieved by using much smaller components, minimizing tedious assembly and adjustment. In addition to significantly improved performance and mechanical construction, the TIMELAB-Chronometer-certified design of the Defy El Primero 21 draws inspiration from its predecessor in 1969. The open dial of the Defy El Primero 21 is a 44mm, 5-gauge, titanium-grade 5 case that provides a solid contemporary backdrop that identifies the original key signature features: a star-pointed sweep second hand, a large luminous baton, and a faceted hourglass all All this is to show the brilliance of the future.


The TIMELAB-Chronometer certified Defy El Primero 21 Blue features a titanium case with a gold-plated hour-mark and hands. Hollow dial display chronograph at 12 o’clock, time and minutes display at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, black at 6 o’clock for 60 seconds, and Defy El Primero 21 at 30 o’clock blue Minute counters, offset by the unusual, eye-catching blue boards.

Designed to meet the tastes of all tastes, Defy El Primero 21 Blue offers three eye-catching straps ranging from black rubber covered with a complex blue alligator leather coating; the soft blue rubber comfort; or pure titanium Smooth, all double folding clasp with titanium. With a 50-hour power reserve, this watch has a water-resistant depth of 100 meters and will satisfy the most discerning gentleman diver.2018 NEW replica ULYSSE NARDIN DIVER DEEP DIVE watch


Best Copy Richard Mille RM 050 RM 50-27-01 NTPT Watch Review at


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Brand Bremont
Item Type Replica Bremont PILOT Watches
Movement Automatic
Case rose gold,Round
Bracelet leather
Dial Color black dial
Diameter Case diameter 43mm, lug width 22mm
Thickness 16.2 mm
Gender Men
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hour,minute,second,date
Boxes common box
Model Number DH-88/RG


Price is not purely intrinsic value

The most common question that any consumer should ask when making a product price is “Is it worth it? Is Richard Mille’s watch worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (on average) for many years? Come on, I’ve been talking to people in the watch industry who have a very high profit margin when learning about Richard Miller timepieces and he feels they gave me a hot news. Not only is this information surprising, The success of that does not matter either.Replica Urwerk UR-210 Red Gold men watch

Of course, I was annoyed by the fact that I could not enjoy many of Richard Mille’s watches that I long for because I might never have a spare 800 grand clock. However, I can understand the reality that if I paid for the production costs of just a few watches, then in my lifetime I might have to incur more costs. Allegedly, as far as I know, Richard Mille’s pricing is actually an exclusive strategy, not a production cost and overhead plus a reasonable profit margin.

I do not say that trying to dismiss Richard Miller clocks is nothing special – for the reality is. Instead, I want to convey the fact that, strictly speaking, Richard Miller watches do not need to spend too much. So I’d like to remind those who complain about the prices of Richard Miller products that you will not get the same watch product experience (I’ll discuss more below), despite the high replica watches for sale



Richard Miller watch owners club members

The reason why I’m arguing such an expensive argument as a luxury product like a Richard Mille watch is so expensive because it is meant to create an exclusive effort. Richard Miller’s product is a self-evident commitment that only other people like you can afford. Therefore, for Richard Miller, high prices are an exclusionary strategy to prevent “the wrong type of consumer” from owning one of the products. There is no faster way to fantasize about a dedicated luxury consumer than to make them see their high status items on their wrists, and they do so.wholesale Richard Mille RM 50-03 replica watch

Richard Mille very truly protects the client’s ability to (implicitly or by implication) “wear this watch, which means I have to spend money on status items worth $ XXX, XXX.” One of the main values of many luxury goods is the exchange value when wearing this product. Luxury not only rewards you but also effectively conveys your position, power, and success to the right audience. How many people recognize that Richard Miller watch expensive is not important, on the contrary, the right people will know it and know what it means. therefore,


Best Copy Richard Mille RM 050 2016 New - RM 50-02 ACJ TOURBILLON Watch Review


replica HUBLOT TECHFRAME FERRARI 408.QU.0123.RX watch.Although Richard Mille may offer sweethearts to “brand friends,” they usually do not. In order to maintain the exclusivity of the “Richard Miller Club,” you need to protect its front door (figuratively). High retail prices are not enough, but the sales must adhere to such a price. I’m not saying that everybody who buys Richard Miller is required to pay the full retail price, but the price will still be high even with some discount. Instead of just buying a Mercedes-Benz, buying a Mercedes-Benz is like buying a Mercedes-Benz with a garage with a house. At Richard Miller’s price, even a discount will not help most consumers to evade this reality.

The importance of “exclusive value” necessary for Richard Miller watches should not be ruined. Like many luxury watches, ownership is like an exclusive club, and for Richard Miller, it happens that the club is exclusively based on purchasing power. Therefore, Richard Mille’s valued clients are those who are capable of honestly expressing that they are indeed included in the wealthy elite in the world.ULYSSE NARDIN 719-20 COMPLICATIONS FORGERONS replica watch





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Richard Miller RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon can withstand 10,000 G

Now a stubborn, full-time watch nerd, I found that even for the first time I saw a complicated watch, I could positively identify its features and functions, no matter how small or weird they were. Richard Mille today neatly presented their Richardbiller RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal “Tourbillon Shock Resistance” at the French Open, which is the most novel Richard Mille, “Rafa” is on his way wearing a tennis ball with space and time hitting tennis – most likely asking for another Roland Garros (French Open) title.

Specifically, what baffles me about this new RM027 is that Super Villain – a flag-style, V-shaped movement element of movement … and then, secondly, the typical jump from my typical technical project to technical data Advanced long list: 10,000 grams (in gravimetric units). If you, like me, think there is a connection between these atypical things, then you are on the right track.

Although I am certainly not a physicist, I still feel that 10,000 hectares of hell are a lot of hellfire fighters and crazy suits and pilots can take 0.1% damage. Now, to clarify – I’m here to call Wikipedia Wikipedia to make sure this explanation is correct – “Gravity (g from gravity) is a measure of the type of acceleration that leads to weight.replica Hublot BIG BANG UNICO SAPPHIRE watches

To give a real example: When a pilot really limits his own aircraft and his own aircraft to a limit (the aircraft actually lasts longer than the pilot), he pulls 10 grams, which means he feels his body “Weight” it’s actually 10 times. When a Formula One driver turns around a 3-g center of gravity, a 2-kg (5-pound) helmet on his head feels like three times the weight – and so on.

The pendulum test device is tested in the manner described above: it has a hammer pendulum that can be released from a set angle, which in turn determines the force it will exert on the watch. Richard Mills said they have tested their sapphire crystal RM 17-03 to face the pendulum, as well as the case of the 9 o’clock and the crown on the side being hit. Then, the watch will be ejected into a network – I imagine, “Let’s find a million-dollar prototype on the floor” game soon gets bored.

Needless to say, to play 10,000 grams, we have to scale down a lot – the size of the watchmaking and its incredible tiny but functional parts. When developing and fine-tuning the Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal “Tourbillon Shock Resistance,” engineers at Richard Mille used a so-called “pendulum impact device” – even at select watch makers Medium, rare and significant way to test the durability of luxury replica watches for sale

All of this is because, as Richard Mille explains, the vibrational energy of a tennis racquet is transmitted directly to the watch as the multi-arm gesture made by the player during the game The same acceleration and deceleration. In addition, “according to measurements recorded by the Swiss Micro-Technology Laboratory, a watch can absorb about 60 grams of linear acceleration in the service of amateur tennis players. It is easy to believe that due to the strength and strong play of Rafah, Linear acceleration in his case, can easily climb over 100 grams.

Obviously, this goal, in fact, all previous RM027 models are to prove the high-tech version of a mechanical movement with a tourbillon, if the engineering design is appropriate, can withstand the extreme shock – and remind everyone Richard meters Richard Mille did not give up keeping his status as a crazy leader – a cool (and crazy) tech watch.



Although the TPT material is strong and feather light, Richard Mille also had to greatly improve the movement’s manufacturing and assembly tolerances. Visited a variety of manufacturers and chatted with their engineers and designers, I know most watch movements are produced with a minimum tolerance of 5 microns, that is, five thousandths of an inch. This applies to the thorniest parts that require the highest precision, namely jewelery drilling: the extremely fragile pinion wheels become more susceptible to impact when two plates lie on top of each other and fall on opposite ends of the tolerance spectrum – This is why the number of 5 microns has been determined.

Richard Mille RM 27-03 achieves significant durability with a new build case and sport as a single unit. TPT quartz is attached to the TPT carbon fiber monomer backplane and a 5-grade titanium bridge and reinforcement are installed. When we discuss here the predecessor of this work RM27-02, we introduced the TPT quartz box technology.

Now, the RM 27-03’s tourbillon and its parts – the strongest impact ever showed the weakest part of its effect – are now only tiny tolerances of 1 micron. one. I think they found that they can produce parts that are close to tolerance, but this space has five times the space available and they still meet all expectations without having to discard most of the elaborate parts.replica Corum Admirals Cup Seafender Watches

Part manufacturing is five times more accurate – a 20% or 40% improvement is impressive given the literal micro-scale of what we’re talking about, but cutting tolerance to one-fifth is entirely Richard Nobody at the level of Richard Mille … no doubt asking for the project … It is no doubt minimal and impressive.

One minute tourbillon runs at 3 hertz and produces six half-oscillations per second, which lasts up to 70 hours (+/- 10% of Richard Miller’s), and the fast-rotating barrel must be manually rewound prior to. Of course, the balance wheel is free to add a variable inertia screw – after the first few impacts, the conventional setting mechanism is unlikely to adjust, and the tiny weighted screw around the balance wheel will help keep it balanced.

As I said, all this is set on a carbon fiber TPT monolithic substrate that consists of multiple layers of parallel filaments, each with a maximum dimension of 30 microns. To reduce weight – to make Rafa more comfortable and less prominent for wear during the race – this multi-layer carbon plate has been skeletalized, and when this super-hard material is first eaten, the neck painfully sore the bit, and then, Half machined, it is very hard to secure so that another original part can RICHARD MILLE RM 50-27-01 NTPT replica watch

In all these carbon TPT kindness is five titanium bridges – which means 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium alloy. The lightweight single-piece bridge on the movement helps to keep everything safe, with the clockwork, gear train and tourbillon attached to the carbon base. Richard Mille added an unusual design element to the top part of the movement, causing the bull in front of the head, a symbol of Spain and a selection sign of Nadal. The RM027 range has been dominated by high-tech projects, so now, with a wide variety of Rafa boutiques, the brand at least seems to have become more interesting, not just in color (the other option is to salute the Spaniards) Some other factors. Although it looks cool, but I guess I had hoped to rule out this,

However, due to the ultralight case, movement and strap, comfort should be excellent – although this time Richard Mille opted not to reveal the weight of the work. The emphasis here seems to be on strength and durability rather than weight saving, which is why RM 27-03 may weigh several grams more than its predecessor.

Richard Mille RM 27-03 The Rafael Nadal bracelet is the so-called “Comfort Strap” made of elastic material and probably similar to what we see on the RM 50-03 McLaren Tourbillon Chronograph (at Hands-on here). If so – why not? – then RM 27-03 will be one of the most comfortable watches ever. With a 40-mm-wide, 47.77-mm ear-hook earphone, the weight is barely noticeable. With this self-adjusting elastic, I do not think we’ll see Nadal adjusting his wrist a few times over his TAG-HEUER MONACO CAL5112.FC6298 replica Watch





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Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 070 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 49.48mm x 54.88mm
Gender Men
Thickness 17.65 mm
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Tourbillon
Boxes common box


Line in the building movement

If the design of the building and the clock have similarities between it? Compare the story.

Located on the banks of the heart of Shanghai’s Bund Finance Center, inspired by the traditional Chinese theater, Foster + Partners Tower boasts an incredible dynamic look with multi-layered curtain-type bronze tubes.

In addition to similar curves and perspectives, Richard Mille’s RM 67.01 automatic ultra-flat panel at Shanghai’s Bund Financial Center and the Fosun Foundation designed by Foster + Partners all share the same aesthetic sense of movement, both literally and figuratively That’s all. Glimpse from three angles.

A changing aesthetic
Built at the heart of Shanghai’s Bund Financial Center, the Fosun Foundation Building, designed by Foster + Partners Architects, faces the challenge of bringing a truly appealing look to the place. Its shape like a bronze tube curtain, its shape can recall a row of bamboo stalks, elevation by several layers of independent movement. This fluid swirling movement alters the building’s surface and depth through attractive lighting effects. Sporty reminds RM 67.01 Automatic Extra Flat watch. In this model, the time flow shows very clearly through hour and minute hands, and the date indicator appears in a cautious 5-point window.Hublot CLASSIC FUSION AEROFUSION replica watches

The technical complexity of mirroring
The successful renovation of the façade of a building destined to remain static reflects the architectural vision firmly anchored in the twenty-first century. This technique of replacing various bronze pipes with wavy movements shows great modernity and new construction methods. Like the building built by Foster + Partners, the RM 67.01 automatic ultra-flat watch demonstrates the unanimous pursuit of technical complexity. Extremely thin art requires very specific expertise. Nonetheless, Richard Mille highlighted the volume and invited her gaze to the depths of her perspective, through the aesthetics of the complex case applied to 215 different machining operations, as well as the Super-LumiNova® reinforced perforated dial.

Classic heritage as the cornerstone of futurism
Fosun Foundation and the era completely fit the facade, not to deviate from the surrounding cultural roots. The use of bamboo aesthetics illustrates the determination to uphold tradition. RM 67.01 The Automatic Ultra Plate, in line with all of Richard Miller’s work, evokes the tradition of watches without missing futurism and extreme technological maturity. Traditional Haute Horlogerie crafts showcase hollow mechanical movements, partially represented by the most symbolic elements of wheels, rotors and screws, giving the classic Haute Horlogerie a vivid reminder that innovation can not abandon the heritage of replica watches for men


Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat
Case : grade 5 titanium
Dimensions : 38.70 x 47.52 x 7.75 mm
Movement : skeletonized mechanical self-winding ultra-thin, Caliber CRM16, 50-hour power reserve
Functions : hours, minutes, date, function selector
Caseback : sapphire crystal



What is a chronograph?

Although you may never be able to use it for more complicated times than boiled eggs, chronographs are one of the most complex and complicated issues in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Sea Head Bullhead Rio 2016 Watch
The Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016 uses the colors of the Olympic rings to capture the Carioca spirit (£ 6,075).
Chronograph is essentially a watch with a built-in stopwatch. A look at the OMEGA Bullhead Rio 2016 graphic illustrates this blend as well as reminding us of the sport heritage. As the timer transitions from a handheld device to a wrist timer, the thruster moves sideways from the top of the box, allowing us to see the modern chronograph that we are all familiar with, even if not all of them are fully certain of its usefulness.

Display your advanced knowledge through a chronograph that recognizes the Observatory. Chronographs usually have extra buttons, usually at 2 and 4 o’clock. Achilles’ heel is simply a measure by an outside agency that can easily lead to confusion. The timer can also be a precision chronograph watch.replica Ulysse Nardin Complications Triple Jack Repeater watches

How does the chronograph work?

Press the top button at the top of the crown, the thin, pointed center-scan pointer at 12 o’clock beats and the tick marks on the inner edge of the stopwatch are clocked. On a normal watch this is the second hand that is always active. Minute and hour accumulator discs – usually at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively – allow you to take more than a minute. Click the button at the top again, hand stop, let you note the reading. Click the bottom button and all three chronograph hands (central scan, minute, and 30-minute accumulator) quickly return to their resting position.

The reason men love chronographs is that, like LEGO, they offer many different combinations and variations on common old timing functions. The most immediate chronograph has a modular movement, which means that an extra module has been placed at the top of the main timing mechanism to create a mechanical sandwich, which is why the chronograph is on the stout side. More traditional Zenith El Primero more sophisticated models, such as the world’s most sophisticated automatic chronograph, as well as stopwatch function.

For those who pay more attention to the time, the second hand flyback lever on the left side of the case will restore the second hand to the neutral position during the flash time of the flyback Chronograph 1950 Panerai Luminor submersible 1950. Of course, each such refinement will increase the price. Prior to ergonomics, early chronograph promoters were in this position because it was considered a more comfortable location and they would not dig the wrist.MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000108 replica watch

Many of the leading watch brands, including TAG Heuer and Omega, have been the makers of precision stopwatches in the last century and are vital to both sports and industry. They are mass-produced, perhaps because they are cheap, functional and sturdy, making them still attractive to men.

Lois Moinet invented the first chronograph in 1816. An updated version of Time Racing developed by Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec in 1820 includes a minute and second disc with a drop of ink marking the exact time – hence the name Chronograph.

Modern variations of chronograph aesthetics to a new height include the Bulgari Octo Velocissimo titanium, as well as the sleek black DLC coating, Parmigiani’s stainless steel Tonda Metrographe, and dials combined with the delicate dial and shape of the case. Ralph Lauren’s car chronograph models the dashboard of the Bugatti classic car up to the tree details, while the Tambour Regatta Navy in Louis Vuitton uses a water meter, including a 10-minute countdown and voice signals.

Perhaps the best moment of the chronograph is due to the era of Omega Speedmaster, when a catastrophic system failure was encountered in 1970, Apollo 11 astronauts used the Speedmaster to make important calculations to safely return to Earth. That is why, even today, NASA is installing astronauts a mechanical Omega Speedmaster chronograph because if all high-tech equipment fails, a sturdy mechanical watch will not Let them down.

But again, maybe the reason men like chronographs is much simpler: they like buttons. HARRY WINSTON HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON replica watches







Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 055 Watches
Movement self-winding
Case Carbone,Round
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Turquoise blue,Skeleton
Diameter 42.7 mm
Thickness —
Gender Men
BUCKLE Deployment
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds
Year 2017
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 055 Yas Marina Circuit


RM 055 YAS MARINA circuit

To demonstrate its successful and longstanding relationship with Yas Marina Circuit, Richard Mille created the RM 055 Yas Marina Circuit watch, a 50-part limited edition watch exclusively for the UAE.

Richard Mille, the official timing partner of Yas Marina Circuit, is one of the most iconic and prestigious Formula One circuits in the world since hosting the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for the first time in 2009.

To symbolize this ongoing friendship, the brand introduced RM 055 on the track color. Yas Blue decorated flange and crown rubber, Yas Marina Circuit track highly recognizable color, RM 055 YMC’s design is cleverly defined. Richard Mille expressed appreciation for the track by putting the YMC logo on the sapphire case.replica Corum Admirals Cup Seafender Watches

RM 055 YMC 5-stage titanium mechanical movement with PVD and Titalyt® treated floor and bridge showing extreme hollowing. This combination gives the entire structure the best rigidity and excellent surface smoothness and finish and is a key factor in the perfect functioning of the gear train. The caliber RMUL2 is therefore able to withstand accelerations in excess of 500-G.

The movement is equipped with a variable inertia balance wheel to ensure the reliability during the collision event and dismounting process and improve the long-term accuracy of the watch. The regulator index is eliminated and a more accurate and repeatable inertia adjustment can be achieved due to the four small adjustable weights directly on the balance wheel. The double barrel mechanism helps to improve and balance long-term torque stability: This improves long-term performance by dispersing stored energy in two bobbins, balancing torque and reducing pressure and friction on bearings and replica watches for men

RM 055 uses several sizes of spline screws assembled in the chassis and movement. Aging properties of these screws provide better control over the torque applied during assembly and are therefore not affected by physical handling during assembly and disassembly.

The unique structure of RM 055 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of athletes and race car drivers. Therefore, Richard Mille series of signature carbon TPT® materials have been used in this case. It consists of more than 600 layers of carbon fiber, giving it very good rigidity and high impact resistance.

RM 055 YMC is a highly technical creations, best in watchmaking tradition of innovation, sporting and handcrafted.replica Urwerk UR-202 Watches for sale



Bubble 47 unique jewelry S Unique

Swiss luxury watch brand Corum has created a unique Bubble 47 Jewelry Squelette model, especially for Booba, which is one of the most important figures in French rap history.

Its huge white gold, 47 mm diameter diamond case, set with diamond inlaid platinum hollow dial, and the same excellent gem mosaic bracelet. This unique watch has a total of 1017 diamonds and 12 rectangular cut sapphires: case set with 90 diamonds, dial with 131 round diamonds and 12 sapphires of sapphires, bracelets set with 796 round diamonds.

Diamond inlaid in the gold case and the famous CO 055 skeleton movement case, the watch is enhanced by a unique replica HUBLOT MP-09 BI-AXIS watches

technical details
Model: Bubble 47 Jewelry Squelette
Reference No .: L055 / 03519 – 055.200.69 / V769 GR03
Usability: Unique

Caliber number: CO 055
Winding system: manual
Function: hours and minutes
Power reserve: 40 hours
Frequency: 3 Hz, 21 ‘600 vph
Size: 9 ”
Ruby: 18

Shape: round
Size: 47 mm
Thickness: 16.76 mm
Case: 18K white gold, set with 90 round diamonds ~ 4.08 carats
Crystal: Circular sapphire crystal mirror, anti-reflection treatment
Return Type: Open the back cover of platinum, anti-glare sapphire crystal surface
Waterproof: 50 meters / 5 ATMs

Material: 18kt gold
Inlaid with 131 round diamonds ~ 2.25 carats and 12 French sapphires ~ 3.60 carats
Hands: Hours and Minutes: Leaves • Skeletons • Black Varnish

Material: 18kt white gold inlay
796 round diamonds
~ 24.66 ct / ring: 24/20 mm
Buckle type: Triple folding buckle
Buckle material: 18kt white gold


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Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 19-01 Natalie Portman

Swiss luxury watch maker Richard Mille presented the Hollywood actress Natalie Portman with a new watch. Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 19-01 Natalie Portman debuts at the 2014 SIHH and will issue a limited edition of 20 pieces in 18K white gold or red gold gem set. This unique jewelry watch features the CALIBER RM19-01, a high-end hand-wound tourbillon movement with hours, minutes and power reserve indicator.

The power reserve is displayed using the newly designed differential reserve system with a red line printed on a mobile disc located between 10 and 11 o’clock.

The entire base of RM 19-01 is machined from 18K white gold, hand polished, and plated with black rhodium plating. Spider web-themed, decorated with hundreds of black sapphires on the floor, this is a long-lasting delicate aesthetic achievements of replica Urwerk UR-202 watches


Luxury Richard Mille RM 67-01 AUTOMATIC EXTRA FLAT Watch Replica Online


For the first collaboration, Natalie Portman focused her thoughts on one image, based on a spider’s image, expressing a strong association and complexity with studded diamonds Mean Such predatory insects attract us with their powerful symbolic power, as pointed out by the rich myths and stories of spiders found in every civilization and continent, often related to the energy and creativity of women. Fate of the hostess and the real weaver, the spider is a symbol of the soul, but also a symbol of freedom. Diamond-plated Platinum Platinum Spider forms part of the movement. The optical stimulation of the abdomen part of the spider body made the tourbillon bridge hard and its legs supporting two buckets.

A five-grade titanium-made bridge with black PVD handles the entire assembly with high rigidity and precise surface flatness, which is crucial for the perfect functioning of the gear train. Swing balance with variable inertia and end-curve springs ensures even greater reliability in crash and move assembly and disassembly, resulting in better timing results.wholsale replica watches

Bucket pawls with progressive recoil allow a favorable winding gain (about 20%), especially at the beginning of winding. This also helps to distribute the internal tension of the clockwork. Grade 5 titanium spline screws provide better control of the torque applied to the screws during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical operations during assembly or disassembly and are not subject to aging.



The complex three-tiered barrel case is fully curved to make the watch ergonomic and comfortable, yet time-consuming and requires a high level of quality control. Richard Mille case front and back curves are less shape (barrel, round, rectangular). These curved bezels require extremely high precision in their unique shape, with no stress in the metal. These manufacturing specifications require a year of research and replica HYT H2 Watches

The specific barrel shape of RM 19-01 required 47 stamping operations, including only 21 stamping operations. The tool takes 4 hours and RM 19-01 is obtained after 250 milling operations. Finishing requires a full day of polishing, polishing and polishing. Three-way waterproof case 50 meters, guaranteed by two Nitril O-rings. The housing is made of 12 splined screws and grade 5 titanium, and the wear washer is made of 316L stainless steel.

Grade 5 titanium spline screws provide better control of the torque applied to the screws during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical operations during assembly or disassembly and are not subject to aging. The torque limiting crown is an extra safety system that prevents accidental overhangs, which can result in damage to the winding stem or excessive pressure on the replica Richard Mille RM 67 Watches


CALIBER RM19-01: Hand-wound Tourbillon with Hours, Minutes and Power Reserve Indicator
Power Reserve: Approximately 48 hours (± 10%)
White gold in pedestal gem set in gem set
Grade 5 Titanium in white gold bridge
Free springs have a balance of variable inertia
Barrel pawl and line-by-line recoil
The grade 5 titanium spline screw is used to bridge
– Movement size: 30.20 X28.60 mm
– Thickness: 4.97 mm
– Flywheel diameter: 12.30 mm
– balance wheel diameter 10mm
– Gems: 21, white gold rhinestones set. , Angle of 53 °
– Balance: Glucydur, 2 arms and 4 setscrews, moment of inertia 11.5 mg cm
– Frequency: 21’600 vph (3 Hz)
– Balance spring: ELINVAR byNivarox®
– Impact protection: KIF ELASTOR KE 160 B28
– Drum shaft: nickel-free Chronifer (DIN x 46 Cr 13 + S) with the following features: Stainless steel – Antimagnetic – Suitable for tempering.

Tri-barrel shape case
18K white or red stones inlaid
Size: 46.40 x 38.30 x 12.45 mm
Water resistant to 50 meters
Two Nitril O-rings
Class 12 Spline Screws Grade 5 titanium and wear washers 316L stainless steel
Torque limit crown
On the flange: metal, diamond hour index.
Bottom Flange: In metal, the fractional index is white.

Bezel side: Anti-glare treatment (both sides) in sapphire (1800 Vickers).
Thickness: 1.20 mm
Back cover: sapphire anti-glare treatment (both sides).
Thickness: 1.00 mm in the center and 1.73 mm in the outer edge

– Point and polish with your fingertips
– Lock part of the manual polishing
– sapphire sandblasted section
– Lap and polishing contact points
– polishing pivot
– PVD treatment

Steel parts
– sapphire blasting surface
– Satin finishing surface
– Hand sanded and polished
– Stretching the outer surface

– Concave chamfer with diamond tools
– round
Surface treatment – Surface treatment or rhodium plating (before cutting teeth)
– Minimize wheel to maintain geometry and performance





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Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 070 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 49.48mm x 54.88mm
Gender Men
Thickness 17.65 mm
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Tourbillon
Boxes common box

Richard Mille launches $ 815,500 RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost watch

To commemorate the four-time Formula One world champion Alan Prost, Richard Mill (Richard Mille) launched a new 30 limited edition Tourbillon, this Tourbillon may be the most crazy watch design. RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost watches are the result of a collaboration between Prost and Richard Mille, who are dedicated to the development of mechanical watches designed for cycling. The bike watch will start selling $ 815,000 from December.

Alain Prost, co-founder of the Renault e.dams team, wanted an odometer on his watch, and Richard Mille said. RM 70-01 has a unique accumulator to track travel miles or kilometers. The 2-o’clock putter allows the wearer to select one of five different odometers that will track and display the distance traveled in the titanium window. Another push of 10:00 will push the wheel one, track the next part of the bike trip, and so on. All cyclists need to do is add the daytime distance to the previous day’s total – and so on – to track the distance throughout the Urwerk replica watches

Super complex watches – you can read here in detail, and even have a built-in neutral position to avoid accidental manipulation. Watch with 70 hours of power reserve, light weight. The floor and bridge are made of very durable grade 5 titanium. Recall the world of cycling, and the titanium inline screws that recall the forged spokes for securing the bridge to the barrel ratchet, the tourbillon case and the crown to recover the pedal of the bicycle.

In the typical Richard Mille style, this watch uses the Carbon TPT (R), which uses Prost and Mille to customize the road turnaround with the Italian bike manufacturer Colnago. Each bike will be painted in the color of Richard watches replica



Beyonce, Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz at the bridge of Richard Mill’s sponsored Concours

Celebrities include Beyonce E and Jay-Z’s sudden coming bridge at the Bridget, NY’s state-of-the-art golf club to view more than 200 classic and contemporary luxury car races in the club’s lush hills. The afternoon garden party hosted by Richard Mille and other luxury suppliers was exhibited by the wine provided by Mille, Netjets and Bell Helicopter for Sherry-Lehmann.

After arriving by boat, take a long winding lane to the top of the hill and enjoy a 360-degree view of the luxurious Hampton. Including 1965 Aston Martin and 1966’s Shelby GT350 classic car parked along the club’s green fairway. A great attraction is a 1966 Ford GT 40 car, one of which is only used for street driving. Ford GT 40 in 1966 in the Le Mans race actually defeated the Ferrari.replica HYT H1 CIGAR 148-NC-RO-GF-AB men watch

Jay-Z was born three years after the legendary event, but he was fascinated by the car. He walks on the floor, checks the car with a hooded sweatshirt and Pumas, and his wife Beyonce wears a flowing striped skirt. Richard Mille’s personal friend, with music producer Swizz Beatz, also attended the meeting. “Since the beginning of the brand, he was a friend, a buddy,” Mille said, “a true connoisseur .Beatz is not only a guest, but also exhibited his own car.” I took the car here, “He said to Mille.

A spokeswoman from McClaren said the brand, working with Richard Mille, who worked with our Formula One racing team, is now included in the car industry, which is our first thing they have been able to work together because They announced this partnership. “He said, so will we see Richard Meyer’s watch on the McLaren’s dashboard?” It’s a good idea that we have not said that we have no clock now. ” He said.hublot Key of Time 902.ND.1140.RX replica watch


Richard Mille (Richard Mille) in 2000 launched his first watch, that RM RM Tourbillon, it is “by the press immediately notice as” watch the dawn of a new generation of revolution, “according to the brand’s website . His innovative design method in the traditional mechanical watch world pioneering .Male on the use of watches and other high-tech materials, compared with the traditional style of classic Swiss watches, is a clear breakthrough. Over the years, Richard Mille and Sportsman Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson, who sponsored the McLaren-Honda and Haas Formula One racing car and collaborated with Aston Martin for car racing Every year, Mille participates in several car companies around the world.

According to the brand, “Richard Mille’s success is based on three key elements: technological innovation in the finest art and architecture, the finest traditions and culture of fine watchmaking and manual finishing.” wholesale TAG-HEUER MONACO TWENTY FOUR RACING replica watches



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28-year-old tennis court, Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Pirelli is currently in the 114th Roland Garros (Roland Garros) chase his first 10 career (remember May 26 to debut). This year, in order to encourage the pursuit of the Spaniards, the Swiss Jura brand and Richard Mill (Richard Mille) cooperation, created another precision watch, able to bear Nadal red soil requirements everything. But after four o’clock, the incredible Nadal inspired the watch, and one had to wonder – how did Richard Mayr’s mind push the envelope?

Then this is how: from the North Thin Layer Technology (NTPT) ® Carbon Forging, the height of the watch’s skeleton is configured so that its bezel and bottom cover are assembled directly on it. The middle of this case has been completely erased, known as the integrated construction method. The proprietary NTPT® carbon is not fresh for Richard Mille’s material palette. We have seen it used in Nadal’s RM 35-01. Must be a popular decision because we see it reused in RM 27-02.



best RICHARD MILLE RM 056 replica watches.The front and rear cases are made of NTPT® carbon and newly designed TPT® quartz. Let us not be surprised, the quartz mentioned here has nothing to do with the movement of the watch. This is purely new material developed by Richard Mille and North Thin Ply Technology. TPT® Quartz, named by a parallel filament layer of more than 600,45 microns thick, is obtained by separating the silica lines. When used in RM 27-02, TPT® quartz is saturated in specially developed resins, sandwiched between NTPT® carbon layers and 45 ° on each floor. Then, in Richard Mille’s own Proart equipment, the resulting material was only produced by unforgivable heat treatment and pressure handling to produce a case case.

New materials and new construction methods may be enough to be bragging, but Richard Mill is not a stop there. There is a lot to say in the belly of the beast. Here are some noteworthy that we start from the simple, just as curled teeth as simple as its curled profile provides an optimum pressure angle of 20 °. This results in better rotational movement while compensating for possible changes in the gear train. The watch also has a variable inertia of the free spring balance and the terminal curve spring (the public tongue on the treasure coil), even in the case of vibration or disassembly can also maintain accurate time accuracy. Its barrel is designed for every 6 hours instead of 7.5 hours for a complete revolution to solve the regular internal spring adhesion.



Nadal will wear 50 pieces of Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal in international competitions to provide the ultimate mark of quality. Although the limited run can only be made to those who are closest to the brand, but I think many of us will soon be dreaming that RM 27-02 Nadal will be worn, if he was in 2015 when Roland Garros win.
In checking the surface itself, the first thing to note is the 5 titanium bridge. Their manual and manual finishing quality is no doubt that these are also through intense stress testing to ensure that they have no doubt the integrity. The watch may be a simple hour / minute watch with a tourbillon complication, however, to achieve RM 27-02 every execution is impeccable accuracy. In fact, all of Richard Mill’s writings are like this. But perhaps it is a given, taking into account the extreme use of individuals and their replica watches




RM50-02 ACJ Tourbillon Split Chronograph Chronograph
Emporters, featuring Airbus’s jet, dedicated to the creation of Airbus’s branch offices, the RM50-02 has sport parts that are protected by special coatings used in the aerospace industry to protect the engine and chassis components from corrosion And the impact of environmental conditions. The titanium-aluminum alloy used to construct its housing is also the same as the material used for the jet engine turbine blades. Manual winding tourbillon movement, minute chronograph, power reserve indication (70 hours), torque and crown function. Limited to 30 pieces.

RM67-01 Automatic flattening
Creating a new automatic movement with a thickness of only 3.6mm; Richard Mille’s unique tonnage case was first provided in a hyperplane format. Automatic winding, 50 hours power reserve.replica HYT H1 ANTOINE GRIEZMANN watch


For high jumps: Richard Mille and Mottas Sousa Bashbin

Sunday, July 2 at 8:45 GMT I found myself calling to Paris. This is the 26-year-old Mutaz Essa Barshim in the IAAF Diamond League High Jump in the top of the morning, clearing 2.35 meters. Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Barshim is Barshim, a “personal best” record holder with a total of 2.43 million people. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Won the silver medal, and in the IAAF and IPC 2017 World Championships won the gold medal. The He now joined the exclusive and talented Richard Miller family.

With the ultra-light and super watch, Richard Mille has become a golfer Bubba Watson professional athletes and tennis legend Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) synonymous with wearing a model during the game. During the London Olympics in 2012, sports and watch fans were delighted by the controversy of Jamaica sprinter Yohan Blake, who stepped on the track of the Richard Mill Tourbillon, which was strictly forbidden by IAAF. The watch was subsequently released for limited edition RM 59-01 Yohan Blake. At last year’s Rio Olympic Games, Richard Mille’s success story was repeated when South African sprinter Wayde van Niekerk won the gold medal in 43.03 seconds in four thousand and three minutes, RM HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP 05 LAFERRARI replica watches


And now, when he entered the most exciting stage of sports, Brazil is also working with the watch industry’s most professional sports tribe Richard Mille for long-term cooperation. To celebrate Bassam’s participation in the World Championships in London, Richard Mill created the RM 67-02 High Jump – Change at 67-01 Ringgit.

The main body of the watch is very lightweight, very strong, is RM exclusive Quartz TPT composite material, made of composite resin red resin impregnated micro-silica filament layer. The sealing tape is made of carbon TPT, which is made of the same process, but uses carbon instead of silica fiber. The dial was formed by a DLC coated titanium sheet that had been coated with a quarter of a millimeter thick with the color of the Qatar flag. In order to further reduce the weight of the watch, the strap is the latest in the RM technology, seamless and flexible. Watches and straps total up to 32g, making RM67-02 Richard Mille so far the lightest automatic watch.


In order to ensure that the ultra-thin case, watch with a new ultra-flat CRMA7 caliber, including carbon TPT and platinum rotor, and hollow DLC coated 5 titanium substrate. The forward train has an involute profile of the gears to ensure smooth transmission of power at minimum speed or torque, resulting in perfect performance over 50 hours.

Since his relationship with Richard Mille was formalized, Barshim had one of the first interviews.replica ZENITH PILOT TYPE 20 ANNUAL CALENDAR watches


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Richard Mille her internal caliber and extreme technology

Richard Mille is known for its internal sports and the use of high-tech materials such as carbon TPT ©, and is now available in branded ladies’ watches.

Richard Mille’s collection is characterized by the rapid creation of several internally developed movements, which are characterized by unique, and derived from the inherent Richard Miller brand personality. RM 67-01 is an ultra-thin auto-linked list, which in itself means some specific difficulties, and also features the Richard Meyer logo features: skeleton work. The latter is emphasized by a new dialing method. In order to enhance the sense of depth, to ensure that easy to read at night, every hour mark is full of Luminova, which is the brand’s first. The vertical date window placed on the right side of the five o’clock dial is also widely indicated by a luminous coating.

The self-winding CRMA6 mobile for RM 67-01 is a new caliber, only 3.6mm in size, developed by Les Breuleux’s Richard Mille engineer. The floor and bridge are made of 5 titanium and the rotor is platinum. The back of the movement has a wide range of skeletal work functions, and functional indicators between 1 and 2 o’clock can easily distinguish between winding (W), date display (D) and manual setting (H). This is the first time such a bulky situation, really thin Only 7.75 mm in thickness, this new icon is the more than enough models in the entire Richard Meyer Richard Mille RM 27-02 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL watch

Self-winding RM 63-01 Dizzy Hands sports is a full range of advanced watch design specifications of the artistic creation. It was inspired by the first line of Gérardde Nerval (the key figure of French romanticism in the 19th century) entitled “Time”. “Le Temps ne surprend pas lere sage; MAIS deceased song sage SE RIT, car rental luer connection connaîtL ‘use … (” time not surprised by the wise, but the time of the wise smile because only he Know how to use it. “) At first glance, there is no miracle of miracle miracle in the heart of RM 63-01.However, as long as the button in the crown center will appear on a real slow-action ballet by sapphire crystal Protection, the dial starts to move counterclockwise, while the hourly pointer moves at a different speed.

RM 63-01 Dizzy Hands’ dizziness has the right to monetize its owner from the humdrum, providing uninterrupted visual enjoyment for every new detail. When the adventure ends, the other button on the button returns the dial to its original state and acts as a simple tell the time, as if everything was a dream. In its obvious simplicity, the concept of the creation of the watch requires the implementation of the original solution: RM Heart 63-01Dizzy hand, meaning Caliber CRMA3, is a new concept designed, developed and assembled by Richard Mille engineers. By modifying the classic watch design principles and introducing specially designed components to separate the time display from the minute time, it gains a surprise of technology and aesthetic cheap Hublot MP-05 LAFERRARI Watches



Richard Mille’s RM 63-02 world timers provide complications of the same name. In simplifying the adjustment, it will continue to introduce the concept of RM 58-01, while this feature into the new internal self-winding movement. RM 63-02 Titanium Rotary Bezel is used to select the time zone. By placing the 12-year city name in its own position, the baffle automatically defines the local time as well as the time of the world’s 23 other cities representing their respective time zones through the graduation 24-hour flange.

This bi-directional baffle is not just an indicator, because it interacts directly with the heart of the movement. Richard Mille’s movement structure chose the internal Caliber CRMA4 to power the RM 63-02. Made from titanium, it also displays a large date at 12 o’clock and has a function selector with a winding, time setting or neutral position in a single

Since 2010, Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal developed the latest series of watch products in line with its outstanding lineage. Its tourbillon movement to further promote the seismic performance constraints, and RM 27-03 will be innovative materials and tabulation expertise combined. By using the unique North Sheet technology, the Quartz TPT® case is made of yellow and red by impregnating the fine silica layer with a colored resin, paying tribute to the Spanish flag. This 50 meters of water-resistant quartz fiber with high strength / weight ratio, and not easy to allergies, resistance to ultraviolet light.

Nevertheless, the main innovation of this watch is its tourbillon movement of the rugged, able to withstand the equivalent of 10,000 grams of the impact. This goal is through years of research and development, as well as due to sudden movement caused by the acceleration of the simulation and the sustained impact on the wrist and get. Install a skeletal base in a carbon TPT® with tourbillon caliber to ensure this PATEK PHILIPPE COMPLICATION WATCHES

RM 27-03 skeleton bridge of the gradual sharp lines of the styling caused the bull’s mind. The symbol of Spain, this theme is also related to Raphael Nadal. The winding and time settings are made through a measurement crown in QuartzTPT®, with a tennis theme. This is a limited edition of 50 special edition of the dynamic and sporty watch is Rafa in the upcoming game of the new allies.

To date, carbon TPT® has been reserved for the Richard Mille men’s series. In addition to ensuring the best protection of the movement, it also gives them a unique and powerful aesthetic effect. It now features the RM 07-01 female model, featuring Richard Mille’s exclusive elegant diamond carbon TPT®. Wrist gently tapping, it stares at the fascinating contrast between the gloss of the diamond and the subtle visual effects of the matte carbon.

Setting up a gem in the carbon TPT® is a whole new exercise. Compared with gold, you can use the tools directly to create the pins used to keep the diamonds. The hardness and resistance of the carbon TPT® require a dedicated CNC milling machine. And then drive the separately produced red gold fork in order to securely secure RM 07-01 diamonds. This technique is also used for RM 037, of which 250 diamonds are therefore set to ZENITH PILOT WATCHES price





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Richard Mille

RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost

The common interest in cycling provides inspiration for Richard Mille and Alain Prost to develop RM70-01 caliber tourbillon with an unprecedented odometer.

Much like the aviation and automotive industries, which play an important role in the development of bicycles from a technical point of view evolving. Richard Mille and Alain Prost, co-founder of the four-year Formula One World Champion and Renault e.dams team, and their interest in cycling have created a new RM70-01 caliber Tourbillon , Its unprecedented odometer.



Review RICHARD MILLE RM 56 rm 56-01 sapphire crystal men Watch


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RM 70-01 has never seen the total allowed to ride a bike who knows how many kilometers they have been riding since the start of the season. The 2-o’clock fader can select any of the five rollers of the odometer whose readings are visible in the titanium window. Once the roller is selected, press the push rod at 10 o’clock to push the rollers one. The only effort the user needs is to add the date distance to the previous total.

However, the mechanism itself is much more complex. The first pusher activates the selection of a roller, one of the five. Confirm the execution by the perfect alignment of the two yellow arrows. The second pusher causes the rollers to rotate gradually, due to the feed mechanism, which automatically blocks. In order to avoid accidental operation, the complication has been fitted with a neutral position (N). Due to the latch, the selection fork will be aligned straight, at 2 o’clock the arrow pointing to N as the body is locked for visual watches replica



RM70-01 Manual on the tourbillon movement to provide 70 hours of power reserve, can be seen at 5 o’clock, thanks to the planetary differential light. The floor and bridge are made of 5 titanium. The ultimate stiffness of titanium allows the caliber to easily withstand the most rough trails. Cycling the field, from the fixed bridge of the titanium hexagon socket screws to the barrel ratchet, it recalls the design of the forged spoke, the treadmill cage and the dynamometer has no effect on the backdrop of the pedal.


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Exquisite movement has a great depth. Its vertical structure – which arranges the barrel and the tourbillon along a single axis – its compact size is indispensable because the odometer occupies much space in this case.

Using carbon TPT® processing, due to the use of two nitrile rubber ring seals, three-piece waterproofing depth of 50 meters. It is assembled with a No. 20 spline screw in a 5 grade titanium and 316L stainless steel wear washer. Combined with tonneau, rectangular and asymmetrical shapes, this situation ensures maximum comfort when worn on the right wrist, but also optimizes the readability of a handle when holding a cycle.


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RM 70-01 watches for each buyer – limited edition 30 pieces – will be received as a gift for their own custom road cycle. Developed by Alain Prost and Richard Mille in cooperation with Italian manufacturer Colnago, these individually numbered bicycles are handmade and drawn in the color of the watchmaking brand.


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