New And Hyper-Impressive Jacob & Co Bugatti Tourbillon

In 2020, Jacob & Co. and Bugatti forged a partnership resulting in the creation of one of the most spectacular automotive-inspired watches ever, the Chiron Tourbillon. This not only carried over plenty of design cues from the record-breaking hypercar but also a detailed and working miniature interpretation of its W16 engine, crafted in sapphire crystal. As Bugatti just released its latest hypercar, the hybrid V16 Tourbillon, this high-octane timepiece from Jacob & Co. has a successor. And it is still ultra-impressive both visually and mechanically. Meet the Jacob & Co Bugatti Tourbillon.
Being a watch inspired by an actual car, we must first talk about automotive… And what a car this new Bugatti Tourbillon is. Bugatti has always been about bringing the finest of technology and luxury on the road. As Ettore Bugatti himself would say, “If comparable it is no longer Bugatti. Nothing is too beautiful.” The successor to the Veyron and Chiron, two of the most technically advanced hypercars of the modern era, the new Bugatti Tourbillon brings, under the guidance of its young CEO Mate Rimac, more than just an updated design.
Under a familiar skin is a brand new powertrain, a true masterpiece combining a crazy engine with electricity. While the two previous Bugatti cars were using a W16 quad-turbo configuration, this new Bugatti Tourbillon relies on a true jewel, an 8.3-litre naturally-aspirated V16 designed from the ground by Cosworth, revving up to 9,000rpm, producing 1,000hp alone, and 1,800hp with th help of 3 electric motors. Figures: 445kph top speed (limited), 9-sec from 0 to 300kph, 250 units to be produced (already sold out), starting price of 3.8m EUR net.
But now, I want to spend a few words specifically on the gauge cluster. It indeed has a lot to do with high-end watchmaking. First of all, the name of the car (tourbillon) is clearly inspired by horology, something confirmed by Rimac in various interviews. The car itself has multiple references to our own passion too, the most obvious being this absolutely stunning gauge cluster. Entirely analogue, it has been created using Swiss watchmaking standards and technology, with the same attention to detail as a fine watch movement – look at the decoration with bevels, the apparent wheels and pinions and the jewel bearings. This has been created together with movement designer Concepto, also behind the creation of… most movements found in Jacob & Co. x Bugatti watches. , including the new Jacob & Co Bugatti Tourbillon.
Jacob & Co’s latest creation has been designed to reimagine the wonders of Bugatti’s hypercar. Its sleek black-PVD titanium case reflects the car’s muscular bodywork and its unique characteristics, including the front grille, side radiator inlets, and large sapphire side windows. At 52mm x 44mm, it is certainly not for the faint of heart but it is smaller than the Bugatti Chiron that preceded it. Visible through the different sapphire crystals of the case is a spectacular engine inspired by Bugatti’s newest bolide. Besides its cool V16 automaton (more on this below), it drives a display mirroring that of its automotive counterpart.
Its three-subdial dashboard is covered by a single sapphire crystal. Starting from the left, there is a 30-second flying tourbillon. This original rotation speed for the tourbillon makes its ballet even more spectacular and, according to the brand, it is their fastest tourbillon ever. In the centre, the retrograde indication for both the jumping hours and the minutes replicates the rev counter and speedometer of the newest Bugatti. Last, the third subdial displays coaxially the power reserve for the barrels driving respectively the time indication and the automaton. The power reserve for the time mechanism is indicated by the larger red hand with a 48-hour autonomy on 2 barrels. 2 additional barrels power the automata and can store enough energy for up to 10 cycles… And like the Bugatti Chiron watch, it still performs its mesmerizing trick!
The Bugatti Tourbillon supercool engine automaton relies on a bold and expressive new miniature V16 (and not W16!) engine block. It is fashioned out of a single block of sapphire into which 16 cylinders are drilled to house as many titanium pistons. These are driven by a single-axis crankshaft. Just like the Bugatti engine, the engine block automaton has its own set of exhaust manifolds. Pressing the push-piece integrated into the crown launches the animation. The engine comes to life: the crankshaft turns and the pistons pump up and down.
The automaton sequence lasts 20 seconds. All 4 barrels can be wound by the same crown, in one direction for the timing mechanism and in the other for the automaton. Last, a flip-out bow on the case back allows you to set the time. The hand-wound Jacob & Co JCAM55 comprises no fewer than 557 parts! It runs at 21,600 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 48 hours for the timing side of the movement. The level of detail of the entire movement, the timing side and the automaton, is truly remarkable and proper Haute Horlogerie replica luxury watches.