Jacob & Co. Releases World’s First Metaverse Watch

JAKARTA – The world of the virtual metaverse has been followed by various major corporations in the world. Recently, Jacob & Co., a leading US-based watch and jewelry retailer, marked their entry into this virtual world by releasing the world’s first Metaverse watch. Thanks to its partnership with UNXD, the company released a watch called the Astronomica Metaverso.

Astronomica Metaverso is a collection that depicts the universe in various forms, according to NFT Evening News. Jacob & Co. made the watch based on a collection called the Astronomia line, which showcases multiple descriptions of the universe.

In addition, they will release three of the first eight watches in the collection next Wednesday. The company says that all watches are inspired by the planets of the solar system, with the exception of Pluto. Jacob & Co. released the first three timepieces called Venus and Mars: unique physical clocks with NFTs. This is not their first venture in the NFT space. In April 2021, Jacob & Co. launched an NFT replica watches review called the SF24 Tourbillon. The collection was successfully sold for USD 100,000 or IDR. 1.4 billion auction.

Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov said the company uses special comics and film films to present stories and create lavish collections. Alabov himself refers to it as crypto comic culture. The man said they wanted crypto enthusiasts to indulge his imagination. Meanwhile, unlock new experiences with the company’s latest collection.

Astronomica Metaverso metaverse watch owners themselves can use the NFT watch as a membership card. It enables future owners of digital, physical and experiential facilities. Not only that, but the owner of the latest collection has also allowed him to attend Jacob & Co. events in the future.

UNXD’s response

UNXD co-founders Shasi Menon and Nick Gonzalez said they were impressed that luxury watches were a major part of the collection’s launch.

“The Physical Watch demonstrates Jacob & Co.’s strong commitment to doing some real innovation in this area,” Menon said. “We’re excited about this deeper commitment in this area, and we think we’ll get a response from collectors.”