Supernova: Jaeger-LeCoultre presents two new Rendez-Vous at Watches & Wonders 2022

Drawing inspiration from the magic of shooting stars, the artisans at Métiers Rares at luxury Jaeger-LeCoultre have created two fascinating new timepieces: the Rendez-Vous Star and the Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star.

We recently wrote about how Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 2022 novelty is inspired by the universe. But did we mention that these novelties are very interesting? Especially the new Rendez-Vous Star and Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star, which are inspired by shooting stars.

Shown at Watches & Wonders in Geneva last week, you can see these celestial beauties at Jaeger-LeCoultre’s global Stellar Odyssey exhibition. Featuring immersive multimedia installations, including a special collaboration with French artist Guillaume Malmin, the exhibition will take visitors on a virtual journey into the universe.

But before the tour hits a town near you, let’s take a look at the brand’s two newest stars.

Rendez-Vous Bright Star
Some of our favorite complications are those whose sole purpose is to please. The Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star is one such watch.

Although we know that what we call a meteor is actually a shooting star streaking across the sky, forming a light trail as it enters Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t diminish their magic. They are unpredictable and mysterious, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star aims to recreate this phenomenon with the new Jaeger-LeCoultre automatic calibre 734 mechanism conceived and created by the brand. Through the movement of the wrist, a shooting star will appear randomly from under the aventurine dial – usually four to six times an hour. The unpredictable nature makes the effect all the more captivating (although it can be summoned by turning the crown multiple times).

And to complete the starry sky above, both the dial and the case are decorated with diamonds (reference Q3642470 has 181 diamonds for a total weight of 3.48 carats, reference Q3642371 has 617 diamonds for a total weight of 8.36 carats). To accentuate the sporty feel, the 36mm rose gold watch carries all the codes of the Rendez-Vous collection, including floral fonts, applied domed hour markers and gold floral hands.

dating star
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Rendez-Vous collection appeals to audiences who appreciate the special skills of watchmakers and jewelry designers. Rendez-Vous Star is a great example of the adage that gem setting is another complication.

Rendez-Vous Star offers two stunning variants for the Calibre 734 Meteor Complication: a white gold case with a silver-blue dial and a rose gold case with a soft golden-brown dial.

Impressively, the artisans at Métiers Rares in Jaeger-LeCoultre used many techniques to depict the beauty and mystery of the night sky. For example, through the use of transparent sapphire glass, the dial has a three-layer structure – either sprinkled with stars, or hand-painted with clouds and crescent moons.

Beneath this sky is a rotating circular titanium disc, dark blue for the white gold version and dark taupe for the rose gold version. This layer features the silhouette of a shooting star, which is subtly hidden by clouds, stars and the moon when it is inactive.

Openworked to reveal the deepest layers of the dial – a silver or gold metal fixed disc with a luminous gradient finish that enhances the feeling of stars soaring in the sky. The trail of the tail – the three-quarter circle of diamonds set on the sapphire glass dial – is achieved by infusing thin gold threads into the glass to hold the diamonds in place.

Both styles are 36mm x 11.16mm and feature a diamond halo on the bezel. The upper surfaces of the lugs and the top of the crown are also set with diamonds. They are paired with an alligator leather strap with a luminous pearlescent finish that complements the dial colour and atmosphere. Best cheap watches