The most affordable Breitling entry-level is also one of the best

A compact powder blue diving watch, suitable for any wrist.

At the entry level, we considered the cheapest watches from luxury watchmakers. They are still not cheap, but hey-every brand must start somewhere.

Baselworld 2019 is a vague concept. Of the watch. Late at night in Les Trois Rois. Sausages and cereals. I don’t know this will be my last time. But George Cohen knew. He and Breitling had already figured it out. A few days after the exhibition ended in April 2019, the Breitling boss announced that he would no longer participate in the annual Basel exhibition, citing a conflict in schedule.

It was at the last Basel Watch Fair that Breitling’s stars shined with the most dazzling light in people’s memory. I clearly remember leaning over to a colleague of mine after our date and saying that I believe Breitling has the most powerful top-down series at the show. This is a true evolution of the pre-Kern era, when product diversity was not necessarily a company’s strength. Among all the 2019 new products released by Breitling, the biggest news is of course the Breitling Navitimer Ref. 806 1959 Re-Edition-Superocean The quiet update has been pressing heavily in my mind.

Breitling cheap completely updated its top diving watch that year, introducing five different sizes, extending from 36 mm to 48 mm. It was the 36 mm option-said to be “designed for women”-which represented a new entry point for Breitling’s current generation of mechanical timepieces and quickly caught my attention that day.

The light blue dial and the bright orange dial that can be seen here are provided. The 36mm Superocean is not a tadpole-it is a watch that retains the same charm as the Superocean and most of the features of the other products in the series. The applied hour markers and Arabic numerals are filled with bright Super-LumiNova luminous, which glows at night like a neon light on the top of a crab shed on the beach. Like Breitling, the movement is certified by the observatory; here, Breitling calls for Sellita ébauche.

The round case is matched with thick lugs and a crown guard supported by soft edges; the entire watch has been subjected to a 200-meter waterproof pressure test and meets ISO standards. The deep tooth unidirectional bezel is worth noting here. Its thickness is the hallmark of the contemporary Superocean series, which is different from the original Superocean in the 1950s and the popular Superocean in the 90s and 2000s.

Speaking of memories of the Middle Ages-there is the classic “winged-B” logo on the dial. One of the biggest complaints I heard was about Kern’s strategy and the immediate change Breitling saw was the move to abandon this logo. I didn’t realize this when I first saw these watches in 2019, but Breitling decided to use it again on some sports models; it’s back!

Breitling knows that not everything has to be retro. I really like how modern the appearance of this super ocean is. It is stylish and sturdy, with popular colors not found in any other era. Breitling has a more in-depth backup catalog than most watch brands, however, the company knows to play a bigger role, it will continue to innovate and provide customers with fresh and exciting things that others cannot compete with.

The Super Ocean has a special modern history. Historically, it has been associated with Breitling since the 1950s, when each brand and its mother launched a diving watch to meet the growing demand for recreational swimming and diving. But through Breitling’s modern heyday in the 1980s, 90s, and 00s, it was somewhat of a secondary position, while Breitling focused on the larger and larger pilot watches in the Navitimer, Avenger and Colt series, as well as collaborations such as long-term operations The company’s collaboration with Bentley ended earlier this year.

As early as 2010, the basic Super Ocean was actually replaced by Super Ocean II. In 2015, Superocean II became an independent production line, and the regular Superocean returned. In 2017, Breitling abandoned the Superocean II naming convention in favor of the retro-style Superocean Heritage series. Today, we have Superocean Heritage and Superocean, living side by side as shown in this model. Still confused?

The Superocean 36 series is a new entry-level product for Breitling mechanical watches; if you want quartz, the Superquartz-driven Endurance Pro series, together with the TAG Heuer Aquaracer, Tudor Pelagos and Oris Aquis Calibre 400, are very suitable for the mid-sized and mid-priced dive watches. section. Will communicate with Breitling fans and young fans. If the diver is not your speed, but you are still looking for Breitling, we will directly guide you to use the current generation of Breitling Avenger, which has also undergone a strategic update in 2019.

So the history and specifications are good, but the most critical question is: how to wear it? Well, it looks like an old-fashioned watch. It’s a bit similar to the 36mm Skin Diver you picked from a random online watchmaker that has closed down.

Can you guess how many major Swiss brands produce 36mm diving watches? Omega has done quite a few (there are some great second-hand deals!). Captain Rado Cook only dropped to 37 mm. Blancpain? 38 mm. In fact, after thinking about it for a long time, I can only think of Oris Divers Sixty-5 and Marathon MSAR as manufacturers of 36mm mechanical diving watches, which are competitive among similar products.

Breitling is famous for its pilot watches and chronographs-there is no doubt about that. But after Kern took over the brand in 2017, he let the media know that the company’s best-selling watch for many years is actually a diving watch: The Superocean. In 2019, the company updated its production line again in order to maximize the advantages of the production line. Superocean 36 has a light blue dial and a perfect neutral atmosphere, and is a great way to enter the world of Breitling.

Replica Breitling SUPER AVI B04 CHRONOGRAPH GMT 46 P-51 MUSTANG AB04453A1B1X1 Men Watch

46 mm
Stainless Steel
Dial Colour :Black

Type : Automatic


100 m