5 most worth investing in Patek Philippe watches

Patek Philippe cheap is one of the most prestigious high-end luxury watch brands in the world, and the brand of choice for connoisseurs and collectors. With a proud history of watchmaking dating back to 1839, the iconic brand has attracted ardent devotees of the Haute Horlogerie tradition with its elaborate masterpieces.

At present, Patek Philippe offers eight watch series: Aquanaut, Calatrava, Complications, Grand Complications, Gondolo, Golden Ellipse, Nautilus and Twenty~4. Although all Patek Philippe watches are great investments in the future, some special pieces provide incredible collection value, which may vary depending on various factors.

In this editorial, we highlight five Patek Philippe watches worth investing in. In order to cover all the budget range of the brand, we have listed five references from the Calatrava, Aquanaut, Nautilus, Complications and Grand Complications series.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196


Calatrava is Patek Philippe’s entry-level series, known for its elegant formal watches, which have exquisite sizes and simple dials, with simple complications such as small seconds or date. Currently, this classic collection includes about 15 18-carat gold or platinum styles.

In terms of investment, we recommend this series of reference model 5196, Patek Philippe Calatrava manual winding watch model, with a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. This elegant 37 mm diameter case houses a 215PS manual winding movement.

As the most classic work in this catalog, reference number 5196 draws inspiration from the iconic Calatrava 96 model, which was launched by the Geneva watch factory in 1932. Reference 96 After about four years of long-term production, it is one of the most sought-after vintage timepieces today.

Introduced in 2014, reference. 5196 continues the timeless design of the iconic work of this famous Swiss manufacturer. This timepiece is available in 18-carat gold (rose, yellow and white) and platinum versions. Like its ancestors, Calatrava 5196 is a perfect entry-level Patek Philippe watch, suitable for long-term investment.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time 5164


Aquanaut is the youngest collection of the old Geneva watch factory. In 1997, this well-known brand launched the first Aquanaut model reference 5060A. Equipped with a self-winding movement in a steel case with a diameter of 35.6 mm, this is Patek Philippe’s first watch with a rubber strap. Aquanaut is a multifunctional sports watch inspired by the iconic Nautilus, but with a more modern appearance. Currently, the series includes references such as 5164, 5167, 5168, 5968, 5062, and 5072.

Like Nautilus, the Aquanaut watch is a highly sought-after timepiece. Although Patek Philippe 5167 is the most popular model, we recommend a promising work called Aquanaut Travel Time.

The reference number is 5164, which is Patek Philippe’s first complex Aquanaut watch. This incredible self-winding watch is available in stainless steel and rose gold versions, and integrates a quickly adjustable dual time zone function as well as a central scanning second hand, date and day/night indicator.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711


Nautilus represents the iconic brand’s entry into the field of luxury sports watches. This new category was born in the early 1970s when the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series designed by Gerald Genta was born. In 1976, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus series with the model number 3700/1A. Interestingly, the Nautilus watch was also designed by Gerald Genta. This new product line is sought after because of its particularity.

Nautilus is a sturdy and luxurious watch. Its unique case shape is inspired by the ship’s porthole and has an impressive 120-meter water resistance. In 2006, Patek Philippe revised this impressive family by launching a new generation of models with enhanced designs and improved specifications.

Contemporary offers men’s watches, such as 5711 (three hands and date), 5712 (moon phase, date and power reserve display), 5726 (annual calendar with moon phase), 5980 (chronograph with date), 5990 (flyback) Chronograph, dual time zone), date and day and night display) and 5740 (perpetual calendar with moon phase). The series also includes ladies cheap replica watches such as the reference 7118 automatic watch and reference. 7010, quartz variant.

In addition to its iconic status, another feature that affects the collection value of Nautilus watches is the long waiting period for the watch factory to produce only a limited number of these masterpieces. For this reason, all Nautilus watches enjoy a high resale value. The best performing model is Ref. 5711.

The reference was launched in 2006 and has gained a huge following. After the blue dial stainless steel flagship model 5711/1 A-001 was recently discontinued, the resale value of this special watch has increased several times. Therefore, other existing Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 models can be regarded as excellent investment timepieces that can ensure amazing returns in the years to come.

Patek Philippe World Time 5231


The Patek Philippe complication series provides some eye-catching high-end luxury watches, including annual calendar, weekly calendar, chronograph or world time and other functions. According to materials and complex functions.

In the Patek Philippe “complication” series, the world time watch is the most iconic work, and its long history can be traced back to the 1930s. The world time watch is equipped with a clever mechanism invented by Louis Cottier, which can continuously display the time of all 24 time zones at the same time. From the mid-1930s to the 1950s, Patek Philippe Geneva produced these timepieces continuously under the direct supervision of Louis Cottier. At present, these wonderful works are sought after by antique watch collectors. The most iconic ones are 605 HU (pocket watch) and 1415 (watch). Both dials are decorated with hand-made cloisonne enamel micro-painting in the center.

Modern world time watches such as 5131 and 5231 use a similar cloisonne enamel dial design, inspired by 605 HU and 1415. Ref. was launched in 2008. 5131 is one of the most coveted contemporary watches of the Geneva brand. The 18-carat gold model with reference number 5131 has been discontinued.

In 2019, Ref. 5231 was launched. This new world timetable model faithfully inherits the tradition of the Geneva family’s iconic watch series. Like its outstanding ancestors, the reference 5231 is a timepiece worth investing in.

Patek Philippe 5270 – Perpetual Calendar Chronograph


The Grand Complication collection in Patek Philippe has always enjoyed a reputation for extremely complex watches. It offers watches with single or multiple complex functions, such as tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, minute and second chronograph, self-ming or celestial mechanism.

All watches in this series are carefully crafted by experienced master craftsmen in the watch factory and are highly sought after. Among them, the 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph model performed well at the auction. It is the “Holy Grail” in modern Patek Philippe Geneve watches. We want to emphasize certain factors and emphasize that it is one of the most collectible contemporary mechanical copy watches for men.

First of all, it belongs to an important watch series in history, and its history can be traced back to the early 1940s. In 1941, the Geneva watch factory launched the Reference 1518, the world’s first mass-produced perpetual calendar chronograph. Ref. was launched in 2011. 5270 is the newest member of this series. This timepiece is equipped with an in-house developed CH 29-535 PS Q manual winding movement, equipped with a 41 mm diameter 18 carat gold or platinum case.

The Geneva brand’s perpetual calendar chronograph series has been in continuous production since 1941. The predecessor models of this famous family are 1518, 2499, 3970 and 5970. All of these iconic watches are equipped with manual winding movements and carry a lot of collectible value. Produced from 1941 to 1954, the reference number 1518 is by far the most expensive vintage Patek Philippe watch. Its successor also has high prices in the vintage watch market. This historical heritage has undoubtedly increased the collection value of Ref.​​. 5270.

Reference 5270 is the first model in the series equipped with a self-made movement completely developed and produced by Patek Philippe. This is also the first Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph with a new “PP” seal instead of the previous Geneva seal.