HYT skull watch

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The HYT skull watch is cool and does not indicate the minutes HYT, “Hydromechanical Horologists” launched a new watch with HYT Skull in 2015-there are two versions. If you are a little confused about how to read the latest watches of this brand, then don’t worry, so do I. What you need to know is that the dial of HYT Skull indicates hours, seconds, and has a power reserve indicator. Yes, HYT Skull does not take a few minutes. What, are you in a hurry or what? You have a futuristic skull on your wrist!

Skull watches are nothing new, but this is one of the first futuristic skull watches we have seen. It’s fun, quite limited, and cool, but my question is why HYT decided to make a skull-themed timepiece as their third watch. HYT Skull is based on the original HYT H1, and later launched the higher-end HYT H2. Following the liquid indicator theme, HYT’s 2015 is about Skull.

I will have to talk to HYT CEO Vincent Perriard about what makes skulls so popular in luxury watches. The skull-themed tourbillon is being welcomed by brands such as Richard Mille and Hublot. Now, HYT has entered the skull watch game, adding some extra technical touch to the usually pathological themes. The first step is to create the skull contour using HYT’s unique liquid hour indicator “capillary” system. The liquid tube is not completely round, but outlines the skull on the dial, which is your main way to read the time. According to HYT, the fine bending of thin glass tubes is a special engineering challenge.

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At launch, HYT Skull will provide two versions, one is DLC black titanium with green liquid, the other is 18k rose gold with DLC black titanium and red liquid. They are called HYT Skull Green Eye and HYT Skull Red Eye respectively, and use the new HYT case size of 51 mm wide and 17.9 mm thick. I can’t wait to see what this huge Skull watch looks like on my wrist.

From a design point of view, you can say that replica HYT has so many inspirations-HYT Skull reminds me of the entire world of comic books, cartoons and movies of skulls and characters. I just chose He-Man’s skeleton, T-1000 Terminator, and of course the Punisher’s skeleton logo. Those who decide to buy a HYT Skull watch will certainly have their own associations with the skull that the HYT Skull watch dial reminds them of. In my opinion, HYT wants to make a futuristic skull-style watch that is reminiscent of the appearance of Marvel’s Iron Man; this means that skulls have nothing to do with skulls, but more about skulls, masks and armor.” bad thing”.

Although the HYT Skull fits the brand’s design theme very well, as I said, the case is new and I am very happy because I don’t like the brand to reuse existing cases and call the timepiece completely fresh. The crown is still at 2:30 on the case, but the crown protector has been removed. The crown is of course rubber-coated.

Given the theme, the dial of HYT Skull is very interesting and clear and easy to read. Considering that it doesn’t indicate the minutes, what’s the matter? Think of the HYT Skull watch as HYT’s answer to a single-handed watch. Although you can’t really know the minutes accurately, you can use the position of the liquid as it moves between hours to understand the time of the last 10 minutes or so. This is not as accurate as many other single-handed watches, but I don’t think people will wear Skull watches because they need to know the precise time-they will use their mobile phones to achieve this.

The skull eyes on the dial are also indicators. The left eye indicates the number of running seconds, while the right eye is the power reserve indicator of the manual-winding mechanical movement. How exactly these functions work, or how readable they are, I will comment later when I get some hands-on time for the HYT Skull popular swiss watch brands.

Inside the HYT Skull watch is an exclusive HYT movement. You have their proprietary bellows and capillary system integration to move the liquid, which can be seen under the “teeth” of the skull. The back of the case can be seen through the sapphire crystal window, allowing a good observation of the movement. The movement runs at 4Hz (28,800 bph) and has a power reserve of approximately 65 hours. I like the traditional thinking and modern aesthetics behind the design. Of course, the matching green or red sapphire crystal is a nice touch and adds to the overall appearance of the HYT Skull watch.

HYT made it clear that although the two first-release versions of HYT Skull are limited editions, future versions of HYT Skull will launch other color and material combinations. Now, we have the HYT Skull Green Eye reference. 151-TD-41-GF-AB titanium, and HYT Skull Red Eye ref. 151-DG-42-RF-AB 18k rose gold and titanium.