Use Breitling Top Time Classic Cars series to accelerate completely

This year, on Geneva Watch Day 2021, Breitling provided us with 3 chronographs inspired by an unexpected theme: American sports cars in the 1960s. Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and Shelthrough Cobra are part of the new capsule series of Top Time chronographs.

I have to admit that I did not expect that old American cars would become the stars of Breitling’s new capsule series, but in that era, it was wise to face accidents in the face of a constantly changing brand. Those watches are also suitable for the Top Time line. After all, we have a chronograph from the 1960s and a car from the same era. Mixing cars and watches is a complicated thing, more chaotic than other senses. Has Breitling succeeded? let’s see.

Breitling Top Time is one of my favorite old chronograph series. A few years ago, I wrote an article reviewing some of the models I have. In addition, I added some history. In short, Top Time, in its first two interpretations of the three registers, is the sports shot of the 60s chronograph. They used a high-quality Venus 178 movement with a column wheel. At the same time, unfortunately, Top Time gradually disappeared in the 1970s and did not recover until early 2020.

When Breitling brought back Top Time, it maintained the same formula as 50 years ago, which means a more sporty room and a more affordable price. The latter component is manufactured using Sellita automatic chronograph, the chronograph movement grade is 42 mm stainless steel metal case. The first style is the “Zorro” version with a bow tie dial. Then we won a wonderful collaboration with the “Deus” motorcycle lifestyle logo. This watch was lucky and sold out soon. Today we saw the latest additions to the Top Time line and an integral part of the theme, there are some big differences here.

Breitling has invited many journalists, shopkeepers and others to Palexpo in Geneva to participate in this event. I attended the meeting with friends from the Breitling Club, Tiffany To de Phillips, and Lex from our own team. Before boarding the escalator, everyone won a sleek black jacket with a Corvette, Mustang or Cobra patch on the sleeve. We are not sure what will happen, but with Georges Kern in control, we know it will be dramatic. The props of peace went out, the music played, and then the candy baritone voice of small American V-8 blocks filled the huge room. The creaking tires, the obvious smell of exhaust gas and carburetor, and the rumble began. Next, a red Corvette Stingray 427 C2 emerged from the tunnel in the scene. It was followed by the 427 Shelthrough Cobra. Despite this, the Mustang fast back of the 60s appeared in Highland Green. Needless to say, seeing all these American muscles in Europe is a good thing, and it’s not common. After some discussion, we saw the new Top Time model.

Among American sports cars, the Chevrolet Corvette has always been a wise motto for wise tops. Although it has been using V-8 engines since the early 1950s, it is more expensive than classic V-8 engines. Muscle Car. Corvette is destined to face the greatest productivity in Europe. The Top Time oda of this iconic sports car features a 42 mm stainless steel metal case with a black perforated strap and folding clasp. Breitling chose a unique red hue that reminds me of “sweet apple red” and has vertical brushing. For details, it has passed through the Corvette flag and 3 “round square” registers at 12:00 pm, reminiscent of a caliber.

In keeping with this theme, the tail of the central hand of the chronograph is similar to the tail of an arrow. This watch brings black, orange and even yellow elements to evoke the feeling of car instruments. Like all these models, it is water resistant to one hundred meters and has a logo on the back. Breitling uses an automatic Sellita chronometer-grade movement on these watches (called Breitling 25). This is the first time we have noticed the 3 records in the new Top Time. In stark contrast to this Corvette product, it looks smooth on the wrist (thanks to Alex Williams for the doll model).

I have been in Europe for ten years. So far, the Mustang is the most popular American car on the European continent. When I communicated with friends, “open roads” In addition to Jeep Wrangler or Tesla models, Breitling chose a similar 42mm footprint and three-register design for its Mustang creation. Very close to the Mustang “Bullitt” driven by Steve McQueen in the famous movie.

Tiffany To patiently designed this work for me: the longest time in line to watch Top Time Mustang. It is difficult for this watch to catch light. Like the color of car paint, it turns almost black in dim light. However, the black sub-dial and orange, yellow and white notes keep it cool.

Finally, let’s take a look at Top Time Shelthrough Cobra. Although Mustang cars are very popular, most of the people I talk to like the blue color of Cobra models. This watch stands out from the rest of the series with its two small dials and 40mm stainless steel case. The latter is a new feature, very suitable for my wrist. The exclusive watch is suitable for the Cobra, because it was a rather unique car in that era. Ferrari, the story of how Carroll Shelthrough turned a fairly quiet British AC Ace into a fire-breathing track monster is legendary.

In Top Time Cobra, blue and white are very useful for reproducing the largest typical colors of cars. At 6:00 AM, the red color moves up along the tachometer scale to balance the logo.

Combining cars and watches is a complicated matter. However, the car brand married a watch company that was too tacky. These Top Time templates work well, especially for users, and provide anything attractive for owners or fans. The colors are rich and focused, I like them. Indeed, I am still curious about how stakeholders who do not own these cars will react to car brand watches. Cobra owner, because the original is very rare). Another attraction is that this is a very American outing, which surprised me. As I said, I like users, and actually like the fact that there is a 40mm top time box: I believe there will be more.

For those who pointed out the number of SKUs at the helm of Breitling, M. Kerns actually oversaw the arrival of some new products.

This is a clever question, but I think, like airline collections, they will stay there for a while and then disappear. replica Breitling has made it clear that these capsule collections (not dancing, but for a limited time) will continue to exist. .