Rolex Datejust Perpetual Watch

In-depth: Five reasons why the Rolex Datejust has become a Perpetual Watch Focus on the model who quietly celebrated his 75th birthday last year.

So far, most watch lovers have heard the news: President Joe Biden is a Rolex. The watch he chose at his inauguration on January 20—a Rolex Datejust with a black dial—was a Christmas gift from the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Not only did it make big news on the style page, but it also triggered a social media storm. Some users questioned the elitism of this watch.

However, ask a watch enthusiast and you will realize that Datejust is an ordinary person as far as Rolex is concerned. Although this model did not cause the excitement associated with its arrogant sports model siblings Submariner and Daytona, the classic reference with the iconic Cyclops lens is arguably the most popular and important Rolex watch. The reasons are as follows:

This is the first real sign of the watch industry
Launched in 1945, the Datejust was the first automatic watch with a date window on the dial (especially at the 3 o’clock position). By 2020, it will be 75 years old-but you don’t know. Rolex is not the type to make a fuss about milestones, as far as Datejust is concerned, this is appropriate. 1:1 Quality Replica wathes

The log type is loved for its pragmatic and practical atmosphere, reminiscent of a firm image, making it the watch of choice for some of the most influential leaders in history. Including President Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill, they are famous for wearing the golden diary model gifted to him by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf).

“It stands for self-confidence, maturity, and greatness-it is almost like an institution with a long history,” Phillips’ international watch expert Jeffrey Hess told Watchonista. “The log type is defining and transformative-it is the first watch to gain an important reputation because it is related to a special essence, an essence carried by a respected grandfather or senior politician.”

This is the perfect entry watch
The Datejust made its debut on the occasion of Rolex’s 40th anniversary and is known as the backbone of the Geneva watchmaker Oyster Perpetual collection. Understanding its historical background is the key to appreciating its position in the Rolex Pantheon and its reputation as a classic entry-level watch.

Cameron Barr, CEO of Los Angeles-based antique watch dealer Craft & Tailored, told Watchonista that the brand initially considered naming the model “Jubilee” (to commemorate its ruby ​​jubilee). However, given that the post-war era heralded the dawn of the atomic age and the Cold War, the name Datejust felt more appropriate. Instead, Rolex placed the watch on the Jubilee bracelet, giving it a more refined atmosphere, which is crucial to the versatility of the watch-and the ability to travel between casual and formal wear for decades.

“If someone comes to me and says I only want a watch and a watch, I would recommend Datejust,” Barr said. “This is a work that can be seen everywhere. You can match it with a suit or jeans.”

The crossover appeal of this model helps explain why the vintage Rolex collector Matt Donohue (Matt Donohue) in Raleigh, North Carolina regards Datejust as an “starter drug.”

“At some point, any collector who goes deep into Rolex has a Datejust,” he said. “No Rolex fan will poop because, ‘Hey, I will be there one day.’

Its collection coefficient is high
Despite all the novice charms, Datejust is more than just a watch for beginners. “I know collectors who have unique collections, and they will love Datejust,” Barr said.

That’s because, in the past 75 years, the model has many variants and sub-variants, making it extremely collectible, starting with its multiple dials (ie Buckey, Sigma, Pie Pan).

“There are Rolex references, such as Day-Date, which, with a few exceptions, are always produced with precious metals such as platinum or gold,” Barr said. “But the log type is made of steel, two-tone, gold, white gold. There are exotic stone dial variants, such as malachite and lapis lazuli. You have luminous and non-luminous dial variants. You can have three Refs. 1601s, but everything may be different.”

It provides something for everyone
Datejust has hardly any problems-its unisex shape makes it an ideal 21st century timepiece. Barr: “Whether you are a man, a woman, an elite collector, or a man who owns a watch inherited from your grandfather, it is iconic.”

In September, when Rolex launched its 2020 chronograph, the Datejust series ushered in the new Datejust 31 models in four white gold steel (a combination of Oystersteel and 18k white gold), emphasizing its feminine charm. One of them features a bezel set with 46 brilliant-cut diamonds and an eggplant-shaped radiant dial. The other three watches are decorated with 18k white gold fluted bezels and a series of colorful dials, including mint green, white lacquer and dark gray.

Like all Rolexes, Datejust is built to last
In 1961, Donohue’s grandfather, a teacher in Princeton, New Jersey, was given a dual-tone Datejust by the father of his math student.

“For 40 years, he has worn it every day,” Donohue, who thinks this watch has ignited his passion for Rolex. “In general, the thing that impressed me with this brand, especially Datejust, is the way he wears it-this thing has never left his wrist. He travels the world with it. He is concerned about maintaining it Very pious, but he did not take care of it, and longevity is the embodiment of swiss Rolex.”