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Zenith Chronomaster motion with new El Primero 3600 caliber measurement 1/10 seconds Just released Zenith is a new regular movement, as Duo of the ceramic bezel timeline, has a new updated EL Primero 3600 caliber. We are an extravagant chronological design with Zenith Chronomaster Sport, which has an attractive mainstream design, but even a movement of the most exhausted or experienced watches. It is equipped with modern version of “The 10th” movement of the leader, which allows users to measure the time to 1/10 seconds, which is the formal motion tend to make high distance EL Primero so special.

As of late, Zenith El Primero has been lacking options for the normal revival fragmentation of retro inductance and high modern style Defy El Primero collection. In Rolex Daytona, it is similar to a distant cousin. These two debut sinusports are Zenith once you carefully observe and appreciate the tomography behind it. Although it is inspired by classic El Primeros, fortunately, fortunately, this is a lucky exercise and is not too far, luck is. Instead, we got El Primero twisted on Panda and reverse Panda dialing chimei, with new ceramic baffles, and starting with a thorough modern movement at $ 9,500.

El Primero 3600 and amazing 10th
El Primero 3600 Caliber is not 100% new, because its version is released (let us call it soft emission) In the Limited-Edition Chronomaster 2 El Primero starts in 2019 (50th anniversary of El Primero, case), But after some improvements, it is now launched as a standard production caliber.

The first is a little background, to prevent you unfamiliar with “Tenth” of “strike” is traced back to 2010 “strike one-tenth”, which dates back to 2010 (although Zenith has first received patents in 2002), but by introducing Call diameter 4052. High-frequency accuracy 36,000 Vph EL Primero always allows measuring time to fall to 1/10 seconds, but the problem is always how small incremental time on the watch is measured. For 4052, Zenith uses a 100-tootonicone wheel, which will accelerate the handlers to complete the rotation within 10 seconds rather than 60 times. By doing this, a second standard is ten seconds marked in a normal local chronograph. If you recall in 2012, Phillix suddenly fell at 38,969.4 meters, while wearing Zenith Stratos fplyback, equipped with 4052.

The EL Primero 3600 caliber is operated in 36,000 Vph (5 Hz) and has several upgrades and modifications from the well-used EL Primero 400 caliber. Compared to 326, the 314 parts are actually due to technological development and Zenith has been optimized and simplified in the manufacturing process to reduce various jewels, screws, and other components entering assembly. Some of the main functions that follow the notes are to add hacking seconds, quickly set the date function, and 60 hours of longer power reserves, above 50.

The transverse clutch and amplified column wheel are updated from the EL Primero 400, and Zenith has worked a grand work in creating the unobstructed view of these components that joined each other. The transverse clutch has a patented system with two intermediate wheels rather than a middle wheel, while the escape wheel provides the timer. In addition, all wheels are individually improved and optimized for the teeth to ensure appropriate torque. With Blued screws and Blouge, completely exposed columns, El Primero 3600 caliber also has new satin finished star rotor. A sporty watch icon, new improvement and finishing, making it really valuable exhibition rework (this is highly praised by me).

Positive medical exercise case and design
According to my calipers, the new four-membered stainless steel case is 41mm wide, 13.6mm thick, and the height of the lug is only 46.2 mm. For comparison, Rolest Daytona is 40 mm wide, 12.5mm thick lugs, a height of 46.6mm, a new Omega Speedmaster profession, a 42 mm wide, 13.2 mm thick, with a lug-Lug height with 47 mm. Provided by black paint or white matte dial, formal exercise has 100 meters of water resistance

This condition is well completed, tilted edges, tilting lugs and brushing port along the bracelet. The new ceramic border is really focused on the focus of attention, which is compared with the peers and some reasonable alternatives. According to Zenith, this is the second display of 1/10 to etch 1/10 to the ceramic baffle, and I am quite determined that this is true.

The high frequency EL Primero movement is moving from Zenith. I will take the liberty that most people buy a luxurious chronograph, why is the reason why the function of this complexity is independent of the measurement time + time time, so why don’t you show off in anyone else? It is really a way to see the chronograph, which takes only 10 seconds, once we can socialize again, I have a feeling, which will be the neat party play of the next red line queue. (I really recorded this purpose is to create a GIF, but unfortunate technical issues hindly. Sorry!)

Each of the three counters uses a torsional outer ring and center with a beautiful long hang. In the past, I found that there were too many counters on El Primeros, just like Venn. Thank you, they just have almost no grazing. El Primero Color Schements from typical panda / reverse panda dial vibrating, gray 6 o’clock running second, 6 o’clock at 6 o’clock, on darker slate, 60 seconds of counter in blue. Please note that the two chronograph registers have red hands.

A few limited part of the EL Primero 3600 Caliber has a date indicator on the date indicator of 6 o’clock, and has been moved to 4:30. The date window matches the corresponding dial color, although the same part is used, but ZENITH is re-processed and optimizes the date disk to allow easier varieties and customizations. Time-timing table is very good, solid, this is something familiar with anyone who operates El Primero. The unique and weird mechanism allows El Primero’s nerd attractiveness to really shine. Among the oceans of the luxurious timecutical table, stand out, but there are miracles and children like happiness to complete a comprehensive rotation in 10 seconds in seeing central countdown codes.

The bracelet is very good, but I really want miniature adjustment to become the standard characteristics of this price point. This is a comprehensive bracelet that occupies some inspiration from gay fréres bracelets, but maintains polished central links. I think all Frerez will not make sense because it is more suitable for revival fragments. The terminal link of the brush teeth is tilted, which is a good touch. Finally, Zenith Star is decorated with folded buckles.

There is also a cable effect rubber band with steel deployment buckle option, but I only handle the bracelet model.

As for the speed, here is what I see it: For any space to watch the buyer, Omega SpeedMaster is a category. Unfortunately, anyone who travels to space is still true for anyone in “very cool”, which is still correct, then fell into “hatred.” (I don’t know, maybe an astronaut chase. This is a crazy world.) This is fair, or when you purchase SpeedMaster, you are also regular viewing blog readers when you purchase SpeedMaster. Buy space souvenirs. For those like me, I feel unreal. Yes, I know that the speed is an amazing watches for sale, except for anything related to the moon, but the identity is too tight, because my taste is too tight.