Breitling Aviatior 8 AVI Ref 765 1953 Re-Edition LB0920131C1X1

Breitling Aviatior 8 AVI Ref 765 1953 Re-Edition LB0920131C1X1 MEN

41 mm
Dial Colour :Blue

Type : Automatic


30 m



Breitling avi ref. 765 1953 RE-Edition

New AVI REF. 765 1953 Re-Edition is a re-version of a legendary common pilot that carefully studies and produces, and is based on one of the early iterations at the beginning of the year. The co-pilot is the interpretation of the 1950s, from the 1930s and the 1940s of Breitling’s Huit Aviation, which has been inspired by the pilot 8 series of watch.

New watches coexist with another hundred years of spiritual icons: Navitimer, with its famous round sliding rules, establish Sterling reputation for flight calculations, and common pilots with their superior easy-to-read and rugged buildings, especially reliable partners in the environment. The challenge of the most extreme air activities in the middle.

Breitling avi ref. 765 1953 RE-Edition

AVI REF. 765 1953 RE-Edition is the second history of the brand. The first, NAVITIMER REF. 806 1959 RE-Edition is one of the most popular releases in 2019 – the new watch will follow in its footsteps. Georges Kern knows the new watch will enjoy the same enthusiastic reception with the previous reassess, saying: “We always know about us, long-term hundred years of fans will embrace these watches. But it is also very exciting, look The attraction of their brand new people – they can look at the re-version, look at life history, innovation and cool luxury goods we can pack into a watch. “

AVI REF. 765 1953 Re-Edition is produced in 1953, each series will be numbered “1953”. The watch is powered by the Hundred Years Making Diameter B09, which is a manual wrapped mechanical timer exercise based on the internal manufacturing caliber 01 of the brand. B09 aims to remember reassess, as well as all centuries, which is a COSC-certified timer.

Breitling Revolative Watch – Follow Details, Respect Heritage

Breitling’s re-watches are created with hard concern. Strive to ensure that each is faithful to raw breeding.

AVI REF. 765 1953 RE-Edition uses the same Arabic card with the 1953 Arabic number, as well as Handmade Super Luminova®, where the color has been carefully selected to recall the luminescent material on the original. The 41.1-mm stainless steel box is also the same, and the border is fixed by three screws, the screw starts the same position as the position on the watch in 1953. The watch has a thin syringe hand, an example of the earliest syringe example, and a circular curvature crystal formed as a raw shape in an exactly identical shape.

Only two concessions are different from their named ancestors: A VI REF’s water resistance. 765 1953 RE-Edition has been improved to 3 bars (30 meters / 100 feet) compared to the original version, the keen observers will also see “Geneve” no longer appear on the dial. Breitling fake

Breitling avi ref. 765 1953 RE-Edition presents, with a needle buckle, with a five-year warranty.

Breitling avi ref. 765 1953 precious metal re-edited

There is no doubt that Breitling AfeiionAdos will be drawn to the AVI REF. 765 1953 RE-Edition and have the opportunity to wear a history on their wrists.

Breitling will also release AVI 1953 in two distracted precious metals. The first use of black dials and brown retro-style leather straps made 18 K red gold. The model will have 253 limited editions, and “one of 253 people” will be engaged in its case. The second is produced in platinum and has blue dials and golden vintage style leather straps. This extraordinary version of the limited edition, this is a fact that it will verify “153 people” on the back of the platinum box.

These Avi 1953 version of the best watch created by precious metals also offers water-resistant water-resistant 3 bar (30 m / 100 feet) and has a manual application super Luminova®, which calls the color of the luminescent material on the original watch.