Bell & Ross BR05 Collection

Bell & Ross refreshed its BR01 design in the moment.

In September, Bell & Ross introduced its new BR05 series, which links some basic design of modern steel integrated bracelet sports Watches to existing visual visual visual visual visual of the BR01 series. The watch of the BR01 series was originally considered to be a watch version of aircraft instrument meter. Over the years, it has become a common platform for various timepieces, including various dimensions, diver watch models, and even have the original design of the backbone automatic gyro with microphes.

The BR05 collection can be significantly connected to the BR01 collection. However, we are well known in the coverage we introduced, in general, many stainless steel sports watches have been developed since Audemars Piguet has been developed since the first royal oak in 1972. BR05 Housing Shape Bell & Rose has been using a watch, with a font with the arabic digital model. Of course, of course, of course, not only the AP, but also used in the circular color tags of steel sports watches, but also for Prad Philip, Gillard Peregrura and many others. My feeling of the watch of the initial press release image is that although they certainly seem to be from many aspects of modern steel sports watch design, they still have a clear Bell and Ross identity. Moreover, there is a good opportunity that they will convincingly convincing, so as to appreciate their own advantages, rather than just trustworthy.

When we dismantled them, I have mastered the first impression of the watch is surprisingly high quality. If they are expensive than they, the price point tends to produce higher expectations than you bring to the table. On a bracelet, a closed dial model with arabic digital is $ 4,900. However, for the price, you are implementing case construction and completion, which is a bit complicated, more complicated, not a generally seen in this price point, time and date.

The case has been very attractive to perform a sharp transition between brushing and polishing surfaces. Obviously, details, including the radial alignment of the baffle screw, the structure of the crown shield, and the like. I have heard of the various views of the other editing of the Belholos logo. I think the company uses the use of An Lord to enjoy a good in the 20th century in the middle of the 20th century. (You imagine Mr. Bell and Mr. Roth may have begun as a legal partner.) Execute the implementation of the BR05 watches on crown, buckle and dial, used to connect these two elements, and overall watch, Bell and Ross design.

The same is true for bracelet links and interconnect links, although the edges of the link itself are very sharp. You have not taken it with the bracelets on your wrist, but you will open and close when you handle your watch. Still, the overall impression of the bracelet is very positive. Visually, it is combined with this situation, circular interconnects and circular housing projections are in response to each other. In the case of 11mm thick, the watch is thin enough to express the elegant aspects of sports, and the entire focus of attention is very proud of the right price.

When Bell Rose announced the watch, the exercise is a basketball caliber that will catch fire. There are several angles to consider this problem. The first is a value that is typically added internally. My own point of view is that Isolate, “internal” is not a particularly useful standard of watch interest. The movement can be evaluated in construction and completion of reliability, accuracy and quality. Moreover, although A. Lange & Söhne may be a symbolic significance, for example, a. Lange & Söhne’s internal action, it is at least important, if it is not more, they have completed such excellent, and it is both stable and Process and material stand.

At a lower price point, you didn’t get a craftsman, the traditional high-end motion finishing, whether it is inside. Therefore, internally and outsourced competition in characteristics, durability, life and accuracy. The Rolex team is $ 5,400, the price of 5,400 dollars, oyster permanent watches, machinery grand prizes for $ 3,800; then there is a mixed power vehicle, such as Tissot PowerMATIC 80, which is a wide redefined version of ETA 2824. Here, the presence of internal motion is generally related to a large scale associated with the matrix of watch and components in a beautiful watch and components. They are able to amteback development and manufacturing costs in many years of long-term production, and thousands or tens of thousands of watches. For a relatively small independent company like Bell & Ross, the general purpose of development, multi-role automatic exercise is more difficult to appear in high-quality prior art solutions, such as Sellita Movement, in the case of BR05 watches, this is the company’s allowable company Cases and bracelets design, manufacturing and finishing, consume extra efforts without raising prices to have problems.

There are some aspects of the overall collection, I found more problems than basic steel products. Self-collected initiated, Bell & Rose added a solid golden version. chrono sale

There is also a tough sales, which is the BR05 skeleton. Like a gold model, it is not a bad observation watch. However, open hours within this price range is not their higher price points. Watches with revealing motion can compete in several aspects, but these usually involve higher prices – sometimes higher prices, like Jaeger-Lecoultre masters ultra-thin crosses, this is a handmade, classic sports The hybrid version of the transparent version will run you. You can also compete for the originality in the sports architecture, which is the card dancer with this time plan for its Santos NOCTAMBULE (it is also when using soot).

Standard industrial finishing is no shame, but usually do not have anything. Now, the BR05 skeleton does not have the homemade of motion, and the hollow in the fashion of ordinary workers, this is suitable for the general atmosphere of the watch. However, this is like many open watches of this price, mainly because those who are fascinated by people are fascinated by the mechanism, rather than the fineness of the process.

Those warnings will be thrown and taken as a whole, I found these very attractive watches. The case and the bracelet are actually very good. If the BR05 steel watch is not rising, the quality of the Royal Oak is not rising to that level. Overall, BR05 collects me, not only like Bell and Ross series, but also an interesting and attracts some more expensive entry in this rapidly expanded watch.