RM 50-02 ACJ Tourbillon by Richard Mille

Richard Mille’s latest RM 50-02 ACJ tourbillon watch is inspired by modern aviation. In order to understand this, just a glance at the case is enough, and every detail of the case is strictly subject to a single style. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics, aluminum-titanium alloys and super ceramics directly reflect the thematic focus of steel and its building materials.

They are widely used in the manufacture of Airbus’ business class wide-body airliners. It is not hard to guess that the concept of Richard Mille’s new split chronograph was developed with the direct participation of the Airbus Business Jets department that designed the Airbus business class. This aircraft is in great demand among the wealthiest and most influential people on the planet, including the heads of the largest companies, Arab sheiks, and stars in sports and entertainment. This is why you can safely add a few exclamation points after the abbreviation VIP when describing future buyers of Richard Mille‚Äôs super-expensive new products.

A distinctive feature of the RM 50-02 ACJ Tourbillon is the use of a special coating that once made the famous airliner resistant to corrosion. In watches, this coating provides basic protection for the gold case elements. In order to reduce energy consumption and friction effects, the movement uses lightweight titanium as the main material. The huge frame made of ATZ white ceramic makes the accessories look like the windows of an ACJ airliner. The fuselage itself is made of aluminum-titanium alloy-similar to the alloy used in the design of Airbus turbine blades. Its use enables aircraft turbines to safely withstand extremely high temperatures and critical pressure drops. To re-emphasize the connection between the accessory and the legendary business jet, the traditional clip used to fix the bezel in the new RM 50-02 ACJ tourbillon has been replaced with a torque fixing screw borrowed from the Airbus design. The last chord shows that the watch is inextricably linked to the legendary airliner. It is a three-position crown that completely repeats the shape of their engine. On its basis, the Richard Mille brand logo proudly shows off.

The mechanism of Richard Mille’s new watch is known for increased complexity-including a tourbillon and a split chronograph. The traditional indicators of luxury tourbillon watches status (time correction, winding, neutral mode) have not disappeared either. A great addition to the complication is the torque indicator, which allows you to monitor the tension of the spring in the barrel. The winding system is equipped with a special fuse to prevent over-winding. The novelty’s power reserve is enough for three days.