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Take a closer look at the high-tech ceramics of Captain Rado Cook Let’s browse the updates and upgrades of the four new versions of the classic dive watch.

Rado is no stranger to producing unexpected timepieces. Since the brand was an early proponent of using ceramics as the case material, the Swiss manufacturer was also able to dabble in case design. Therefore, impeccable watches such as the first scratch-resistant watch Diastar 1 and the recent True Thinline Stillness.

Unexpectedly, it announced that the most traditional timepiece, Captain Cook, will receive ceramic treatment. These four new features of the Rado series are called Captain Cook’s high-tech ceramics, and they also have many other major upgrades.

Let us discuss these changes together.

cause and effect
Captain Cook is the iconic diving watch of the rado replica watch. This watch was first introduced in 1962 and is highly sought after by collectors due to the simplicity of this chronograph. Captain Cook’s high-tech ceramics is the culmination of many years of research and development, aiming to find a way for the radar watch, while maintaining the history and tradition of Captain Cook, using his continuously developing know-how as a master of materials.

Action has consequences. The most significant change in the classic Captain Cook comes from the use of Rado’s signature scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic high-tech ceramic materials. For example, the lightness of this new monolithic case allows it to increase in size from 42mm to 43mm-this is the first time Captain Cook has produced a case of this size. The overall structure also helps to improve the 300m waterproof performance of the watch.

The appearance of the watch is also more luxurious. Due to the wear resistance of ceramics, Rado can give the design dice a unique matte appearance.

Brave new world
These materials have changed the winning magic weapon of Captain Cook’s high-tech ceramics, but as a fine watches, Captain Cook’s exploration of the roots plays an equally important role in updating this classic. On the one hand, the watch case material and its internal movement must face the challenge of performing under extreme conditions (whether in water or on land).

Captain Cook’s high-tech ceramics uses an innovative high-tech ceramic one-piece case, equipped with Rado caliber R734 self-winding movement, equipped with Nivachron hairspring and 80-hour power reserve. When we faced a challenge that watchmakers never dreamed of in 1962, that is, magnetic fields, features such as Nivachron antimagnetic hairsprings have become more and more popular.

Today, we are surrounded by electronic devices, such as smartphones, computer monitors, and even kitchen appliances that emit magnetic fields. This is one of the most common factors that negatively affect the accuracy of mechanical watches.

And the 80-hour power reserve means you can put your watch down for a long weekend without resetting. Especially good, because as we become accustomed to using electronic gadgets, sometimes we forget the ancient habit of waking up and winding watches.

Skeleton crew
The best thing about restarting is that Rado is not afraid to wear his artwork on his sleeves. The skeletonized R734 movement can be appreciated by the colored sapphire dial and display back cover-the transparent back cover is still rare in most diving watches. However, the gray tone of the crystal prevents the face from appearing too busy, which helps to keep the original signature simplicity.

The new 43mm Captain Cook high-tech ceramic series has black and stainless steel straps, ceramic straps, black and stainless steel rubber straps, black and rose gold PVD and ceramic straps, and plasma and blue versions of ceramic and Stainless steel dial. Ceramic bracelet.