Breitling Endurance Pro

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Swiss watch brand Breitling announced the launch of Breitling Endurance Pro, a new casual sports chronograph designed for daily use and also intended as a lightweight watch for professional athletes (or general sports enthusiasts).

Breitling was inspired and advised by the German triathlete Jan Frodeno (Jan Frodeno), who is the professional elite of the sport (in this respect, the most difficult and demanding).

Breitling CEO Georges Kern explained: “Jane (Frodio) once asked me what Breitling fake models like him should wear. We started to brainstorm and define the sports lifestyle in a perfect way. Watch. All the conversations brought us to the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčEndurance Pro.”

Its main characteristics are lightness and precision. It combines a 44mm ultra-light Breitlight case (this material was used in 2016 and is 5.8 times lighter than steel, so that it does not interfere with daily training or sports activities. This operation is carried out every day) and SuperQuartz thermal compensation movement, its accuracy is ten times that of traditional quartz movement.

Georges Kern (Georges Kern): “With Endurance Pro, we have adapted SuperQuartz technology to the needs of people like Jan, who are extremely demanding of themselves in competition and daily work.”