Enviable green: Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G-010 “Kaki”

Although replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut is undoubtedly the watch icon of the future, it has only 23 years of history. Aquanaut was launched in 1997, and it took a while to be born. It is often regarded as the little brother of Nautilus, and sometimes even despised by people. When Aquanaut was founded, people felt that if Nautilus was the son of the prodigal doctor, then Aquanaut was his younger brother of adventure photographers. Although his parents’ views were true, he was indeed a real job. By convention, Aquanaut is as unique as its older brother.

The khaki green model seen here is one of the newest members of the Aquanaut series. The reference 5168G-010 was launched at the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show (RIP), combining a solid giant case style with an interesting military-inspired look. To be honest, if I were not on duty, I might foolishly think this is the standard configuration. The main attraction of this piece is the new color combination of the dial and strap. Both have the same earth layer style that you know and love, but now they are in what Patek Philippe calls khaki green, and although they are both marked with the same color, there are subtle differences.

The green on the dial is lighter than the strap. This may seem strange, but I think Patek Philippe is a good design choice. For example, if the shade of the dial is darker, it will be too serious; and if the dial is lighter, it will become softer. With belts, I think darker shades will age better and have a more confident utilitarian aesthetic. The balance here is excellent, and it brings back the interesting and robust personality of this watch. The only conflict with this atmosphere is the case materials.

The famous octagonal porthole inspired case is made entirely of 18k white gold, and the surface is alternately coated with exquisite brushed and polished surfaces. The baffle itself is flat and brushed vertically, and the sides of the baffle are polished. The finish on the frame is amazing because it looks rounded at a glance, but when you get closer, you can see the defined edge playing with the light. The lugs are short and curved, with a large polished bevel, which has an obvious sporty appearance. Generally speaking, the giant case has a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 8.25 mm, which is significantly larger than the 40 mm on the reference number 5167. I usually prefer smaller watches and can choose between two case sizes, but I like the proportions of this case. In this case, the extra large works better. fake men watch

This self-winding movement is powered by Patek Philippe 324 SC movement and has a power reserve of 35-45 hours. The 324 SC is only 3.3 mm thick, and some innovative ideas are needed to reduce the thickness of the movement. Some examples of this are that Patek Philippe must offset the second wheel so as not to interfere with the winding rotor, and place the automatic rotor and the manual winding mechanism on the same plane. The back of the sapphire display can be clearly designed with high-efficiency and extremely high-level finishes, which is impressive considering the waterproof performance of 120m.

With Patek Philippe seals, Giromax balance and Spiromax balance spring, this is an advanced and durable date and date movement. You can count on this watch to handle whatever you throw at it and whatever the next generation throws at it.

Aquanaut has been working to eliminate the outdated concept of luxury watches. Remember, when Aquanaut first came out, there was actually no other timepiece of the same quality on the rubber strap. Although it was confusing at the time, it is better now. The 5168G-010 is similar to Tiffany & Co pistol. This is a bold and sporty yet luxurious design, a natural evolution for Aquanaut. In my opinion, the fake Patek Philippe gold case on the rubber strap is more convincing than the full gold watch. For me, this clock basically says: “Your steel is my gold.”