Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon Typhoon

Hands-on Incredibly complex and exemplary Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon Typhoon The powerful typhoon blows to speed up the movement of the astronomical tourbillon.

Jacob & Co. is a force that cannot be ignored in the watchmaking industry. Jacob & Co. watches have some of the most unusual, luxurious and highly unconventional pieces on the market, both visually and mechanically spectacular. Jacob & Co. is nothing far-fetched, this spectacle is guaranteed. If you think that the astronomical tourbillon is a miracle in dynamic time and space, wait until you see the astronomical typhoon flying with full load and speed up the flight. Equipped with on-demand animation, the central turntable and its four satellite arms complete four revolutions in 16 seconds. Let’s take a closer look at this moving watch.

Unparalleled performance skills
Jacob Arabo is known for his keen spectacle. The watchmaking department of his company is a natural jeweler with a jewelry background, known for his lively, unconventional top watches. Jacob Arabo’s models are surrounded by precious stones from head to toe, and have names like “Millionaire” and “Caviar Tourbillon”, which are very suitable for VIP customers. His watch is not for humility or inner weakness. They are the watches for those who like to bask in the spotlight.

No matter what you think of Jacob & Co.’s aesthetics, you can’t deny that these works are dazzling and technically messy. This year alone, four Jacob & Co. models were shortlisted for the Geneva Grand Prix. replica Jacob & Co. is a unique and fearless force in the market, ready to further push complexity with every new product. For this reason alone, Jacob Arable should be praised. You may not be satisfied with luxury or price, but the courage and determination to prove the outrageous dynamics of watchmaking has led to some of the most fancied watches on the market.

The astronomical tourbillon was launched in 2014. With its dynamic 3D movement and vertically mounted tourbillon, astronomers are the fascinating epitome of four rotating satellite arms. Although the background scenery and the decorative capstone may be different, the standard configuration is that the vertical tourbillon rotates along three axes, rotating a large Jacobian diamond weighing 1 carat every 60 seconds, representing the rotation of the earth in 60 seconds Paint the earth seconds, then dial the hours and minutes. including the first astronomical tourbillon in 2014, the incredible clarity of the astronomical tourbillon with an octopus on board, the artistic Phoenix astronomy with a miniature golden sculpture of a phoenix, The Astronomia casino with fully operable roulette and the “sporty” astronomical Mount Everest (!) specially designed for the Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson to explore the Himalayas.

Break the speed limit
In addition to the different background scenery of the astronomical tourbillon, Jacob & Co. also plays at different spinning speeds. In 2017, the satellite arm accelerated for 10 minutes, and the globe and diamonds rotated every 30 seconds. Earlier this year, the brand released “Five Minutes of Astronomy”. The satellite arm rotates in 5 minutes, and the globe and diamond rotate in 15 seconds. Not satisfied with this speed, Jacob & Co. further increased the speed limit of the observatory wind. Now, the four satellite arms can rotate once every four seconds as needed. By activating the Typhoon function via the scroll wheel at 9 o’clock, the central structure can complete four complete rotations in 16 seconds. By disengaging the movement from the satellite, the typhoon function allows them to rotate freely.

The most surprising aspect of the typhoon function is not only the increase in speed, but also the fact that the entire central unit returns to the precise starting point and the timing function is not affected. The key to rapid rotation is to separate the four satellite arms from the 617 movements to ensure that they move independently of the timing device. The tourbillon and the time display are detached from the basic movement, while they rotate and reconnect when they stop rotating without affecting the timing. Jacob & Co’s watchmaking has been commercially available for more than a year to complete this impressive technical feat.

Milky Way Scenery
Like other astronomical tourbillon best watches, there are four sapphire glass holes on the side of the large 50mm case, allowing you to appreciate the glasses from different angles. The supporting structure of the case is made of 18k rose gold. Combined with the height dome sapphire crystal on the dial, the thickest point of the watch is 25 mm. Great, but with all the actions on the deck, you don’t need other methods anymore.

The chassis of the watch is made of Tanglin, and it shows our spotted Milky Way galaxy by hand. It consists of seven (static) cabochon cut planets made of semi-precious stones: white granite is used to represent Mercury; rhodanite is used for diamonds; red jasper on Mars; granite of Jupiter; tiger’s eye of Saturn; Uranus The blue calcite; and lapis lazuli represent Neptune.

Three-axis tourbillon and time sub-dial
The dynamic module with four satellite arms is equipped with the iconic three-axis vertically mounted tourbillon. This feature has made the astronomical tourbillon famous. The hollow cage means you can understand the triple rotation of the balance wheel, hairspring and escape wheel: the first shaft completes a complete rotation every 60 seconds, the second shaft rotates every 2.5 minutes, and the third axis will The rotation speed is slowed to 10 minutes.

Opposite the tourbillon is the hollow hour and minute dial. Through a very small differential system that keeps the dial in an upright position, you can see four Roman numerals with Roman letters, painted black at XII, III, VI and IX, and painted blue.

Jacob Cut Diamond and Magnesium Globe
The impressive diamond at the top of one of the four rotating arms is a Jacob cut diamond, which was rotated in 30 seconds. As you know, Jacob & Co. also makes magnificent high-end jewelry watches, and cutting gemstones is second nature to Jacob Jacobo. The stone cut by Jacob has 288 individual hand-cut faces and must be perfectly round and symmetrical. It will take at least two weeks for a professional gem cutter to chop the diamond-more than half of the rough diamond is cut off-and create various facets. No inclusions are allowed inside the diamond, and the weight of the diamond must be exactly the same as the weight of the other three satellites.

At the other end of the diamond is a blue globe representing the earth. It is made of blue-lacquered magnesium and represents the continents in platinum, which can rotate on its own within 30 seconds. The cherry on top of this extraordinary mechanical turntable is a spectacular 2-carat yellow sapphire.

In order to complete the packaging, the watch is equipped with a blue alligator strap and 18k rose gold folding clasp.

Bottom cover
On the back of the Astronomical Tourbillon Typhoon is the classic up key on the left to set the time. Unlike other astronomical models, the movement is not tightened with the up key, but the scroll wheel on the back cover can also activate the typhoon function. The movement is composed of 617 parts and is manually wound by a three-axis tourbillon (JCAM35). It beats at a speed of 21,600vph and provides a power reserve of 60 hours.

This is an incredibly complex watch, with enough drama on the dial to entertain the audience. Like all Jacob & Co. watches, its appearance is full of technical and aesthetic beauty, but I have to admit, it is very interesting! I like the theme of the Milky Way, and may never get tired of activating the typhoon function and watching everything on the dial accelerate, but this has to wait until my next Jeff Bezos reincarnation.

Technical Specifications-JACOB&CO. Astronomy Tourbillon Typhoon

Case: diameter 50mm x height 25mm-18k rose gold, polished-dome sapphire crystal glass mirror, with anti-reflective coating-four sapphire crystal holes surround the case-waterproof depth of 30m-9 o’clock position rotation Activate typhoon function

Display: 4-arm 3D movement-1 carat of unique 288 faceted Jacobs cut diamonds, which can rotate within 30 seconds-Magnesium blue painted globe, which can rotate within 30 seconds-Three-axis tourbillon, the first axis is in Rotate within 60s, the second axis within 2.5 minutes, the third axis within 10 minutes-hands are blue hours and minutes-the top of the movement is inlaid with 2 carats of yellow sapphires-Aventurine base with hand-painted Milky Way-7 Planetary cabochon cut gems

Movement: Jacob & Co. Exclusive manual winding three-axis tourbillon movement JCAM35-41.45 x 18.05mm-617 parts-70 jewels-60 hours power reserve-21,600 vph-Typhoon animation on demand-hours, minutes, three-axis tourbillon

Strap: Blue crocodile leather-18k rose gold folding clasp