The new RICHARD MILLE RM 11-05 flyback chronograph GMT self-winding watch

The brand-new Grey Cermet material adheres to the spirit of fake RICHARD MILLE. It is not only the result of the brand’s painstaking research, but also fully reflects its persistence in creating new materials. The unique proprietary material used by RICHARD MILLE has the lightness of titanium alloy and the hardness of diamonds.

RICHARD MILLE uses a new and exclusive material: Grey Cermet (Grey Cermet)
The lightness of titanium alloy blends with diamond-like hardness

The structure of the self-winding movement preferentially adopts titanium alloy material. Its important functions include the coordinated universal time (GMT) display that can be easily adjusted by the 9 o’clock button, the 24-hour flyback chronograph and the annual calendar function. The newly adopted gray cermet case measures 50 x 42.70 mm and has a total thickness of 16.15 mm. The streamlined design of its iconic case fully conforms to aerodynamics. high luxury store

The unique gray color of cermet is attributed to the combination of zirconia metal matrix and high-performance ceramic reinforced materials. The rigorous procedures that need to be followed to make the material are comparable to the process of making the material itself; putting such different materials together under high temperature for heating and pressing without destroying their respective advantages is a major challenge in the production process . Facts have proved that it is more difficult to ensure the overall uniformity of materials because nickel and cobalt, which are usually used in hard materials, are excluded, but this is to comply with the REACH industry standard that ensures the safety of European chemical production and use.

RICHARD MILLE swiss and the IMI Group, which specializes in micro-technology, invested many years in development, and finally removed the excess adhesive and only retained the required materials. The innovative process used in the solution combines traditional hot stamping with a series of high-voltage current pulses to improve the kinetics of sintering. This is also called “flash sintering”. Its density is 4.1 g/cm3-lower than titanium alloy-hardness of 2,360 Vickers hardness-almost comparable to the 2,400 Vickers hardness of diamond-making cermets very suitable for making bezels that are very susceptible to scratches, while giving overall weight Keep it light. The physical properties of cermets have been widely recognized, so they are often used in bulletproof devices, external aerospace fuselage components, and brakes for racing cars. The Carbon TPTĀ® carbon fiber middle case, with a grade 5 titanium alloy back cover and a gray metal ceramic bezel, can significantly reduce the weight of RM 11-05.