Clock embankment, a legend, a watch

There is a saying in “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “The Dongrass watch is a Breguet replica masterpiece, and it was carefully wound on the chain yesterday. It beats the time in the early morning.” The first time I read it. It was when I was writing my graduation thesis in my senior year, I chose the literary direction. At that time, I didn’t study this piece of “Breguet masterpiece” seriously. When I read this book some time ago, I felt a sense of awakening.

In fact, Breguet appears in many literary works. It is inseparable from the nobility and precision. No matter how much rhetoric is piled up, it is not as good as the word “Breguet”. Therefore, it frequently “appears in literary works.” “.

It all starts from the Paris Clock Embankment

In France in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Enlightenment rose, and new ideas continued to spread in this city. The prestigious watch brand Breguet was born in Paris, France in the 1870s. The founder of Breguet, Abraham-Louis Breguet, was a generation influenced by the Enlightenment, and during the Enlightenment period, philosophers would often gather together to discuss and compare the universe with clocks. The philosopher Voltaire is also a watch enthusiast.

If you travel to Paris, you must not miss one of the two islands in the center of Paris—City Island. The new bridge at the west end of Cité Island connects the left and right banks of the Seine River. This is the core area of ​​clock making and gold and silver crafts. . The side of the island facing the Seine River is called the “Watch Bank”. The Review fake Watch Bank No. 39 is a watchmaking workshop founded by Mr. Breguet.

We all know that today’s watchmaking is mainly concentrated in Glashütte, Switzerland and Germany. However, at the time, the pursuit of rare mechanical toys by the upper class in Paris provided a solid market guarantee for the development of civilian timekeeping devices, making France the best Active early watch market.

In 1762, Abraham-Louis Breguet, who was only 15 years old, came to Paris to learn advanced skills and spent his major watchmaking career in Paris. In 1775, Mr. Breguet founded Quai de Phorloge on the clock embankment of Citadines Island, which was also the predecessor of Breguet.

In the book “Encyclopedia Britannica”, there are more than 10 items about Breguet, such as Breguet hairspring, Breguet fonts, etc. We can see how high Breguet’s achievements and influence in the watch industry are.

Speaking of which, starting from Abraham-Louis Breguet, each generation of the Breguet family is the pioneer of the development of the times, as if it is a special favor of God, let them imprint a deep mark in the years and let people remember it forever At heart. The grandson of Abraham-Louis Breguet, Louis-Cremont Breguet (1804-1883), invented countless electronic devices, such as automatic telegraphs. Because of his contributions to the field of science, the name of Louis-Cremont Breguet was engraved on the Eiffel Tower. Louis Breguet, the fifth-generation heir of the Breguet family, is a legend in the aviation field, one of the founders of Air France, and there are so many achievements. Louis Breguet is also the link between “Breguet Aviation” and Breguet watches. He once bought a Breguet stainless steel chronograph under the name of “Breguet Aviation”. Later, the design inspiration of Breguet Type XX watch was also From this.

One of the most notable inventions-tourbillon

Having said that, in the “Era of Breguet” of brilliant and exhaustive inventions, the most watched invention was the tourbillon. Nowadays, many brands make tourbillons, but in the field of tourbillons, I think Breguet can be called the highest level.

The tourbillon was born in 1801. This should be regarded as a relatively late invention of Mr. Breguet. From the first tourbillon watch to the market, to the death of Mr. Breguet in the 18 years, Breguet sold approximately 35 tourbillon watches. The small number also just confirmed the difficulty of the tourbillon at the time.

Why would you want to invent the tourbillon device?

Mr. Breguet discovered that gravity has an effect on the movement of the watch movement. When the luxury replica watches is in different positions, it will cause running errors. So he came up with a way to place the escapement in a rotatable frame and rotate it around the axis every minute. When the 360-degree rotation is continuously performed, the azimuth errors of the parts cancel each other out, which makes the timekeeping of the watch. More precise.

The tourbillon first invented by Mr. Breguet was to fix the rotating tourbillon with the upper splint. This design was inherited from the current Tradition series. The design structure of this tourbillon is very standard and highly recognizable, as long as you look at it, it is a Breguet tourbillon.

After Mr. Breguet manufactured the tourbillon, there was an interval of 6 years until June 26, 1801, when Mr. Breguet was granted a patent for a brand-new adjustment device by an official institution, valid for ten years. This device was named “Tourbillon” and its English name was written as Tourbillon. Tourbillon, interpreted as “vortex” in English, can also refer to the rotation of planets. Think about it, planets have fixed trajectories and laws, and they are eternal. The name tourbillon is quite meaningful.

Despite the rapid development of timepieces now, the tourbillon is still one of the pinnacles of complications and a legendary milestone for Breguet.