Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM029 RG-D watch

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If you own one of the brand’s watches: Richard Mille (Richard Mille), you will have a young modern style and extreme luxury. The collection of this brand has any meaning, and may not have any commemorative significance, but it is favored for its luxury. Recently, we heard media reports about a lot of young Phan Thanh’s Richard Mille RM029 watches and his super sports cars.

The Richard Mille RM029 RG-D watch owned by Gia Bao Luxury is a very special version. From the diamonds set on the case to the internal support, this is special. According to the information provided by Richard Mille himself, the case of this RM029 model is very delicate and lasts for 10 months. This makes the watch sturdy and durable, and can withstand shocks caused by arm movements or light touches. In order to ensure the lightest weight, the manufacturer uses “Grade 5 Titanium” in addition to the King Gold case.

Of course, everyone will wonder “What is grade 5 titanium?” I want to explain as follows. This is a “Ti 6Al-4V” titanium alloy containing 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, 0.25% maximum iron, 0.2% maximum oxygen and the remaining titanium. This material has a melting point of 400-600 degrees Celsius, is very light, has high elasticity and corrosion resistance. This is why it is the material of choice for manufacturing and used in aviation technology (manufacturing aircraft turbines, engine parts, housing parts), marine technology and equipment manufacturing. Medical.

Because this expensive grade 5 titanium material is used in the bezel and internal movement bridge, the value of the watch is higher. As for the use value, the extremely high impact resistance of the RM029 model is determined by the characteristics of the material. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) equipped with RMAS7 movement. In addition to special bridges and bearings made of grade 5 titanium, there are some notable functions below. This is a self-winding self-winding movement, using 18k white gold rotor, but added a high content of palladium to increase the weight of the rotor, so that the watch’s response speed is faster.

There are 6 alignment positions on the side of the rotor. This is a special design of Richard Mille RM029, because it is easy to align the watch when the speed and acceleration in the environment of use change (usually sports…). This adjustment aims to change the inertia of the rotor when the user is doing sports or leisure use.

The balance system with four rocker arms operates with a torque of 4.8 mg/cm2, an angle of 53 degrees and a frequency of 28,800 vph. The Elinvar hairspring is manufactured by Nivarox®, a company of the Swatch Group. The company is famous for making springs attached to watch balance wheels. It is also a company that specializes in making watch escapements, jewelry and oscillators. The RMAS7 movement is also equipped with INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 anti-shock system with Rubiflix escapement.

The shell of Richard Mille RM029 has also been carefully crafted and crafted. Because the frame material is grade 5 titanium, the case must also be manufactured harmoniously. It’s like making the chassis and chassis of a car. Each combination is perfect in every small detail, so when it works, nothing will pop or pop. The Torneau-style case has undergone 47 preparation stages, 21 milling and 255 bristles in 4 hours to produce a perfect finish. quartz replica watch

The three sides (including the side and bottom) of the case were assembled, and 2 sets of Nitrile O-ring waterproof rings were used, of which 12 screws with the iconic brand design were also made of grade 5 titanium. The shell has 316 steel threaded lock washers.

The manufacturer designed a skeleton on the dial of replica Richard Mille RM029 so that players can see the inner beauty of the movement. We can see the date window for fast scheduling at 0 AM. A dual-date disc with dozens of rows of black units will rotate around its axis, and when used in combination, a 4-hour window with a white background will form a large and clear calendar window. On the outer ring, the black frame is coated with a white second hand. The hands of the watch are also designed in a unique style, which is very peculiar and attractive to the reverse side.