MCT sequence one-S100

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Angus Davies conducted an in-depth review of the MCT serial number S100, which has an incredibly innovative hour and minute display that can eliminate many of the commonality between traditional craftsmanship and high-end watches.

I am obsessed with order and order. In fact, I admit that I am a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I am not ashamed of my situation, nor am I embarrassed to freely disclose this special personality trait.

My OCD will repeatedly check whether my car is locked. I also need orders, order and show preference for the system. If I sit at the coffee table, the coffee pad will be placed strategically and aesthetically to ensure that the resulting geometric pattern attracts my feeling. perfect cheap watches

The lever arch files in my research are grouped by color, and the nature of the content is expressed in color, for example, blue is used for household bills, and yellow is used for financial affairs. Sometimes, my wife will “challenge my behavior” to purchase non-standard documents or items found.

My need for order and order includes full attention to archiving. Every aspect of my life is arranged in alphabetical or numerical order.

Some readers may feel sorry for me when reading this introduction. But, like many psychological conditions, it can bring benefits. My office is very tidy and I can find books or receipts at any time. I am satisfied with the fixed system and aesthetic arrangement.MCT FREQUENTIAL ONE watches

Incredibly, I might wonder what I am talking about. Don’t worry, everything will be displayed.

Recently at the 2014 Basel Watch and Jewellery Show, I was very happy to spend time with employees from the independent brand Manufacture Contemporaine Du Temps (often referred to as MCT). I tried various models in the company’s watch series and freely admitted that it was love at first sight. MCT seems to know “how to press a button”. I am not saying that I am angry, but MCT’s watch “opened me” in the sense of clock.

MCT replica is an independent, innovative, stylish and exemplary expert-level finish. Its unparalleled action can be seen in a few seconds. Indeed, I found many attributes very attractive.