Blancpain Master Series Carrussell Tourbillon 2322-3631-55B

In 2013, Blancpain luxury combined the two major functions of Carrussell and Tourbillon, which shocked the eye. Two mutually independent barrels store and release power so that this extraordinary Cal.2322 can have a power reserve of up to 7 days. The winding system is very innovative. A large gear on the edge of the movement drives the large steel wheels of the two barrels to wind the mainspring. The two barrels are arranged symmetrically and unrelatedly, and output to the two escapement components. Power, because the total weight of the two escapement trains is “the same”, the entire movement is very harmonious.

Complications are a subtle interpretation of the art of watchmaking. Blancpain Watchmaking Workshop brings together many advanced watchmaking techniques for creating complex functions, including minute repeaters, Chinese calendar, perpetual calendar and other complex functions. Combining complex functions is also Blancpain’s handy expertise. Three questions, the time, moment, and differentiation are the notes of time, playing the movement of time in the wrist. The Chinese calendar not only has the accuracy of mastering the time, hour, minute, and second, but also has the courage to control the moon phases, hours, stems and branches, and the five elements. The perpetual calendar, the week, date, month, and leap year indications are mastered in one hand, without any adjustment before 2100.

On the other hand, we can learn more about Blancpain from the movement of a complication quality replicas watches. The picture above is a 4225G automatic winding movement from Blancpain. Obviously, the bird tourbillon produced by Blancpain is different from other tourbillons on the market in appearance. The eccentric design of the bird tourbillon has a simple structure, and the structure of the traditional tourbillon is removed to make it lighter. Not only is the mechanical structure breathtaking, but from this 4225G movement, the fish scales on the surface of the movement can be clearly seen; even if the back is turned over, the movement has been finely polished. From the back of the watch, in the high-level texture presented by the movement, we can see the dedication and dedication from Blancpain watchmaking.

In fact, not only on the flying bird tourbillon movement, or Blancpain’s other movements equipped with Carrussell, minute repeater, annual calendar and other functions, even on the movement of the most basic entry-level watch, Blancpain has done the same as always. The unremitting pursuit of the spirit of fine watchmaking.

Even the simple three-needle watch has been polished and assembled twice. Details such as fish scale pattern and splint chamfer are presented. Blancpain adheres to the five-level polishing standard for the movement, and every detail treatment explains the spiritual connotation of high-end watchmaking: even where you can’t see it, it has been carefully polished by the watchmaker.

Blancpain Master Art Studio

Another secret of Blancpain that has been praised by the world is the first-class artist studio of Blancpain. The Le Brassus large complex watchmaking workshop brings together the extraordinary craftsmanship of gold carving, enamel, Damascus inlaid gold, red copper, minute repeater dolls, and Binchotan. Among them, red copper, Binchotan craftsmanship and Damascus inlay gold technology It is the unique craftsmanship of Blancpain.

Blancpain follows traditional crafts and procedures to create unique artistic masterpieces. Customers have the opportunity to cooperate with Blancpain’s art masters to carefully select their favorite designs, themes, patterns and craftsmanship, so as to obtain advanced custom art masterpieces that meet their expectations.

Blancpain is the masterpiece of the extraordinary craftsmanship of the art master studio, and portrays the beauty and moving stories of the four ancient Chinese beauties on four unique watches. The square inch dials are beautiful and picturesque. best Blancpain has a deep relationship with China. It has always been passionate about the study of Chinese classics. It has been inspired by Chinese culture for many times. The fine-painted enamel high-end custom watches such as the beautiful butterfly and the wind lotus butterfly show the brand’s importance to the East. The tireless study of culture. When the exquisite Swiss top watchmaking craftsmanship once again meets the romantic legend of the East, the “Four Beauties” haute couture series watch, which integrates extraordinary craftsmanship, will “drunk the noble concubine”, “diaochan looking at the moon” and “zhaojun” And the beauty of “Xishi Huansha” is portrayed on four unique orphan watches. The square-inch dials are beautiful and picturesque. It is a story and love. This set of “Four Beauties” watch not only shows the beauty of painted enamel, but also fully demonstrates Blancpain’s unique craftsmanship such as infill enamel, gold carving, red copper, micro-painted enamel, Damascus gold inlay.

The presentation of quality and beauty does not happen overnight

Nowadays, when mentioning Blancpain, in addition to superb watchmaking technology, people always mention its design aesthetics. Exquisite double round bezel, precious metal waist Roman scale, willow leaf pointer, snake-shaped blue steel pointer, moon phase expression, etc., each design element forms Blancpain’s exclusive DNA, and these can not be achieved overnight of. They are the essence of Blancpain watchmaking in the past three centuries.

Blancpain Classic 6654-3640-55 watch

First, the classic double round bezel case. Blancpain’s unique classic double-layer bezel design, metal integrated hand-made three-dimensional, by the Swiss national treasure master craftsman meticulously polished out unforgettable arc and luster.

The moon phase is the second logo of Blancpain. The Blancpain Moon Phase watch has five moon phase faces with different expressions, which are playful and smart, with different expressions, or joy, or arrogant, or laughing, or thinking.

Speaking of Blancpain’s aesthetic design, another notable feature is the hollow willow leaf pointer. There is a poem: “Dyeing clouds as willow leaves”, the willow leaves are light and elegant, while the handmade Blancpain hollow willow needles walk around the dial, presenting the artistic conception of flowing clouds and flowing water.

On the dial, the waisted Roman numeral scale is also a very iconic design element of the brand. Each side of the linear structure of the scale is hand-polished and polished to make it more elegant. Together with the steady texture of precious metal material, it gives the whole The dial is rich in three-dimensional visual perception.

It is all the above-mentioned visible and invisible details and intentions that have made Blancpain today. “Heaven and Earth Conscience Amber” deserves its name.