Jacob & Co Astronomers Casino

Luxury watches are no longer just talking about time. A good example is the Astronomer Casino.

Astronomer Casino has a fully operable miniature roulette under the sapphire crystal dome cover of the watch. The watch’s roulette is composed of green, red and black enamel, with mahogany inlays, activated by a button at 8 o’clock (also winds the movement).

This extraordinary timepiece is the latest in the iconic astronomy watch series of Jacob & Co., which can be carried out by Jacob & Co. craftsmen inserting mother-of-pearl into the lucky number of the owner personalise.

There has never been a complex timepiece as grand as it is now, with a rotatable roulette wheel, so that car owners can play their favorite game of chance at any time. Although Astronomia Casino is easy to use and use, the technical solution that actually makes it work seamlessly took more than a year of development time.


The core of the Astronomy Casino is excellent clockwork, and Jacob & Co. is famous for it. The dual-axis tourbillon offsets the influence of gravity on the moving parts of the movement. The tourbillon cage rotates in 60 seconds and completes its rotation in 2.5 minutes, while the entire tourbillon rotates around the center axis of the watch within 10 minutes. In a circle. Both the 1 carat 288-faceted JacobCut® diamond and the blue globe coated with magnesium alloy can spin on its own within 30 seconds, travel with the tourbillon, and display the time around the dial within 10 minutes. Jacob & Co.’s patented differential gear system allows the time display to remain at 12/6 o’clock no matter where it is rotated.

Astronomia casino watches, for those few who choose, they are a perfect timepiece, they do not survive by luck, but control their luck and control their own destiny.

The match of Jacob & Co. in Morsheim

On the eve of Baselworld 2019, Jacob & Co. announced the establishment of a new long-term partnership with Bugatti, which will promote the development of co-branded watches.

Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann explained: “In this project, we found a suitable partner for Jacob & Co., because we are committed to innovation with first-class technology, absolute beauty, superb craftsmanship and the highest material quality.” Ya The booth of Jacob & Co. at Baselworld.

Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabo added: “When I look at a Bugatti Chiron, the perfect and exquisite engineering design is so powerful that even when the car is stationary , Sometimes it seems to be still driving.” “When I wear a complicated timekeeping, I feel the same feeling: rushed, energetic, dynamic and almost uncontrollable.”

Replica Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ watch TT210.29.AB.AB.ABVEA price

The cooperation between the two parties began with the limited-edition Jacob&Co. High-complexity masterpiece Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Edition. The original Twin Turbo Furious was released at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair last year, with a dual three-axis tourbillon, column wheel chronograph and decimal repeater.

Inspired by the world of high-performance sports cars, Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Edition features the French brand’s logo color around the dial and the Bugatti logo in the center of the dial. The French flag colours the power reserve indicator, which has been renamed “fuel”. Limited to 39 pieces, each is individually numbered: 18 carbon fiber, 18 rose gold, and 3 diamonds.

Since Ettore Bugatti founded Bugatti in 1909, it has also produced a limited edition of 110 limited edition Jacob & Co. Epic X chronographs every year to celebrate the new partnership. The epic technical element X Chrono is the automatic column wheel chronograph movement of Jacob & Co. JCAA05 skeletonized. The Bugatti version uses a new forged carbon fiber case and incorporates the colors of the French flag in its bold X-shaped dial design. The timepiece uses a special rubber strap, inspired by the iconic Bugatti Chiron (Bugatti Chiron) rear hood, and has the iconic “EB” logo on the buckle to commemorate the partnership.