Girard-Perregaux Girard-Perregaux Laureato Laurel Series

Classic into the army: Girard-Perregaux Laureato Laurel Series

Watch connoisseurs and collectors have been waiting for good news: the complete Laureato Laurel Series was finally born in 2017, becoming one of the core collections of Girard Perregaux. In 2016, the Laureato watch returned to its vigor. The exquisite design of the GP Girard Perregaux 225th Anniversary Limited Edition shocked the watch world and achieved a grand success. This year GP Girard-Perregaux took another step and formally established Laureato’s outstanding position: this unique modern watch combines innovative and unique design, refined pursuit, and reflects the perfect combination of precise time and noble taste. These characteristics weave Laureato’s enduring aesthetics, which can be called a classic of the brand.

The Laureato series demonstrates the highest level of advanced watchmaking skills. It is equipped with an automatic winding or quartz movement. There are four different diameter cases to choose from, and four styles such as stainless steel, gold, two-tone stainless steel and gold, or titanium elements. , The variety of styles is unprecedented. The new series has nearly 30 models and has the potential to become a new classic in the international watch industry. GP Girard-Perregaux puts the essence of consistent watchmaking skills into this unique watch, bringing the most perfect design to men and women who pursue design, watchmaking skills and aesthetics of life. Each watch integrates the watchmaking technology and innovative aesthetics of the brand for centuries, making it a model of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland’s “watchmaking capital”.

The birth of an iconic masterpiece

The Latin proverb “Nomen est Omen” means “as the name implies.” This statement applies particularly to GP Girard Perregaux’s Laureato series. Dating back to the mid-1970s, the art of design changed dramatically. For example, the watchmaking industry is facing unprecedented demand: the market is looking for a watch that combines sporty style and elegance. This perfect watch should be worn on any occasion. The unique case and strap can Combining one, reveals the ultimate and extraordinary aesthetics. GP Girard-Perregaux found an idea in Italy that led to the birth of this concept. The brand commissioned a Milan architect to study the watch, and what he immediately noticed was its bezel. Like a real artist, he designed an octagonal crown and set it in the bezel, showing the harmonious fusion of round and octagon. In order to match the dynamics of light and shadow, the eight corners are not connected by distinct straight lines, but are composed of isolated lines full of harmony with polished and delicate convex or concave surfaces.

Let us dare to compare architecture and watch design: Florence’s Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is known for its round arch design and octagonal structure. Below it are the nave, transept and choir of the church. Does the architect want to condense this concept and inject it into a watch? An octagonal crown is built into the round top layer, with the seamlessly connected case and strap? The answer is: of course. From the aspect of watchmaking technology, 1975 Laureato contains another surprise: the movement. Four years after the launch of the relatively large first Swiss-made quartz movement, GP Girard-Perregaux’s engineers were determined to cast a particularly slim and small movement. This is the fine movement that drives Laureato. Its chronograph performance is very outstanding, easily passing a series of official precision tests, making GP Girard-Perregaux the watch brand with the most certifications of quartz chronograph movements. Laureato, this name is true.

Essence of Technique and Modern Aesthetics

Laureato is a symbol of distinguished personality, unique and extraordinary personality continues to evolve, while implementing the essence of its craftsmanship and design. This watch series has a polished and detailed octagonal bezel, which is perfectly integrated with the case without any lugs or ring. The metal bracelet is a natural extension of the case and becomes a unique design element of this watch. Its metal bracelet is equipped with an extra-large H-shaped satin bracelet, interwoven with polished and meticulous arched bracelets. The polished and satin surfaces create a delicate and elegant contrast, giving depth and dynamics to the overall design. As for the quality of wearing on the wrist, this bracelet has the most important feature: extreme flexibility to fit the wrist, so it can be worn on anyone’s wrist and brings unparalleled comfort.

Laureato 42mm stainless steel case, 42mm diameter, gray dial with “Clous de Paris” Paris studs, anti-glare sapphire crystal, hours, minutes, seconds and date, GP01800-0008 self-winding mechanical movement, Power reserve 54 hours, stainless steel chain strap, waterproof to 100 meters.

Laureato is known for the texture of the “Clous de Paris” Paris studs. The fine pyramid patterns are interwoven and spread across the dial of the watch, perfectly capturing the flow of light and shadow. But most importantly, Laureato is a kind of thinking. The strong temperament reveals the aesthetics of the sporty style, and the exquisite details create an extraordinary sense of fashion, which is not only elegant, but also suitable for daily wear. The flexible and changeable style, derived from the combination of ergonomics, weight and fashion style, lays the foundation for the four new styles.

Laureato 42 mm watch: highlighting the elegance of men

The Laureato 42mm watch is suitable for daily wear and is designed to bring the most practical timekeeping function to men who pursue taste every day in any situation. The bright and versatile diameter and width, with carefully calculated proportions, plus a moderate thickness of 10.16 mm, can fit into any shirt sleeves or tops, rather than appear too thick. There are three dials decorated with “Clous de Paris” stud texture to choose from, namely silver gray, slate gray and blue.

Laureato 42mm stainless steel case, 42mm diameter, blue dial with “Clous de Paris” studs, anti-glare sapphire crystal, hours, minutes, seconds and date, GP01800-0008 self-winding mechanical movement , Power reserve 54 hours, leather strap, waterproof to 100 meters.

The two watch cases are made of stainless steel and rose gold, respectively, with a metal bracelet or alligator strap. These classic designs are available in titanium and rose gold, perfectly continuing the spirit of the earliest Laureato in the seventies. Every Laureato 42mm watch is equipped with a GP01800 movement. This movement is all designed, produced, assembled and adjusted by GP Girard-Perregaux, and decorated with traditional and meticulous processing effects. It is a symbol of the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship.

Laureato 38mm rose gold case, diameter 38mm, gray dial with “Clous de Paris” studs, anti-glare sapphire crystal, hours, minutes, seconds and date, GP03300-0130 mechanical movement with automatic winding , Power reserve 46 hours, leather strap, waterproof to 100 meters.

Laureato 38 mm watch: classic masterpiece, flexible presentation

The power of this classic watch stems from its breakthrough in gender boundaries. Laureato 38 mm watch is full of personality, and there are men’s and women’s versions. This watch has three dials of different colors to choose from, namely stainless steel, stainless steel bezel with 56 diamonds, and 18K rose gold. All three designs are equipped with an alligator strap or a metal bracelet with the same material as the case. The unisex Laureato 38 mm watch is equipped with a single GP03300 movement. This self-winding mechanical movement is all produced by GP Girard-Perregaux. In addition to being precise and reliable, it also provides detailed hours, minutes, seconds and date display, which fully demonstrates the diverse style and noble style of the Laureato 38 mm watch.

Laureato 38mm stainless steel case, diameter 38mm, bezel set with diamonds, grey dial with “Clous de Paris” studs, anti-glare sapphire crystal, hour, minute, second and date, GP03300-0130 automatic Chain mechanical movement, power reserve 46 hours, stainless steel chain strap, waterproof to 100 meters.

Laureato 34 mm watch: elegant feminine charm

The Laureato 34 mm watch is presented with an unprecedented slim profile and the brilliant light of precious gems. It is available in stainless steel, white gold or both styles. 56 shining diamonds seem to give the watch a halo, and the size of the diamonds is adjusted one by one according to their setting position. The diameter of this watch is 34 mm and the thickness is only 7.75 mm. GP Girard-Perregaux was able to shape this nearly perfect ratio because it is equipped with a very slim self-developed quartz movement. This may be surprising, but everyone has to remember: the original Laureato watches were made for quartz movements. GP Girard-Perregaux is a pioneer in this area and the first watch brand to launch a ladies’ watch equipped with a quartz movement.

Laureato 34mm rose gold case, diameter 34mm, grey dial with “Clous de Paris” studs, anti-glare sapphire crystal, hours, minutes, date, GP013100-0002 quartz movement, white leather strap , Waterproof to 30 meters.

Laureato Tourbillon watch: a noble example of the Golden Bridge

The Laureato Tourbillon watch combined with GP Girard-Perregaux’s accumulated watchmaking skills for many centuries is the king of many new Laureato watches. Its 45 mm case is made of titanium with gold rivets and GP09510 movement. This high-end refined movement is hand-crafted by the brand’s craftsmen, mechanical engineers and polishing craftsmen in La De Chaufen. The structure and design are the same as other GP Girard-Perregaux tourbillon watches, including the arrow shape delicately polished and polished by hand Golden bridge. This movement is made in accordance with the highest polishing standards. It is one of the very few tourbillons equipped with a self-winding mechanism, and it is almost the only masterpiece with a gold miniature automatic disc. The GP09510 movement has two designs. The first is equipped with a rose gold tourbillon bridge, which complements the rose gold details of the Laureato tourbillon watch (including the bezel, crown, hour markers and the first bracelet component). The other is equipped with a platinum tourbillon bridge, which forms a progressive effect with the titanium case made of platinum.

Laureato Tourbillon Watch Titanium/18K rose gold case, diameter 45mm, slate-grey dial with “Clous de Paris” studs, anti-glare sapphire crystal, hours, minutes, tourbillon with small seconds, GP09510 -0001 self-winding movement, equipped with 18K gold miniature automatic disc, one-minute tourbillon adjuster, power storage for 49 hours, black alligator strap, water resistance to 50 meters.

Shape the future

Laureato Tourbillon Watch, Laureato 42mm Watch, Laureato 38mm Watch and Laureato 34mm Watch implement GP Girard Perregaux’s legendary watchmaking craftsmanship and write a new chapter for GP Girard Perregaux’s casual fashion watch design . This model is made of stainless steel and gold, precious, simple and elegant, and never out of date. It perfectly demonstrates the unique value of all GP Girard Perregaux watch designs.