Ulysse Nardin Freak X “Qatar Watch Club” Edition

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The third limited edition watch for Qatar watch fans.

The watch club is undoubtedly a growing phenomenon, and more and more local initiatives encourage collections. The club is a great way to inspire passion and increase the knowledge of clocks among members. Among the many clubs that have emerged recently, one seems to be very active and even created special watches for its members, the Qatar Watch Club-remember the special Tudor Pelagos earlier this year? QWC announced its third special edition watch and completed the first one in cooperation with Ulysse Nardin. This time, enthusiasts from Doha chose Freak X, which is one of the most eye-catching watches currently produced by the brand.

Ulysse Nardin Freak X was launched during SIHH 2019, it is a high focus on the interesting concept Freak. This watch was born in 2001 and is one of the earliest timepiece concepts. With the design and display from outer space, this is also an innovative creation that commercializes silicon technology. In the next two decades, the brand has been working hard on concept watches, proposing more and more innovative and bold designs. In 2019, Freak X took the highly regarded hands-free watch to new heights: a more wear-resistant case, an automatic movement, a more realistic solution and a cheaper price than before, while still showing its Carousel baguette movement and balance wheel. It seems to be a spaceship from the 22nd century.

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The idea is to rethink the Freak concept, starting with a more classic automatic base movement and rewriting the iconic display on the top. However, there is still a baguette rotating turntable that rotates every hour, and the turntable still displays the hour in a lower position. In order to make it easier to use, the United Nations cancelled some complicated technologies because there is no Ulysse Nardin anchoring constant speed escapement, no grinder, no silicon gear drive, and fewer wheels. Moreover, Ulysse Nardin Freak X now has a crown, instead of rotating the case back to wind the movement, it also has a rotating bezel to adjust the time. However, the dial side shows a super-large, super-complex structured balance wheel made of silicon and equipped with a nickel flyweight to stabilize the microblade – probably the most complicated balance wheel in this price range one.

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As for the watch itself, the case is smaller and more wear-resistant, with a diameter of 43mm, a slimmer shape and an emphasis on comfort. Even the dial has been simplified to provide more contrast and better readability. Finally, the price is much lower than the previous Freak watches, making it an almost achievable concept watch.

This is the Qatar Watch Club decided to use it as the third special edition watch. The club purchased a 43mm titanium case with black DLC coating and a matching dial base. Obviously, the difference in this version is that the entire watch is decorated in green-in the Middle East countries, this color has a strong symbolic meaning. The hour markers on the dial and strap show this beautiful color, in sharp contrast with the black backing. The minute dial and the hour dial are white to improve readability.

This limited edition Freak X comes with two belts, one is made of black rubber with green stitching and the other is made of green alligator leather with white and green stitching.

Technical Specifications-ULYSSE NARDIN FREAK X

Case: diameter 43mm x height 13.35mm-black DLC coated titanium case-box sapphire crystal and sapphire back cover-water resistance 50m

Dial: black dial with green

Movement: Movement UN-230, internal-automatic-rotating disc-shaped French baguette movement around its own axis-exclusive central oscillator with large diameter-3Hz silicon balance wheel-with super bright Luminova points Degree and bridge-72 hours power reserve-hours and minutes

Strap: Comes with two straps: black rubber strap (green stitching) and green alligator leather strap (white stitching)