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F1’s most popular old driver At the F1 Belgian station that ended a month ago, Hamilton played a steady role in driving a Mercedes-Benz Mars rover to win the championship. He crossed his chest to pay tribute to the Panther actor Chadwick Bosman who died of colon cancer. But what really impressed me throughout the race was not Hamilton, who has been leading the field since the start of the pole position, but Kimi Räikkönen, King of Spa, who made a straight turn on the 16th lap. The inner circle overtakes the old Ferrari teammate Vettel. It is this old driver who drove the Alfa Romeo racing car with water in the cockpit during the race. He finally ranked 12th in the race, and also firmly placed Vettel and Leclerc from the Ferrari camp. Left behind.

I usually replica watches for sale F1 less, but if you ask me which driver I like best, my answer is definitely KIMI. My earliest impression of KIMI is that he switched to the WRC rally in 2009 or 10, his long hair and his handsome looks are very elegant, and then he returned to the F1 race and returned to the Ferrari team from Lotus to start to understand him slowly. , I learned that KIMI’s early career with a trace of tragic color, how many times he took the lead when he broke the cylinder and the tires and other racing failures, until he later played in the final race of the Ferrari team in 2007 at the Interlagos circuit in Brazil. It was a shocking reversal, and he won the first and only annual driver’s championship in his career with only 1 point advantage. I personally think that this has allowed him to add a heroic color to his sad racing career.

The two things I like most about KIMI are his truthfulness and pure love for racing. We all know that F1 is the most money-burning sport. In this paddock full of money and political elements, KIMI has always maintained his true self, as quiet as His nickname is Iceman, but under his cold appearance he often warms fans and fans. During the Wuhan epidemic this year, a Shanghai aid nurse who was struggling at the frontline Leishenshan Hospital posted a photo on social media with Raikkonen’s name and a cartoon F1 car painted on the protective suit. KIMI was also there. I forwarded this photo as soon as I saw it and reminded her to be safe. The purity of racing is reflected in the fact that KIMI was born in 1979 and is 41 years old this year. He has competed with Schumacher and Alonso on the same field, but now he is still engaged with a group of young people in the paddock. The best proof of racing love.

Since KIMI joined Alfa Romeo in 18 years, we have also seen the technical defects of Ferrari racing in the past two years, let alone the original Sauber team car that uses Ferrari technology and is called the Ferrari second team and the satellite team. The reason why I mentioned the Alfa Romeo team is also to introduce his sponsor, Richard Mille, another protagonist of today.

With its highly recognizable barrel-shaped case design and high-tech materials, RICHARD MILLE fake can be said to be the hottest modern watch brand in the global market in recent years. You must know that this brand was founded in 1999 by RICHARD MILLE himself. It was only 21 years since the first wristwatch was launched in 2001, but this extremely young watch brand has been called the ticket to a billionaire. With the explosion of the brand, there have been mixed sounds, such as the barrel type is not his patent is used more than he used it earlier, or it is using Audemars Piguet’s APRP movement or Vaucher Manufacture The Fleurier movement does not have a self-produced movement. This brand relies on marketing, the IQ tax of the rich, etc. These negative voices, but at the same time you can’t deny the fact that we have almost never seen a branded customer, that is, buying RM The people of these watches, these consumer groups, they say that this brand is not good, I think this is enough for Richard Mille, a modern watch brand.

The Sauber team has signed a multi-year technical and commercial partnership with Alfa Romeo, a legend that has been out of the paddock since 17 years. RICHARD MILLE began sponsoring the Alfa Romeo team in 2018, and Kimi ㆍ Raikkonen also returned to the starting point of his career in 2018, the manufacturer’s team based in Switzerland, and thus entered the world of RICHARD MILLE. Last September, at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, Richard Mille and KIMI released the new RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen dual-second split-second tourbillon chronograph with the same name, and used it to present this great driver and his Alfa Romeo Tribute to the team. Let us appreciate this watch together.

This RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen Split Seconds Tourbillon Chronograph uses the brand’s iconic tonneau-shaped case. The case is made of milky white Quartz TPT® quartz carbon fiber with two upper and lower layers, while the middle layer is Carbone TPT. ® carbon fiber, the overall color design shows the color matching used on the Alfa Romeo team racing, the size of the watch is 44,50 x 49,65 x 16,10 mm.

Nice RICHARD MILLE Replica Watch RM 50-03 McLaren F1

The watch cases made by QUARTZ TPT® and CARBON TPT®. These high-tech materials and technologies that Richard Mille is famous for were developed by North Thin Ply Technology, which is often referred to by us as NTPT, which is made of quartz or carbon fiber. The official name will be subdivided into the material used plus the word TPT. QUARTZ TPT® Quartz Carbon Fiber is a special material made of 600 layers of silica. It has an outstanding appearance of gold and silver wires. Quartz fiber is often used in high technology because of its high temperature resistance, robustness and transparency to electromagnetic waves. field. Its production process is that these thin layers with a thickness of no more than 45 microns are first immersed in a resin specially developed for the brand, and then woven through an automatic distribution system, so that there is a 45° angle between the layers. After heating to 120 degrees under a vessel pressure of 6 bar, these synthetic materials are obtained and then sent to Richard Mille’s factory to be processed by CNC machine tools. Carbone TPT® carbon fiber is also made using the same process. These high-tech materials are used in There will be random reactions during the processing to form a special texture, so that each piece of the processed case becomes a unique piece. The use of this high-tech material and complex forging process make the total weight of the watch only 28 grams, which is equivalent to not having an egg.

The crown on the watch side is also designed in the style of F1 racing wheel hubs. Most of the cooperation watches related to automobiles like to design the crown in this way to highlight the overall cooperation style. The crown is made of grade 5 titanium and carbon fiber, and is equipped with The anti-slip pit pattern design is convenient for the wearer to adjust the time. Since the watch is manually wound, Richard Mille also equipped the crown with a torque limit. This additional safety device can prevent excessive winding and avoid causing the stem Damaged or too tight clockwork. There are 3 buttons on both sides of the watch replicas to adjust the functions of this watch.

The watch adopts a hollow design. The upper inner ring and the lower inner ring are made of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber. The dial is made of grade 5 titanium alloy and is electroplated in black. The inner triangle hour markers and the center of the hour and minute hands are coated with luminous coating. Layers ensure the readability of the watch in a dimly lit environment. The overall design layout of the dial is extremely sci-fi and mechanical.

This 50-04 chronograph watch is equipped with the latest generation of rattrapante mechanism developed by Richard Mille engineers. The yellow and red chronograph second hand is placed in the center of the watch. The button at 8 o’clock on the lower left side of the watch can start or stop the chronograph second hand. The button at 4 o’clock on the lower right can suspend the rattrapante and read the intermediate time without interrupting the timing. Press the button again to make the rattrapante and the chronograph second hand overlap and continue the next period of time. The button at 10 o’clock on the upper left can reset the hands to zero. There is a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock on the dial, and the tourbillon structure can be clearly seen below the small seconds counter. There is KIMI and his number 7 next to the small seconds counter to pay tribute to the legendary rider. At 9 o’clock it is 30. Minute counter display.

The display structure of the watch at 3 o’clock is also very unique. This is a functional indicator. Its principle is similar to the gearbox of a car. By pulling out the crown, the wearer can view the structure and enter different positions, which is indicated by the pointer. The effective position and the following functions are displayed. W gear is for winding, N gear is for neutral mode, and H gear is for adjusting the time indicator. It is a very interesting function that combines racing style.

There are two display windows like a tachometer on the top of the dial. The left side is the power display window, and the right side is the torque display window. When I first saw this function, I thought Richard Mille had something black. With technology, I can use a watch to test the torque of a car. I was still thinking about how to achieve this function. I looked down and found that it was used to test the torque of the spring. This function can provide dynamic information related to the tension of the mainspring and can optimize the chronograph performance of the movement. If the torque is lower than 5.3, it means that the mainspring is too loose, and higher than 6.5 means the mainspring is too tight, which may adversely affect the mechanism of the movement or damage the operation of the movement.

After admiring the front layout of the watch, we will admire this finely crafted movement from the back. The RM 50-04 ultra-light tourbillon chronograph movement weighs only 7 grams, and it is also known as the lightest movement in the world. In the previous section, I described the watch with a total weight of 28 grams like half an egg. Yes, so what is the feeling of 7 grams? If you drink tea often, you know that the standard weight of a tea leaf is about 8 grams. This complication tourbillon movement is 1 gram lighter than these standard tea leaves. This record-breaking ultra-light weight is It is the result of Richard Mille’s use of grade 5 titanium alloy and Carbon TPT® carbon fiber, combined with the iconic hollow process components.

The bottom plate and bridge plate of the movement are made of grade 5 titanium alloy. Because of the density, rigidity and low thermal conductivity of titanium alloy, it has also become an ideal material in the F1 team engineering manufacturing plan. This titanium alloy is made of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium composition, this combination also strengthens its mechanical properties. Other bridges dedicated to the split-second chronograph function of the movement are made of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber. This material is also used to design the transverse cage that supports the entire movement structure and the barrel and tourbillon bridge. The horizontal cage is fixed in the middle layer of the case, thus eliminating the need for the case liner, so that the movement and the case can be perfectly combined. This complete set of technical solutions ensures that this complex movement has an extremely excellent weight/resistance ratio and has passed an impact test of up to 5000 g in the brand’s watch workshop. The combination of the metallic tone of titanium alloy and the unique black texture of carbon fiber also makes the movement extremely rich in texture. This movement is equipped with a fast-rotating barrel with a running power of 6 hours instead of the regular 7.5 hours. This type of barrel has the following advantages. It greatly reduces the adhesion of the mainspring and its performance Therefore, it has been strengthened to provide about 70 hours of power reserve when the chain is fully manually wound.

RICHARD MILLE equipped this watch with an Alfa Romeo F1 team red strap. This strap is made of stretch fabric. Richard Mille likes to use this material for the new athlete models launched in the past two years. Strap, presumably this kind of strap must be very comfortable and fit to fit the needs of these athletes. Of course, in addition to the fabric strap, you can also choose Richard Mille’s common rubber strap, but I think KIMI usually wears this original red strap. The original red also highlights the overall texture of the watch. It is often mentioned that lightweight watches are bound to be associated with thinness, but this watch has achieved the ultimate in lightweightness with such a size and thickness. It can’t help but sigh that Richard Mille is in the field of watches. The use of high-tech materials.

RICHARD MILLE pays tribute to KIMI’s legendary career with this watch, but I personally feel that it is a bit regretful that Richard Mille is not like Nadal’s 27-03, 27-04, 35-01 , 35-02 and John Blake 061, Baba Watson 055 or KIMI’s old teammate Felipe Massa’s 011 made a special watch specifically for KIMI, but used 50-03, which is often Said that McLaren replaced the material and added KIMI related elements to produce this 50-04, which is a bit regrettable. I also hope that Richard Mille can design a separate watch specifically for KIMI in the future. KIMI also talked about his career plan earlier this year, and he hasn’t decided whether he will continue to play in the paddock next season. It will depend on family factors. For KIMI, an old Finnish driver who loves to eat ice cream, I hope that he can enjoy the car better at the end of his career. If Ferrari and Alfa Romeo can make the car better, this will make KIMI continue to fight the paddock. In order to expect him to win another race championship, Hamilton, who won the championship at the end of the season in Belgium, also tied KIMI’s 4 Spa wins record. I also especially hope that KIMI will be able to board again. Spa’s podium.