U-Boat Capsoil series!

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U-Boat Capsoil replica is one of the most popular and unique styles of Italian watchmakers. From the color-changing Classico 45 to the U-42 ​​Unicum, U-Boat is a brand that loves to create special watches. These tables are meant to stand out. Make a statement to bring happiness to people who wear them and see them! Italo Fontana, the founder and designer of U-Boat watches, expressed the following views on his latest work: “From a purely time reporter to future power, this is the core of Capsoil’s new model.”

U-Boat’s Capsoil has several different designs. There are both chronographs and solo versions, and they are plated with DLC or stainless steel! You can see the link of each model below;

8110 Capsoil Solotempo
8108 Capsoil Solotempo
8111 Capsoil Chronograph
8109 Capsoil Chronograph

What is U-Boat Capsoil?
Capsoil is unique in that the oil bath is completely immersed in the electromechanical device of the watch. This is not the manufacturing technique used before the buy cheap watch is assembled. The finished product table actually contains oil! This creates a dreamlike personality for the watch and stays true to the brand awareness.

“Capsoil goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design and combines innovative functions with retro-style lines, proving that it is one of the world’s watch markets.”

The oil bath inside the watch completely surrounds the dial, turning it into absolute black, completely changing the appearance of the watch and giving it a three-dimensional effect and depth! sense! In fact, except for one bubble, the liquid completely filled the dial, and each bubble was deliberately left on each model. The air bubbles move and flow the liquid. In this way, the dial is always moving and changing, which gives another unique appearance. Despite this, and the black appearance of the dial is more dim, but it actually contains bubbles, making the magnification effect of the pointer more obvious, and the pointer seems to float above the dial! This is indeed an amazing design, and it is obvious why Italo is so proud of his creation!

Capsoil comes with a 45mm case, which is smaller than some other models in the U-boat series. It combines the highest quality convex sapphire crystal, as well as the beige sphere and the scale below, allowing super bright light to shine through. The watch also provides air tightness (air tightness) of up to 10 ATM. This is supported by a waterproof leather strap handmade by professional craftsmen in Florence.