Hands-on Patek Philippe 5370P minute and second chronograph, can be said to be the best Patek Philippe in years

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Let’s call it this way: 5370 is the best watch Patek Philippe has produced in years. Perhaps the best watch since 5970 or earlier. I have always heard the expression “Pure Patek” from people I know and respect at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair, and I really agree. This watch reminds us that they really care about their past and people’s needs, not just about sales. Case, dial, crown, movement-all the accessories of the new 5370 are just right. Let’s look at the shape of the metal.

In terms of macro aspects, the 5370P is so special because it brings together the best of Patek Philippe today-an absolutely amazing movement made entirely in-house-the best of yesterday-the traditional dial (enamel!) as well as the case and crown in 1940 Years. First of all, let us remind ourselves that since 1971, Patek Philippe has not made a two-key pure second hand timing. At that time, we could only discuss the special committee at a rate of less than one example every two years. I did not see 1563 here, but reference 1436, which is actually 130 with split module. Early examples (such as seen in the personal collection of Jean-Claude Biver) are characterized by the tricky activation of the crown itself, while the latter example (shown below) is characterized A button is built into the crown.

The example above is a rare watch signed and sold by Tiffany in 1961 – we covered it when we found it in the Upper East Side sock drawer in August 2011. You will notice that the case of 1436 is that the case of the 5370 looks like it. This is definitely the natural pioneer of the watch exhibited at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair last week.

The 5370P is the natural heir to the great seconds chronograph of the mid-20th century-arguably the most popular copy watches in the world.

Now, some people may question my claim that Patek Philippe has not made a pure two-button split-second chronograph since 1436. This is because of 5959 and 5950. Both watches are original tourbillons and are ultra-thin-so there is almost no traditional seconds chronograph.

Back to the current problem. The 5370P is equipped with a 41 mm platinum case, which is undoubtedly one of the best cases Patek Philippe has produced over the years. This second hand tourbillon watch has a recessed bezel that blends perfectly with the soft curvature of the sapphire crystal.

Patek Philippe REF. 5370P-011 minute seconds chronograph

Patek Phillippe recently launched 3 new Grand complication watches as part of its 2020 novelty, one of which is the blue Patek Philippe Reference 5370P-011. With a stunning blue enamel dial and a redesigned tourbillon mechanism, this new model is the successor to the 2015 5370P black dial version.

When the 5370 was released in 2015, it was considered one of the best Patek Philippe that has come out in years. This new reference for 2020 fully retains the basic formulas of elder brothers and sisters and brings some notable updates. The biggest change that immediately attracted attention was the beautiful blue enamel dial. The dial is made with Grand Feu technology and has been kiln-fired to high temperatures many times to obtain a deep blue shade. It looks more dynamic than the previous black dial and contrasts sharply with the applied platinum numbers and hands. Speaking of hands, the hour and minute hands and the hands on the two sub-registers are all leaf-shaped, while the two chronograph hands are tapered. Everyone’s hands are very well-proportioned, making reading time and other information a breeze.

The watch case is made of platinum with a diameter of 41 mm, which is very modern and easy to manage. In addition, the height is only 13.5 mm, which means that the watch can be comfortably placed on various wrists. The case has a perfect combination of polished and brushed surfaces, which can be of high quality as expected by brands like Patek Philippe. Both the front and back of the case have sapphire crystals, and the water resistance is only 30 meters.

The brand’s internal movement CHR 29-535 PS is at the helm of the new 5370P-011. This is a powerful manual winding movement with a horizontal clutch and a dial wheel mechanism. And has 6 patents. Its working frequency is 4Hz, and it can provide about 65 hours of power reserve after fully winding. Although it has all the technical advantages, it is also a real beauty. From Geneva stripes to hand-beveled and polished edges, there is everything to bring you visual enjoyment.

The lugs are integrated with the soft curve offset and the stunning horizontal satin effect. At the end of each lug, you can find a beautiful white gold cabochon-obviously a tribute to the 1436 watch. Between the oval rectangular and square pushers is the “turbine” crown.

What I haven’t mentioned is the balance, beauty and pure blackness of this dial. The 5370P comes with an absolutely stunning black amel digital enamel dial. The dial is made in-house by Patek Philippe and only needs three hours of polishing. The dial is pure white gold, then baked in an oven at 850°C, and then cured by controlled cooling to a glass-like consistency-the result is a deep black that does not fade over time. The small “email” signature (“enamel” in French) at six o’clock indicates that this is indeed a very special cheap watch.

Oh, when you turn it over? Yes, you can get a glimpse of the most exquisite chronograph movement on this planet. So far, CHR 29-535 PS has only been seen on 5204, which is a one-second perpetual calendar launched in 2012. In this case, you will get a high-precision technical chronograph in its purest form.

This movement has some special innovations that are only applicable to the tourbillon. For example, when the lap time is stopped, a new isolator separates the seconds wheel from the chronograph wheel to eliminate unnecessary friction. In addition, Patek Philippe has also developed a dual-second lever that positions the ruby ​​roller between two flat heart-shaped cam shoulders, so that the chronograph hands and the minute hand are precisely aligned.

Did I mention that this movement is absolutely outstanding? The steel component is chamfered and its surface is straight. Clamp and polish instantly. The gold-yellow movement is in sharp contrast with the bright red jewels. Of course, the movement has a Patek Philippe seal and is adjusted to -3/+2 seconds per day.

How about the 5370P on the wrist? wonderful. Yes, it is 41mm in this case. Would I like 39.5mm like 5170? I will, but I will not criticize this decision at all, because after all, the 5370P is a split-second chronograph with a black dial, and if there is a watch that can zoom in by a few millimeters, this is it. The thickness of the entire watch is 13.56 mm, although it is not thin, it is not too thick. The case size is 41 mm, and the depth of this movement is very balanced. It is worth noting that this Patek Philippe is almost exactly 2 mm thinner than Lange’s Double-Split. Although 1.8 mm does not sound much, it is very different on the wrist.

Patek said that because they are aware of the peculiarities of platinum, black enamel dials, precious numerals and split-second chronographs, they will hardly produce these works. The United States estimates that by 2015, the entire market will receive 1-3 pieces, and the first piece should be delivered sometime around July.

The 5370P is definitely one of the best watches that Patek Philippe has released over the years. As Patek Philippe antique lovers, this is the watch we have been waiting for. It has done a lot of work in stimulating the vitality of modern Patek Philippe collectors. This will become a classic.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P-011 Split-Seconds Chronograph Technical Specifications

Manually wound CHR 29-535 PS calibre, split-seconds chronograph with column wheels and horizontal clutch

Six patented chronograph innovations, plus one patent for the rattrapante mechanism

Grand Feu blue enamel dial with a glossy finish

White gold applied Breguet numerals, tachymeter scale and counters printed in white

Concave bezel, polished case with recessed satin-finished flanks

•Grand Feu blue enamel, gold applied Breguet numerals
•18K gold dial plate
•Tachymeter scale
•White gold leaf-shaped hands with luminescent coating

•Diameter: 41 mm
•Height: 13.56 mm
•Water-resistant to 30 m
•Interchangeable solid and sapphirecrystal case backs

•Alligator leather with square scales,hand-stitched, shiny dusk blue
•Fold-over clasp

•Caliber CHR 29-535 PS
•Manual winding
•Split-seconds chronograph
•Instantaneous 30-minute counter
•Smalls seconds
•Diameter: 29.6 mm
•Height: 7.1 mm
•Number of parts: 312
•Frequency: 28,800 semi-oscillations/hour (4 Hz)
•Balance spring: Breguet
•Power reserve with the chronograph disengaged: min. 65 hours