The timepiece and diamond jewelry company Jacob & Co. showcased its latest release of the Astronomia casino, which features a fully operable miniature roulette under the sapphire crystal dome case. The wheels of the Astronomy Casino are made of green, red and black enamel, with mahogany inlays, and are activated by a button at 8 o’clock (also winds the movement).

At the core of the Astronomy Casino is excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, and Jacobs is famous for it. The dual-axis tourbillon offsets the influence of gravity on the moving parts of the movement. The tourbillon cage rotates in 60 seconds and completes its rotation in 2.5 minutes, while the entire tourbillon revolves around the central axis of the watch in 10 minutes. Rotated a full circle. The 1 carat 288-faceted JacobCut® diamond and the blue globe coated with magnesium alloy can both spin on their own within 30 seconds, travel with the tourbillon, and display the time around the dial within 10 minutes. Jacob & Co.’s patented differential gear system enables the time display to remain at 12/6 o’clock regardless of the rotational position.

Jacobs company ASTRONOMIA black ceramic

Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia watches are first astronomical in price. Although their designs are exquisite, the most important thing is that they are poetic metaphors of cosmic ballet, which is an incredible, rotating performance surrounded by watch crystals.

Above the celestial wheel, it completes a full rotation in a stellar year, that is, the time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun relative to a fixed star. The four satellites rotate together in 20 minutes. The three-dimensional representation of the titanium lacquered globe also rotates on its own axis, as does the moon, represented by cut diamonds. The third satellite has hour and minute dials. Driving it is a three-axis gravity tourbillon, which can rotate around the first axis in 60 seconds, around the second axis in five minutes, and rotate around the dial in 20 minutes.

Luxury Replica Jacob & Co. 2018 Grand Complication Masterpieces - Astronomia Gambler watch AT150.40.RO.SD.A price



50 mm

Manufacturing Jacob & Co. Manual winding JCAM18

Hour, minute dial rotates on the central axis for 10 minutes, patented differential gear system; 288-sided spherical diamonds rotate on 2 axes for 30 seconds

Crocodile skin

Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium Folding Clasp

Water resistance
30 meters

Opera and solar astronomy launched by JACOB&CO

The limited edition Opera and Astronomia Solar timepieces have won two awards in the luxury brand of Basel, and their unique complexity has made everyone amazed.

At the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Harry Winston talked about decorative arts and the famous Broadway show in New York. Jacob & Co.’s new opera timepiece has a similar idea.

The amazing Opera combines two typical Swiss traditions: a mechanical music box and a mechanical watch movement. The unique part is equipped with a miniature dancing pair in the center, in addition to two cylinders and combs, all powered by the exclusive manual winding JCFM02 movement.exact replica watches

This specially made movement contains at least 646 parts and 52 jewels. As long as the watch continuously plays music, it can achieve up to 72 hours of autonomy. When the button at 2 o’clock is activated, a 20-second melody will start, including 120 notes. The cylinder and paddles also rotate 120° around the dial, while the three-axis tourbillon completes its rotation to ensure that it always returns to the correct position on the dial at 12 o’clock.

The limited-release 18 pieces of Opera incorporate titanium components to maximize sound quality. This includes the black DLC titanium case. Considering the complexity of this watch, its diameter is only 47 mm, which is relatively small.

But Jacob & Co.’s engineers did not finish there. The luxury brand also launched a new astronomical solar energy. First, this timepiece shows all eight planets of the solar system on the dial, which revolve around the sun.

Living in an anthropocentric universe, of course, the hand-carved earth is the star of the show. It rotates around its axis every 60 seconds, and rotates a full circle around the dial in 10 minutes.

The hand-wound JCAM19 movement is specially made for this watch. It is smaller and more versatile than any previous movement in the Astronomer series. Despite its relatively small size, it can fit in a moderately sized 44.5mm case.

When the movement rotates our planet 360° clockwise, the Aventurine base rotates counterclockwise at the same time. The result is fascinating: it gives the impression that our world is moving forward over time.swiss movement replica watches