The extremely complex QPàÉquation Millésimé

On the occasion of the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere on March 19 this year (marking the beginning of spring), copy Greubel Forsey launched a timepiece with a tourbillon, perpetual calendar and time equation, despite its extremely complicated functions-just like simple It is as easy to adjust as three hands.

Making a clock with an easy-to-set perpetual calendar and time equation is no easy task. Doing so is a technical challenge that requires Greubel Forsey’s team to create so-called “mechanical computers.”

Use the two-way crown, the button selector at the end of the crown and the dial indicator to confirm the mode the watch is in (switch between time and perpetual calendar setting mode), the wearer can set the perpetual calendar and time at the same time, easily. Therefore, the time equation is automatically set according to the date given by the integrated perpetual calendar, which not only displays the time difference between the apparent time and the average time (on the color back indicator), but also displays the month, season, Vernal equinox and supremacy.

In order to achieve this level of complexity, Greubel Forsey designed a “cam stack with movable fingers, movable timepiece dials and indications on the back cover, and the entire movement is fully integrated in the movement. The cam meeting of the month Change the month, the month is displayed in the front window, and the “time equation” disc is moved to the back. The Years cam controls the previous indication year and the following milliseconds and seasons. The development of this encoding device not only subverts the settings The traditional way of indicating, but also showing them on the dial and the back cover.”

In short, this is one of the most technologically advanced mechanical calendar watches ever. So, not surprisingly, when Greubel Forsey was first launched in 2017, it won the GPHP Calendar discount copy Watch Award in the same year.

As far as time is concerned, the hours and minutes are displayed by the centrally mounted hands, the small seconds is displayed on the subdial at 8 o’clock, and the 24-second tourbillon is located between 9 and 11 o’clock. Regarding the calendar function, there is a perpetual calendar display on the front, which can display the date, important dates and months, and the adjacent leap year indicator in a single sub-dial between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. Then, between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock, a 24-hour day and night indicator was displayed through a small hole on the periphery of the dial. Finally, on the dial side, there is a 72-hour power reserve display.

Turn the watch over and you will see the so-called “thousand minute system” function, that is, one-year discs. Finally, the most complex element is the mechanical computer, which is an extremely complex time equation display that can display the difference between apparent solar time and average time (0-16 minutes), month (letter), and season (color) ), the vernal equinox (semicircle) and the supreme point (circle).

All of this is achieved by a movement with a movement size of 36.40 mm x 9.60 mm, which consists of 624 components, including 75 jewels (including rugby-shaped jewels), with a size of 36.40 mm x 9.60 mm. The required case size is relatively conservative 43.50mm x 16mm-for this particular 2020 model, the feature is a rich chocolate dial with 18K red gold hands, markers and case perfectly matched.

A timepiece of this size, of course, highlights the level of finishing of Haut de Gamme, which is synonymous with the Greubel Forsey name-such as the most complex hand-brushed, chamfered, polished and straight-grained effect on the market-although perhaps more important, it It also emphasizes the level of technical complexity that can be achieved at the highest level of watchmaking.

Fake Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° watch Quadruple Tourbillon Platinum Online

Double tourbillon 30 degree technical ceramic

The top watchmaker Greubel Forsey showed their original invention, the Double Tourbillion, for the first time in a ceramic case. The Double Tourbillon 30° technical ceramic is limited to 11 pieces and is made of blue ceramic. Sapphire crystal is added to all parts of the movement, which can provide more light than the previous version.

The complexity of the Double Tourbillon 30° tourbillon remains unchanged, ensuring high accuracy. A cage completely rotates every four minutes, while a smaller cage equipped with a balance wheel and spring is tilted 30° relative to the larger cage, completing a rotation every 60 seconds. The combination of 30° inclination and different speeds of the two tourbillons can improve the timing function by averaging the position error caused by gravity.

The manual-winding 3Hz movement measures 38.40 mm x 12.15 mm and has 421 components, a 120-hour power reserve, and 43 gold gemstones inlaid with olive gold. Four coaxial coaxial fast rotating barrels (1 rotating in 3.2 hours) provide power for the power reserve, one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension, the case is equipped with a 22k gold case, and Nickel palladium treatment and relief.

Many parts are now sapphire, which allows more light to pass through, especially to enhance the vision of the double tourbillon at work. Some traditional materials have been retained in previous iterations of the movement, including nickel silver, polished bevels and holes frosted, straight tooth flanks and nickel palladium treatment.

Equipped with this movement is a new blue ceramic case, its size is negligible, 48.40 mm x 17.77 mm, but because of the ceramic material, it is lighter than the previous version. The crown is also ceramic and engraved with the GF logo. The back cover, bezel and strap are made of a piece of ceramic, polished and straight grained, and finished by hand. Popular copy watches