Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) x Frank Muller (Franck Muller) “Crazy Number” ghost black badge and watch collaboration

Rolls Royce Geneva and Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Franck Muller have recently teamed up to design two new products: the Crazy Time watch inspired by the ghost black badge and the upcoming ghost black badge “Crazy Numbers”.

Rolls-Royce Geneva and Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller jointly pursue excellence and jointly designed two new products: the ghost black badge “Crazy Numbers” and the ghost black badge inspired “Crazy Hours” watch.

In other words, Rolls-Royce Geneva will customize a special-edition “Phantom” black badge to reflect the elements of Franck Muller’s “Crazy Hours” watch, and Frank Muller Franck Muller is creating a watch inspired by the Wyoming Black Badge.

Benefiting from the expertise of the Rolls-Royce “tailor-made” program, the Geneva Rolls-Royce “Crazy Numbers” ghost black badge demonstrates the extreme personalization that can be achieved, and will see Franck Muller’s The iconic “crazy time” elements interweave the vehicle design.

This special Wraith version adopts a special velvet shiny appearance and is decorated with Twin-Coachline pattern in silver/cobalt blue. It contrasts with the Crazy Numbers theme. It will use dark blue cobalt blue interior and unique instruments. The board is decorated and embroidered with “Crazy Hours” number comfort on the back. Above the “Starlight Headline”, there will also be a “crazy moment” dial.

Rolls-Royce custom designer Matt Danton shared the customization options of the special edition. He commented: “Personality, leadership and sincere expression are the core of the customization plan. The car is As a key element of personal taste and personal style, it is natural to customize a car.”

The custom panel dashboard is inspired by Franck Muller’s “Crazy Time” watch. Image source: Rolls Royce Geneva

So far, Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) has only provided a trailer for the upcoming version; however, the production of the Wraith black badge “Crazy Numbers” will soon be shown in the fourth quarter of 2020. Start on the car.

To celebrate this collaboration, Franck Muller also created two unique versions of Crazy Hours watches. One watch has the same cobalt blue color scheme as the vehicle, one watch has a black dial with a cobalt blue case and a black leather strap, and the other watch has a cobalt blue dial, a black case and a blue watch. With reverse combination.

Two versions of Franck Muller’s Crazy Hour Ghost Black Badge Edition.

“We are very happy to work with the best car manufacturers in the world to produce this custom car and this exclusive watch series,” said Nicholas Rudaz, director of Franck Muller Watchland. “It is fascinating to see our know-how in haute horlogerie being interpreted as such an exclusive car.”

For beginners, the Franck Muller Crazy Hour watch is a self-winding watch with a 42-hour power reserve. It displays the watch numbers in a very unconventional order. At first glance, it is reminiscent of what a Mad Hatter would wear on a watch. Something next tea party.

Using its patented “crazy hour” mechanism, the central hour hand will jump to the correct hour (1 to 12) even if the time numbers are not in standard order. At the same time, the minute hand continues to follow the traditional pattern and rotates around the dial in a 60-minute cycle.

Franck Muller (FRANCK MULLER) – Rolls-Royce (ROLLS-ROYCE) inspired unique timepiece series

For this exclusive partnership, Franck Muller only needs to choose its most destructive complication, which is the crazy moment that has attracted great interest among watch fans for many years: Crazy Hours™. The series combines boldness, creativity and poetry with Franck Muller’s knowledge of haute horology.fake watches for sale

“We are very pleased to work with the best car manufacturers in the world to produce this customized car and this exclusive watch series. It is fascinating to see our extraordinary expertise in haute horology interpreted as such an exclusive car. Experience.” Franck Muller Watchland Director Nicholas Rudaz said.

To celebrate this masterpiece, Franck Muller produced a unique Crazy Hours™ series of watches inspired by the Rolls Royce World. The series will display Franck Muller‘s number in a well-known unconventional order, which is a typical representative of “Crazy Moments”.

The dial shows the color code of the car and its intricate details, which we can find on the dashboard and Rolls-Royce seats. The self-winding mechanical movement provides a 42-hour power reserve.

Thanks to its patented Crazy Hours mechanism, the series provides a new interpretation of time. The central hour hand literally jumps to twelve for the number that is atypically located on the dial, so every 60 minutes, the hour hand will jump to the next correct number. At the same time, the minute hand follows the traditional 60-minute cycle that revolves around the dial.

Behind the wheel of Rolls-Royce, time becomes a personal, personal value that you can forget. You are free from the shackles-time is ultimately time.