Patek Philippe Nautilus VS Aquanaut

In the world of fine watches, the words beauty, precision and Patek Philippe blend together perfectly. Patek Philippe fake provides us with the most loved timepiece in the history of watchmaking. Patek Philippe’s commitment to quality and value is its hallmark. As a watchmaker, Patek Philippe has meticulously recorded every watch since 1839. This archive is the official register of PP watches. The archive keeps detailed records. For each watch made, the watch type, movement number, caliber and case number are recorded. Notes on style, dial type, date of manufacture, date of sale, and type of bracelet are also provided. Collectors can pay to search for these amazing records. We made a lot of comparisons to the current product line, comparing the prices of Aquanaut and Nautilus

When talking about luxury sports, two special watches come to mind. Patek Philippe Nautilus or Aquanaut. As we all know, since its launch in the early 1970s, Nautilus has risen to the legendary level. Since 1997, Aquanaut has been leading the trend of sports, fashion and fashion watch buyers. The case is round octagonal, inspired by nautilus. There are several versions. Aquanaut straps range from metal bracelets to stunning “tropical” straps. It is made of a new type of composite material and has extremely high wear resistance, salt water resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance.

NAUTILUS 5711 and AQUANAUT 5167/5168
The date scan tables we know and love are Nautilus 5711 and Aquanaut 5167. But Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) also provides date scanning Aquanaiut 5168, and even NAUTILUS ref 5719/10G- completely frozen to complete the product line. 5711 provides a variety of case materials for discerning buyers to choose from. The watch is available in rose gold, platinum and stainless steel. The unique relief surface is available in blue, white and gray. The dial you choose makes your watch unique. The more sporty Aquanaut comes with green, red or black tropical strap options and rose gold or stainless steel metal options for a more sporty style

Shared movement: self-winding movement 324 SC


Nautilus 5980 chronograph has a variety of case materials to choose from. In addition to metal bracelets, belts can also be used. The key function is the chronograph display, located above the six dials. Aquanaut 5968 is a more sporty watch. The same fascinating porthole shape, this watch says you are active, chic and have excellent taste. This is the first Aquanaut chronograph. Sweep in one second and date at three to complete a young, energetic look. Aquanaut 5968 comes with two belts. Orange one, black one, both are made of super durable composite materials. If you want to see popular watches, please choose Orange for the band. You are ready for everything!

Shared movement: CH 28-520 movement

5990 and 5164 travel tables

The popularity of travel watches is mainly due to functionality. In fact, travel watches are hotter than ever. Instead of placing the watch on the plane to wake up the phone, set the watch to local time and then walk away. This is a different method, but it is one that many watch fans love. When you look at your watch, you will see the time in two time zones. Your travel watch is a timing tool. Frequent traveler must-have items! 5980 belongs to the Nautilus series.

This chronograph has a travel time function. The travel time function can display the time in two different time zones at a glance. It combines two popular complex functions, chronograph and travel time function. The driving pointer actually moves in either direction. The wearer can set the time to before and after. excellence.

Aquanaut Travel Time 5164 is sporty and elegant, bringing together all your hobbies for Aquanaut. Now add two highly sought after complications. You are wearing a sporty, chic and powerful 5164. This Aquanaut attracts your attention. The 5164’s black dial is different.

The relief on the dial can only be done by Patek Philippe. The neatly presented white numbers pop up to you. There is a bar mark on the minute and a white mark on the hour. Time stamps are displayed in small square windows between 8 and 9 and 3 and 4. When using the travel time function, white or blue blocks indicate local or local time. Aquanaut and Nautilus made an interesting comparison. PP has three basic versions, as well as various case and dial colors, which can provide you with amazing (not even legendary) watches of all tastes.

Moon phase watch

The complexity of the moon phase table is reflected in the two Nautilus models 5726 and 5712. Aquanuat has not yet adopted the complex functions of a moon phase meter.

Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe postpone the launch of new products in 2020 Due to the pandemic pandemic, the factory was closed as soon as possible.

According to the latest report from the watch and watch blog Hodinkee, Swiss watchmakers Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe have confirmed that their 2020 new product release will now be delayed. With Baselworld 2019 ending on March 26 last year, the 2021 timetable for the event is scheduled for January 27, which may mean 22 months and the three brands have not released Any new version, this is an unprecedented phenomenon in recent years.

Nonetheless, none of the three industry giants gave a clear timetable for when to release or release the upcoming model, so if the coronavirus situation improves by the end of the year, there is still hope for enthusiasts and collectors. That being said, if Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe did decide to suspend production of their 2020 models, industry experts expressed concern about the livelihood of Baselworld. According to a new article published in “Le Temps”, this ancient watch show has now gone through a particularly turbulent period.