Grande Sonnerie of Greubel Forsey, we heard it!

Greubel Forsey replica has been working on this new timepiece for more than 10 years, and we know the brand’s detail fanatic dimension. Therefore, it is not surprising that it took them so long to equip shocking chronographs, such as this new Grande Sonnerie, the pinnacle and dream of any serious watchmaker!

In fact, we heard its ringtone, and can guarantee that your voice is pure and accurate. We will bring you more information as soon as possible through the dedicated video report and look forward to seeing it again at SIHH next week.

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Greubel Forsey’s official press release:

Eleven years of research and development. Assemble no less than 935 parts. Two patents. The development of a resonant cavity that produces extremely pure sound. The combination of eleven safety functions ensures maximum peace of mind. With these few elements alone, you can see the almost daunting task of creating the first Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie.

For every watchmaker slightly fascinated by the history of watchmaking excellence, the Sonnerie clocks represent a culmination, which is the pinnacle that is often impossible to achieve in a lifetime. There is no doubt that Grande Sonnerie is one of the most complex functions in watchmaking. Since the beginning of the partnership, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have been thinking about their own firm contemporary interpretations of this rich and complex. For eleven years, the Grande Sonnerie has changed their daily lives. For eleven years, they have done their best to assemble 935 parts of this timepiece, especially devoting themselves to achieving absolute harmony between the movement, exterior and acoustics.

This timepiece represents the essence of their superb skills and watchmaking essence. This Grande Sonnerie has a powerful acoustic effect. It has a water resistance of 3 atm. It is ergonomically designed for optimal ease of use, and the excellent repeater power reserve allows it to run in “Grande Sonnerie” mode for about twenty hours. The timepiece is equipped with a silent striking adjuster and a 24-second tourbillon, all within the standard size of the fake Greubel Forsey case.

The most important elements and instructions (such as tourbillon, cathedral gong, percussion hammer, and power reserve and mode indicators) have been incorporated to ensure building balance. This is no easy task-the watch designer successfully accommodated 935 parts containing the timepiece and its external components in a space of 43.5 mm in diameter and 16.13 mm in height. Grande Sonnerie is the real Greubel Forsey’s most complex work to date.

The movement is manually wound, but the mainspring is equipped with an automatic winding system, which provides a power reserve of approximately 20 hours in Grande Sonnerie mode. The minute repeater and its additional percussion mechanism send out precise on-demand time to the minute. The main features of this timepiece include: 21,600 vibrations per hour and a 72-hour timekeeping power reserve. This timepiece has three modes to choose from: Grande Sonnerie (hours and quarters to pass), Petite Sonnerie (full hours passed), and Silence (pass does not work). Grande Sonnerie’s pure and rich sound is enhanced by an acoustic resonance cage made of titanium alloy.

Greubel Forsey is now one of the few exclusive organizations that offers Grande Sonnerie watch manufacturers. Where can I buy used luxury watches in Chinese?

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Second Contemporary Diamond

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey’s talent is the new tourbillon 24-second contemporary diamond. For this watch, Greubel Forsey uses a process called Bienfacture, this process is the supreme processing technology, which transforms rough parts into beautiful jewelry.

This unique timepiece made Greubel Forsey embark on a double manufacturing journey. They work with the monarchs of the precious gem world to find the best quality (clarity IF, color DE) rectangular cut diamonds to enhance the structure of the watch. These diamonds have drawn attention to the 24-second tourbillon, because the refraction of a perfectly cut diamond indicates its light.

Because the precision of watchmaking standards is higher than that of gem-cut jewels, the diamonds set in the watch will be calibrated in the micrometer range and adjusted like the mechanism of the watch.

The bezel and lugs of the 43.5mm x 16mm white gold case are also set with baguette diamonds. To emphasize the carved lines, the stone becomes part of the case structure. This fake watch is set with 272 diamonds totaling 9.71 carats.

For this particular model, Greubel Forsey chose a 24-second tourbillon tilted at 25° with a beat of 21,600v/h. Two overlapping fast-rotating barrels have the function of preventing excessive tension and provide a 72-hour power reserve. They leave room for large spring oscillating weights and larger tourbillon cages. The inclined carriage brings the height of the movement to 30.9mm and the diameter to 36.4mm, which can accommodate 267 parts and 40 jewels.