Hands-on Practice: Why H. Moser & Cie and MB&F are different in their new watch collaboration from the watchmaking industry

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After meeting with H. Moser & Cie’s Edouard Meylan and MB&F’s Maximilian Büsser, the CEOs of their respective brands, the stereotype of this domineering and visionary leader gradually disappeared, revealing the two most sympathetic and collaborative people in watchmaking. Although the two men and their company have established a ten-year relationship through the hairspring manufacturing partnership, their new collaboration represents a broad and open two-way exchange of aesthetics, concepts, and mechanical capabilities, resulting in two limited editions that will The avant-garde trend of the two brands is incredible.

Both Meylan and Büsser have long-term and robust experience in the watch industry. Meylan’s father led Audemars Piguet for more than 20 years, while his sons have deep inside knowledge of the watch industry. Büsser worked at Jaeger-LeCoultre as soon as he left school, and was appointed CEO of Harry Winston at the age of 31. He left the position in 2005 and began working for MB&F. Both brought bold aesthetics and noble ideas to the dining table, but they were experienced enough to understand the practical compromises necessary to turn outdated clockwork ideas into reality.

Although the timepiece goals and achievements of the two watches are very different, when viewed together, it is clear that there is a close connection between the two watches. Obviously, Moser’s smoky dial, high-dome crystal, traditional round case, and selective exposure to mechanical parts connect these watches, but there are many subtle similarities between them.

Both watches display very delicate hairsprings, which are custom-made by Precision Engineering AG, an affiliate of Moser. In addition to the simple skeletonization, this is the avant-garde of micro-architecture, and a unique structure has emerged to support and focus on the most active parts of the movement. The result is two completely different watches that require us to contemplate the mechanically beating heart.

The LM101 MB&F X H. Moser uses MB&F’s most traditional watch (LM stands for old machine), and it effectively Moserizes it with the brand’s wonderful lampblack dial (red gray, cosmic green gray, water blue smoke, and trendy blue Gray) and the lack of signatures of the brand logo-the minimalist choice has always been the core of Moser’s very popular Concept watch.

Legacy Machine suspends the hairspring above the center of the dial with two futuristic carved arms. However, despite its brutal configuration, Legacy Machine’s traditional round case provides a natural environment for Moser’s smoky dial. Importantly, MB&F replaced Legacy Machine’s hemispherical dial with a more traditional dial-type hand, which lasted hours and minutes, as well as a power reserve indicator, which was enough to offset Moser’s aesthetic, thus successfully bridging this The gap between the two brands. The curved arm with two matching balance springs can reduce torque difference and friction, thereby improving accuracy and synchronization.

The MB&F movement was co-created with the famous watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, but here is updated with a black NAC coating, giving the movement a modern look. The bridge is particularly handsome, with black masculinity, while the movement’s bloodline remains at the highest level. Considering the dome crystal of the watch, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear the 40 mm LM101 MB & F X H. Moser. The fit is traditional, and the hemispherical crystal does not even interfere with the tightest cuff (I found a little overkill under the Brunello Cucinelli tunnel cuff). LM101 MB&F X H. Although the avant-garde timepiece pays little attention to legibility, LM101 MB&F X H. tells you at a glance (combining comfortable fit) making it a very practical everyday watch.

Edouard Meylan is not satisfied with simply letting MB&F discuss Moser’s aesthetics, he insists that this cooperation is a two-way. The final second watch is the Endeavor cylindrical tourbillon H. Moser x MB&F. The height of this watch is only 42 mm and the total height is 19.5 mm, which is not as wearable as the LM101 MB & F x Moser top luxury replica watches, but it is a unique world of watches and clocks under the high dome crystal, which cleverly combines noble and yet Tasteful and innovative technology, since 2013, will revitalize Moser & Cie. Different.

The appearance of the 1 o’clock tourbillon at 1 o’clock uses a cylindrical hairspring, which is the same as Precision Engineering AG of the MB&F LM Thunderdome watch. The history of the cylindrical balance spring can be traced back to the 18th century, with a corkscrew structure, which helped to improve the marine timer during the naval colonial period. The coil end of the Pogue spring reduces friction, thereby improving synchronization. When the tourbillon rotates for one minute, the mechanism rises above the dial to match the raised sapphire chronograph dial.

The dial is illusory, but intentionally. The 40-degree tilt angle is made of sapphire and contains Moser’s script logo, providing the wearer with excellent legibility, but the off-axis dial is full of light and shadow, adding a charming and unexpected beauty.

At one angle, you may see a ghostly shadow indicating time, indicating the dial on the smoky dial, while at another angle, you may not see the dial at all, but instead appear stylish blue , Cosmic green, burgundy color, beige or ice blue smoke effect is very good. The transparent chronograph dial is directly mounted on the exposed bevel gear, thus providing uninterrupted torque transmission, and the basic part of the sports work can be repeatedly observed.

This configuration challenges our concept of Skellentonization, and also requires us to consider specific parts of the movement separately. The rear window tells the complete mechanical story through a gorgeously decorated self-winding movement.replica watches swiss

For those who are already familiar with MB&F cooperation, this joint venture provides a new way of communication because we see the two teams working together to monitor each other. Serious MB&F and Moser timepiece collectors may want one of them. Since there are only 30 steel cases in total, we think they will develop quickly.

Item Type: Replica Legacy Machine 101 MB&F x H. Moser Red Watches
Brand Name: MB&F
Model Number: 51.SL.MR
Movement: Manual Winding
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Dial Diameter: 40 mm
Gender: men
Thickness: 16 mm
Dial: Red
Glass: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: 30 m
Band Material Type: Calfskin
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Power Reserve
Year: 2020