Greubel Forsey Signature 1 platinum watch review

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Greubel Forsey is among the top watchmakers, and the brand is known for its extremely precise, highly sophisticated and technically sophisticated timepieces. Their collection requires the respect of all the swiss watch industry, and with their unique works over the years, they have not only won respect, but also gained an admirable and impeccable image.

Therefore, it is a bit difficult for brand followers to build their “low-end” watches with simple functions around Greubel Forsey ’s ideas. However, when the Signature 1 Platinum watch came out, it exceeded people’s expectations, just like every watch released by the brand.

Signature 1 is a way for the brand to satisfy the wishes of brand advocates. They can eventually buy Greubel Forsey for less than $ 500. For the brand, this is a refreshing change, especially its function is different from the usual complex parts, but still very much like Greubel Forsey’s original product.

One of the main selling points of this watch is its price-it is difficult to buy Greubel Forsey watches at low prices. Although obviously simpler than other watches of the brand, Greubel Forsey replica is not an excellent tool for making a 3-pin and non-complex timepiece. Signature 1 Platinum’s surface treatment effect is excellent, the details shine, highlighting the perfect execution of watchmaking technology.

Technical index
Case: Platinum 950 or steel with convex synthetic sapphire crystal
Bottom cover: Transparent bottom cover, asymmetric convex synthetic sapphire crystal
Dial: black anthracite gold dial, white hour ring and minute ring, polished bevel
Movement size: diameter: 34.40 mm; thickness: 7.40 mm
Movement parts: 190 parts
Power reserve: 54 hours
Display: hours, minutes and small seconds
Strap: hand-stitched crocodile leather

As an essential watch, Greubel Forsey Signature 1 does not add any complexity, but is just a traditional watch that only displays the time. Although it does not have any tourbillon, it can usually be seen in the brand’s works, but Signature 1 Platinum has a beautiful traditional balance wheel, which can be seen through the open design of the balance wheel. When you look at the interior of the work, you will not miss the opportunity to appreciate the polished counter sink and the beveled and inclined facets.

Some people think that Signature 1 completely contradicts the image that Grubel Forsi has built for himself over the years. Owning a Greubel Forsey timepiece is not simple. In order to adapt to the price, design and function seem to be a compromise, while many competitors provide the same function at a much cheaper price.