Unique Pilot’s Watch

Patek Philippe is the world’s rarest and most expensive watch. It is a unique work. They have one or more unique achievements that make them unique. Having said that, this 1936 Prototype Pilot watch is just something else. First of all, its movement was actually manufactured in 1912, and after only about 24 years, it was placed in the Nichrome case above. Equipped with the so-called “detachable central seconds and hour dial”, this unique prototype has only one, while Patek Philippe only makes two such watches.

This weird term “hour hand” actually means that the hour hand rotates every 24 hours, indicating the radian (divided into 360) relative to the center circle. The “minute” hand rotates every 4 hours and corresponds to it. The scale is 60. The two seconds hands rotate every 4 minutes to display the minutes. So, as shown, the time shown on the watch is 332 8.5 ‘, which translates to 22 hours, 8 minutes, and 30 seconds, which is the time that all watches display in books and catalogs. It is 56 mm in diameter and is designed to be worn by pilots and worn outside the flight suit. This is a truly unique and very interesting piece.