Richard Mille and McLaren

Richard Mille is about to release the bold and colorful “Candy” series Satisfy your craving for sweets.

Richard Mille has released details and images of one of the most interesting and colorful collections. Named the Bonbon collection, these watches are inspired by the unique artistic style of candy and candies.

The range covers 10 models with a total of 60 bright colors, divided into two lines, the “fruit” line and the “sweetness” line, whose names include RM 07-03 Blueberry and Litchi and RM 07-03 Marshmallow show Bonbon The creativity and artistic flair behind the collection. Inside the watch, you can see the variety of dessert-related details made of enamel powder and fine sand. Each miniature sculpture is painted with acrylic paint and painted by hand.

The complexity of the Watches swiss can be seen in the slide above, which further propelled Richard Mille’s modern watchmaking approach.

Richard Mille celebrates luxury rides with RM 11-03 McLaren automatic flyback chronograph

Inspired by McLaren’s best cars

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Following the January release of RM 53-01 inspired by Pablo Mac Donough, watchmaker Richard Mille has collaborated with McLaren to develop an amazing new timepiece.

McLaren, directed by company design director Rob Melville, and engineer Richard Mille, primarily Fabrice Namura, celebrated at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show for the first time Working Together: RM 11-03 McLaren Automatic Flyback Chronograph. This product is limited to 500 models and will be available first to McLaren Ultimate Series customers and customers who purchase the corresponding vehicles.

The design of the new RM 11-03 is influenced by the appearance of previously introduced McLaren cars such as the McLaren 720S and F1. Regarding technical specifications and materials used in the production, McLaren’s and Richard Miller’s cooperation watch uses carbon TPT, carbon fiber, silicon fiber, platinum, titanium and rubber. It also uses the RMAC3 movement and a 55-hour power reserve.

You can view RM 11-03 McLaren Automatic Flyback Chronograph by Richard Mille and McLaren.

Earlier today, McLaren also revealed plans for the “Atlantic Blue” 720S.