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Jaeger-LeCoultre Introduces Blue Master Control

Celebrating its 30th anniversary. First conceived in 1992, Master Control is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s finest in terms of accuracy and reliability, with every watch undergoing 1,000 hours of in-house quality control testing. While the rigorous test was fairly new at the time, it has become the standard for all Jaeger-LeCoultre (JLC) watches. …continue reading

Ulysee Nardin dive watch Lemon Shark

Ulysee Nardin fake launches a new dive watch named after the menacing Lemon Shark Coinciding with World Ocean Day, Ulysse Nardin released the latest Diver watch to commemorate the brand’s mascot, the shark. Although marine mammals inspired the company’s activities and took center stage on the dials of its NSFW …continue reading