BOVET launches entry-level range in steel

The birth of the Bovet steel timepiece has attracted luxury watch lovers, who wondered if it marked a move towards higher production and lower prices – perhaps a by-product line of exclusive watchmakers.

The 19Thir0 collection was presented to WatchPro today at an exclusive lunch hosted by Asprey London, described by watch blogger Perpetuelle as: “An interesting move by Bovet, which has until now been an ultra-exclusive and ultra-expensive haute horlogerie supplier. Traders…maybe a sign of the times at the top of the market.”

Bovet currently produces around 3,000 watches a year. It is thought that one-third of the watches are unique commissions. Its only retailer in the UK is Asprey on London’s exclusive Bond Street. replica watches review

The exact number of 1,930 units produced was not revealed today, but claims of an increase in production to 3,000-4,000 units per year suggest it will be larger than all of Bovet’s previous series.

“I don’t want to make more than 4,000 timepieces a year. If you make 20,000 watches a year, you can’t do ‘luxury,'” said Bovet boss and president Pascal Raffi.

The 19Thir0 watch , which is less than all of Bovet’s years since Mr Raffy bought the brand in 2001.

The stainless steel case is an unexpected development from BOVET, although it houses a watch of extraordinary beauty and complexity.

The 19Thir0 collection is inspired by a decade in which timepieces have largely moved from pockets to wrists. It was also the decade when steel cases took off for their strength and durability.

Mr. Raffy personally customized the blueprint for a modern 19Thirty watch. The 18 Reference Collection uses the historic easel chronometer, one of the last pocket watches produced by the company in the 1930s, for design elements, including hands and numerals.