You need this piece for your watch collection | Reasons to choose Breguet Marine

If the trend of discount replica watches style shows people’s yearning for the ideal life, then the top casual watch that combines the two characteristics of dress watch and sports watch, it points out that the elegant posture of moving and quiet is what we advocate at this moment. One of the best choices, the Breguet Marine watch, the flagship benchmark for top casual watches, aptly presents this look – combining the sophistication of high-end traditional watchmaking, the lofty ambitions of afar and the style of contemporary aesthetics. All in one.

Born in 1990, the Breguet Marine series has been in existence for more than 30 years. With the passage of time, the style has changed. In 2018, 5517, 5527 and 5547 were launched and brought into titanium material for the first time, combining the refinement and innovation of high-end traditional watchmaking. The avant-garde beauty of the material interprets the style of this era. Breguet has a deep relationship with precision nautical timing. The founder of the brand, Abraham-Louis Breguet, was appointed by the French King Louis XVIII as the official watchmaker of the French Royal Navy in 1815. With his professionalism in making precision timepieces, he participated in the great nautical era. history. The advent of the Marine series not only carries an important page in the history of the Breguet brand, but also inherits the professional connotation of creating a marine timepiece that requires precise grasp of the vastness of astronomy and scientific instruments.

The modern incarnation of marine chronometers

Synonymous with precision and grandeur, the new Breguet Marine collection combines top-level watchmaking craftsmanship with an elegant and sporty vibe, setting sail with a clear and sophisticated attitude. The rounded case is matched with the lugs of the new structure; the engraved lugs are close to the case, and then seamlessly connected with the strap to form a smooth and smooth line, and the overall structure is clear and large, just like sailing in the sea. Most needed calmness. The design of the gold dial is like a porthole on a ship, and the circular block in the center is decorated with wave-shaped machine engraving.

The side of the case retains Breguet’s classic decorative elements – the coin pattern, the fine and distinct pit edge lines, and the exquisite mirror polishing, bringing out a dazzling appearance like a modern architecture. The crown is decorated with a “B” engraving, which is presented with classical lines derived from the brand’s standard font, which points out the traditional watchmaking soul of this watch with a long history.

Ubiquitous marine style aesthetics

The use of machine-engraving craftsmanship to carve irregular wave patterns on the dial is the identifying design of the new generation of Marine series. Such patterns directly point to the origin of this watch and the sea, especially on sunny days. The intention of this design is that the sunlight dances on the dial to create an eye-catching light, and what is even more fascinating is that it seems that the sparkling waves on the sea are actually staged on the dial.

This series of watches uses the classic faceted Breguet moon-shaped tip pointer. The hour markers and the materials of the hands echo the color. The circular range at the front of the hour and minute hands, the Roman numeral hour markers and the dot hour ring are all coated with luminous material. , showing a particularly clear night-time pointing performance. The hollow shape at the end of the second hand resembles a geometrically stylized maritime flag and symbolizes the maritime code “Bravo” or “Breguet”.

Turning to the case back, you can also appreciate the meticulous attention paid to incorporating nautical elements into the movement design. The hollowed-out gold automatic disc is shaped like half a rudder. The machine-engraved Geneva pattern resembles the deck of a ship. The movements of the Marine series models are equipped with a silicon balance spring and a silicon escapement, which are magnetically resistant and provide better operational stability.

The Marine Hora Mundi 5557 watch, which will be newly unveiled in 2022, can be regarded as a benchmark among top leisure watches. After three years of research and development, it is equipped with four patents, and the time in two places can be grasped instantly by pressing the button. This extremely simple function is realized through the 77F1 movement. This movement has a “mechanical structure for dual time zone display”, “a single set of main hands to display dual time zones”, and a “mechanical program that can memorize two time zones”. Supported by three major patents of “Memory Wheel”, the wearer can display the time in the second zone by simply pressing the crown or the button without affecting the running time of the watch.

The unique multi-level dial design seems to be the epitome of witnessing a magnificent voyage. The machine-engraved wave pattern on the blue sunray dial surrounds the continental coastline; the superimposed sapphire crystal disc is decorated with criss-crossing latitude and longitude lines, marking the vastness of the ocean and land below. From the deep blue ocean, the horizontal satin-finished land decorated with the emerald coastline, to the longitude and latitude lines traversing in the sky, the layers are superimposed to create a layout with spatial depth, and the rich finishing treatment highlights the sense of hierarchy. The magnificent view of sea navigation with the world in mind is vividly staged on the dial.

The attention to detail processing reflects the luxury connotation derived from traditional high-end watchmaking. At 12 o’clock, there is a date display window, which is driven by the four patents “mechanical structure for displaying short-term time with accompanying hands” to drive a separate retrograde pointer for this display window; Below the display window, it happens to be able to circle the date of the day, which is very ingenious. The 4 o’clock position is decorated with a hand-beaten sun and moon, with a texture like a real celestial body. The sun shone in a dazzling rose gold glow against the hazy grey rhodium-plated moon. A metal boat anchor graphic above the city display window indicates the wearer’s current time and location. This watch is available in white gold and rose gold, with leather strap, rubber strap or gold chain strap, you can choose the most suitable combination according to your preferences. fake watches for sale