BOVET 1822 VIRTUOSO VIII Chapter 2 Reimagined

Bovet 1822 Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined shares some elements with Virtuoso VIII Chapter 2, one of the Maison’s new arrivals for 2020. However, this latest model wholeheartedly embraces modernity with its titanium black DLC case and striking Super-LumiNova dial.

Recently, I flipped through a 2012 Bovet luxury brochure. Between the hardcover covers, numerous glossy pages take turns showing Maison’s many models. Art crafts and intricate complications compete with each other to successfully grab my attention. Every page conspires to seduce. With the exception of contemporary Pininfarina creations, the featured designs lean towards the classic. Furthermore, each reference is clearly imbued with flawless craftsmanship, making them worthy of the moniker “Haute Horlogerie”.

Today, Bovet replica still offers timepieces with a traditional flair, but the prestigious brand now produces several models with contemporary designs. In fact, Bovet has repeatedly shown that it has a keen interest in bright colors and unusual dial shapes. It seems that the brand has an overriding desire to engage with younger customers. Recently, Bovet introduced a watch with a sapphire case that resembles a sloping writing desk. This edgy look exudes a remarkable modern vibe. Purists can relax, however, these novel creations may contain cutting-edge design and technology, but the company’s uncompromising finishing is still very much evident.

In 2020, the brand from Môtiers released Bovet 1822 Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two. This high-end timepiece is beautifully designed and packed with features. In fact, in addition to the display of the hours and minutes, this model is also equipped with a flying tourbillon with a running seconds hand and a large date. It also includes a power reserve indicator. The two upper dials are in blue aventurine glass, and some of the keyless pieces are visible in the northern part of the dial. In addition, the watch features the brand’s original Amadeo system, which allows the owner to convert the watch into a desk clock, pocket watch or necklace pendant. The overall composition looks very original, yet very classic.

Bovet has now revisited last year’s aforementioned novelties and injected them with high-quotient modernity. The Bovet 1822 Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined shares the same “writing bevel case” as the classic-style 2020 model, however, this latest model eschews the precious metal in favor of titanium and “gloss black” DLC. With this single change, the timepiece looks very modern and sporty.

While the previously mentioned 2020 version featured two aventurine dials, this new model features two Super-LumiNova-coated dials. It’s not just a lumen soup applied to indexes or pointers. Instead, the dials look like they’ve been soaked in Super-LumiNova for a long time before they come out to play. They “play” of course, radiating bright colors that can’t be ignored. Bovet offers dials in yellow, blue, salmon, turquoise, green and violet. Each of these watch face options is limited to just eight.

Since its founding in 1822, Bovet has indulged noble lovers with its beautiful timepieces, outstanding mechanics and unparalleled craftsmanship. However, as the Bovet 1822 Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined and some of the company’s other contemporary creations show, the brand is also keen to reach new audiences with a range of bold, eye-catching timepieces.

When the Virtuoso VIII Chapter 2 Tourbillon was launched last year, it was hailed as an incredible embodiment of hand watchmaking, Art Deco, mechanical ingenuity and innovation.

This year, Bovet luxury watch introduces a new aesthetic that brings this traditional expression of fine watchmaking directly into the 21st century, with a titanium case with brilliant black diamond-like carbon (DLC) and Super-LumiNova luminous coating.

Standing side by side with the original, the latest Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two is an all-new timepiece that is both modern and sporty, while still maintaining its watchmaking excellence. This is a theme for the Bovet brand moving forward – using interesting materials, colors, treatments and displays to modernize these complex timepieces, while still emphasizing the artisanal nature of the brand’s in-house production.

Speaking of in-house production, the craftsmanship of the Bovet 1822 has benefited enormously from an incredible three-year partnership with Rolls-Royce, which resulted in a pair of stunning custom timepieces and installations in the stern fascia system. Just as racing in Formula 1 infuses technology into an automaker’s passenger cars, the engineering and production benefits of intensive research, development and testing (including crash testing) of Boat Tail timepieces have impacted Bovet-made Every aspect. Every collection benefits from this exchange of engineering and technology, including the brand Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two.

The Super-LumiNova coated dial, not just the hour markers or markers, but the entire dial surface, is available in yellow, blue, salmon, turquoise, green and violet. Each color is limited to eight (8) timepieces. Once charged, these dials really pop, showcasing brightness in a unique way. You will be amazed and delighted when you first see these timepieces transition from light to dark. Now you can see the light of Bovet – Super-LumiNova from a completely different angle.

Over the past few years, BOVET has incorporated Super-LumiNova into its timepieces in a unique way – on the lunar surface of the moon phase, on the sunray dials of the various collections – but this is where the Super-LumiNova coating comes in. Debut. Applied so strongly on the dial, it is a true expression of modernity.

The Grade 5 titanium case of these new Virtuoso VIII Chapter 2 timepieces is treated with gloss black DLC to create a “dark side” that contrasts with the bright, vibrant dial colors.


The new Virtuoso VIII Chapter 2 includes everything else that makes this presentation special – patented flying tourbillon with ten-day power reserve, patented accelerated winding system, writing bevel case and sapphire crystal aperture, fine movement decoration, large date Displayed, the two dials form a horizontal number eight, symbolizing luck, perfection and infinity in numerology and many cultures. copy watch for men

For excellent legibility, the seconds display has been carefully designed to be displayed by a Super-LumiNova coated sub-dial. The arrows of the hands are suspended from the surface of the delicate circular dial, showing the 60 seconds. The display’s simple, precise readability, even in the dark, is excellent. For this, the seconds dial had to be fastened to the plate during the initial assembly phase, which made the work of the watchmaker more delicate when using the Super-LumiNova coating, as it required a fresh start.

It’s hard to imagine that a Super-LumiNova with such a diameter can be hung on the date plate to achieve such a large date display. The space between the unit disc and the hour disc has been reduced to optimize readability, making it as large as possible to enhance legibility. The watchmaker also didn’t forget the date correction, without even taking the watch off the wrist, just pressing the real cabochon sapphire crown. The quick date corrector and the iconic crown at 12 o’clock effectively prevent any accidental date corrections.

The movement that drives this exceptional timepiece meets Bovet’s demanding standards for timekeeping, reliability and expressiveness. It draws energy from a single barrel, ensuring a power reserve of more than ten days, while keeping the balance wheel vibrating at 18,000 vibrations per hour.

Finally, if not for the spherical differential winding system, a single barrel provides a power reserve of more than ten days, requiring meticulous winding. The application of this ingenious mechanism and its multi-gear three-dimensional teeth on a pinion has been awarded two patents. Thanks to this differential winding system, the number of crown turns required to fully wind is halved without increasing the friction and force exerted on the gears.

The Virtuoso VIII Chapter 2 Limited Edition (8 of each colour) is a modern interpretation of Bovet’s proprietary patented flying tourbillon with a large date and a long power reserve. The dial coated with Super-LumiNova and the black DLC titanium case are Bovet’s true 21st century departure and a clear harbinger of things to come.