Paying tribute to the traditional racing car paint, this Daytona is a bit new!

AET REMOULD, the main design high quality replica watches modification brand, has launched a new work, inspired by the classic racing car paint, giving Daytona a new visual experience. The special thing is the color adjustment, using British Racing Green (British Racing Green), which has appeared more on cars before, and now AET REMOULD has integrated it into the watch design, bringing a very racing sports style. look and feel.

The dial is covered in British racing green color, which looks very fresh and elegant, as if to tell people that it is different. The digital scale of the bezel also uses this element, which is more eye-catching against the background of the white ceramic case. The crown and handle are made of rose gold, adding a touch of romance to this sporty replica swiss watches. With a ceramic strap, the overall shape is very textured.

To explore the origin of racing green, we have to go back to the car racing of the last century. Different from the racing car paint that is full of advertisements now, the early car paint is a single color to facilitate the clear identification of cars from different teams, and in large and small races, there is always a car painted in green. He frequently rushed to the finish line first and won a lot of attention with his brilliant results, which made the racing green show the limelight and became the representative color of racing speed.

Today, we can also feel the style of motorsports in the past in the watch of AET REMOULD. Whether it is the fresh and refined beauty on the outside, or the design concept contained inside, this watch presents a unique temperament. The watch is also named “British Racing Green”. Daytona watches