A First Look at the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

Omega kicked off 2022 with a bang, unveiling the groundbreaking Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep.

Friday is never a bad thing. They are always welcome. But last Friday, the Watchonista team had even more reason to look forward to the last day of the work week, as we got an exclusive Zoom preview of the first new version of Omega in 2022. There’s even a lively cameo from CEO Raynald Aeschlimann by Omega VP Jean-Claude Monachon and head of product management Gregory Kissling to learn more about the new model.

Then, today, we visited Omega’s headquarters in Bienne after Friday’s launch, where we experienced and filmed live these new releases, fresh off the watchmaker’s bench. . Including the innovative Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep.

Omega Seamaster: a game changer since 1948
When Omega replica launched its first Seamaster collection in 1948, it had already established itself as a manufacturer of premium watches that provided water resistance, shock resistance and resistance to the Allied forces, particularly the British military and the Ministry of Defense during World War II. Magnetic field function. .

The first Seamaster series would set the standard for the tool watch of its era, as did the subsequent release of the 1957 Professional Trilogy (including the Seamaster 300, Railmaster and Speedmaster) and more professional series such as the Seamaster 1000 and Seamaster PloProf. All of these are game changers in themselves.

All of these models are game changers in their own right.

Introducing the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep
Now, Omega continues its tradition of pioneering innovators with the Seamaster Ocean Ocean Ultra Deep Seamaster Edition, which is based on the brand’s concept watch and set a new world record in 2019 when used at a depth of 10,928 meters.

“The concept best watch was as deep as possible, but at that stage, we never thought it was just a prototype,” Aeschlimann told us during a Zoom meeting. “But what we started with was a potential game-changer, so we decided to make it possible to create a whole series.” The 45.5mm x 18mm Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep can be used to a depth of 6,000m – considering that it is necessary to achieve ISO 6425 Certified and built-in 20% safety margin, the actual depth is 7,200m. This amazing water and pressure resistance is made possible thanks to three innovations.

Innovation abounds
Officially released today, the new 45.5mm x 18mm Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep range can be used at depths of 6,000m – in fact, closer to 7,200m, as it has a built-in 20% safety margin to achieve ISO 6425 certification. This amazing water and pressure resistance is made possible thanks to three innovations.

The first is the overall design concept. The new Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep collection has four patents pending: one each for the caseback, tapered crown, crystal gasket and shape of the sapphire crystal (for better stress distribution at extreme pressure levels). This design allows the watch to omit the helium valve.

Then comes the specific production process for sapphire crystals, edge-defined thin-film fed growth (EFG). This was created by Comadur, part of the Swatch Group. Essentially, the EFG process produces a completely defect-free and non-porous sapphire that retains its integrity at more than 6,000 meters.

Finally, Omega and one of its partners have developed a pioneering alloy called O-MEGASTEEL – which you will love. While the watch, like the concept watch, is made of fully matte grade 5 titanium, according to the brand, there is now an O-MEGASTEEL version with 50% higher mechanical resistance and hardness compared to the more stainless steel used commonly seen in Watchmaking.

After five years of development, O-MEGASTEEL is also noticeably whiter and brighter. Additionally, Omega has made sure this aspect stands out by featuring a combination of contrasting finishes (polished and satin) on the case and bracelet (where applicable).

As a side note, in order for METAS to certify the Ultra Deep to the ISO 6425 standard, Omega had to adapt its helium leak testing facility to a depth of up to 15,000m, whereas previously it could only test up to 1,500m.

The Ultra Deep is powered by the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8912. Meanwhile, the caseback of each watch is adorned with a black laser-engraved sonar logo, with the iconic Omega Seamaster at the center, surrounded by the words “Divers’ watch 6000m for Saturation” diving. “

As in the past, Omega is once again setting new standards for the Seamaster Ocean Ultra Deep Ocean. With its innovative design, state-of-the-art sapphire production and cutting-edge O-MEGASTEEL three pillars, it’s no outlandish concept piece that takes the classic diver’s watch to a whole new level. It is an excellent new flagship model in the already diverse Seamaster series.

Final Thoughts and Details
Raynald Aeschlimann concludes: “Now that we have decided to include Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep into a collection, the idea was to make a quintessential Omega product, offering high value and innovative technology at Omega prices. We wanted to avoid manufacturing that is only available to a few. too expensive, extravagant, concept-style watches.”

Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is available in grade 5 sandblasted titanium, sandblasted forged grade 5 titanium bezel and black ceramic grade 5 dial. This titanium model features a black and blue polyamide NATO strap made from recycled fishing nets.