Porsche Design unveils the new Chronograph 1 GP 2022 edition

Celebrate the legendary Porsche ice race with a commemorative limited-edition chronograph.

After the successful launch of the redesigned Chronograph 1 – 1972 Limited Edition, fake Porsche Design has reimagined another classic timepiece that brought an important story to the German car brand with a fresh look. Porsche Design is proud to announce the new Chronograph 1 GP 2022 Edition, a tribute to the legendary GP Ice Race launched in 2019 by Ferdinand Porsche’s nephew. The special edition Porsche Design Chronograph is housed in a 40.8 mm case in lightweight titanium with a black carbide coating, giving the watch a sleek, discreet look. The chronograph-style dial layout perfectly showcases the numerous functions highlighted using a luminescent indicator with luminous Super-LuminNova.

The Chronograph 1 GP 2022 Edition is powered by the COSC-certified Porsche Design WERK 1.140 movement, developed at the Solothurn factory, featuring an innovative quick-change date display and a two-language day display. “Fetzenflieger” is engraved on the back of the case. It pays homage to Otto Mathé, who crossed the finish line in record time in 1956 in a home-built Porsche-based car. Porsche Designs has equipped each limited-edition Chronograph 1 model with a matching titanium link bracelet, complete with an additional white textile strap, allowing the watch to be easily worn over a ski jacket or racing suit.

Porsche Design cheap celebrates GP Ice Race with special chronograph 1

It’s hard to argue that Porsche isn’t a brand for the times. It has stood the test of time, no doubt, but it has also demonstrated incredible forward-thinking abilities. As evidence, consider the establishment of Porsche Design. Under Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Porsche Design was founded in 1972, just 40 years after the brand was launched. “Butzi”, the same designer who originally designed the 911, was tasked with applying his skills to other products, including sunglasses, watches and other accessories. This work includes chronograph 1 watch. Now, Porsche is updating this classic watch for a new generation, celebrating its 50th anniversary since its original launch.

The Porsche Design Special Edition Chronograph 1 is housed in a 40.8mm titanium case (instead of the original steel case used in 1972). Inside the case is the COSC-certified WERK 01.140 self-winding movement with a PD-Icon rotor that offers a 48-hour power reserve and a flyback function. Like the original, the new Chronograph 1 features a black aesthetic, including everything from the carbide-coated titanium on the case to the bracelet.

Along with the release of the watch, Porsche also introduced a special pair of 911s. The first is the 1972 Targa, which has been completely restored and will be on display at the Porsche Museum. The second is a more modern interpretation of the ’72 Targa – the 992 Targa 4 GTS. Anyone who buys one of these special Targas will also have the opportunity to buy one of the watches, creating a matching set that no one else can claim. It’s a design that even Butzi can’t refute. Discount watches