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Focus on Escape II WPM Summer Edition and Escape II Absolute Sapphire

When Purnell entered the watchmaking world in 2020, the brand had no doubts about its philosophy. Its motto: “More future than past”. Its message: creative watchmaking based on a subtle fusion of culture and the future. Inspired by performance and precision, Purnell has been producing its daring mechanical feats for just over a year, and enthusiasts can now see them in its new showroom on the Rue du Rhône in Geneva, starting with its now-famous Spherion, which is a The fastest triple speed drive in the world. Axle tourbillon.

Developed by tourbillon watchmaker Éric Coudray, whose work in this field was awarded the prestigious Gaïa Prize in 2012, the Spherion features three cages that rotate at 8, 16 and 30 seconds, guaranteeing greater precision And provide a captivating sight on the wrist!

absolutely transparent
On the occasion of the 220th anniversary of the invention of Abraham-Louis Breguet, replica Purnell offers a new realm of expression for this supreme complication with the impressive Escape II Absolute Sapphire, the world’s first installed in a complete Double triple-axis tourbillon in a case sculpted from sapphire. To ensure absolute transparency, the movement’s three bridges and dials are also made of this hard and scratch-resistant material – with the exception of diamonds. Given the complexity of machining sapphire, making such a piece is a true masterpiece. To achieve this, Purnell invited its Swiss partner Novo Cristal in La Chaux-de-Fonds to engrave the three rough sapphires used for the case and movement after a 150-hour machining and polishing process. According to Maurizio Mazzocchi, CEO of Purnell, “The sapphire enhances the weightlessness of the movement and the alluring quality of the Spherion.” The bezels of both tourbillons are decorated with a delicate setting of 152 brilliant-cut diamonds, an effect that Enhanced further, these ingenious mechanics are dizzyingly reversed through a differential system. Mazzocchi added: “Later this year there will be a series of one-of-a-kind models featuring coloured sapphires in different colours – such as pink, green and blue.” A dizzying array of ingenious mechanisms, built through The differential system turns in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Double Spherion’s technical prowess is showcased in the all-new 48mm Escape II WPM Summer Edition. The unique WPM (White Purnell Microfiber) case material and the pink sapphire on the sapphire dial make up the full visual power of the spectacular mechanism. The chic and sophisticated aesthetic and its pleasing contrasts are designed to be worn all summer long…if it feels right, it goes way beyond.


escape two

Spherion, looking to the future*

As the brand behind the world’s fastest three-axis tourbillon, and the only one set with precious stones, Purnell holds a unique position in the world of contemporary watchmaking.

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When Purnell first launched their Escape II collection, the brand boldly stated that it would only produce tourbillon movements, with the aim of making them visually sensational and evocative. Working with seasoned watchmaker Eric Coudray, Purnell decided to approach this historic invention in a modern and artistic style. This is a view of how the mechanism of recognition has evolved over the past 220 years – the relevance of the tourbillon in modern watchmaking lies in its symbolism, a mark of technological innovation, quality and mechanical prowess. It is in this spirit that Coudrey invented what he calls the Double Spherical, which remains the world’s fastest double triple-axis tourbillon as of 2021. Review replica watch

Coudray built the Spherion based on the escapement invented by American watchmaker Albert H. Potter in 1875, but was eventually abandoned by the industry due to its high cost, complex manufacturing and high energy consumption. Unlike traditional tourbillons where the escape wheel, lever and balance are usually all in the same cage, the Spherion has three nested cages with the escapement and balance mounted on the innermost cage, the idea being that Expose the balance wheel to the larger frame. The various positions plus the combined rotation of the three cages were more efficient in terms of average gravity error. The result is a three-axis tourbillon consisting of three cages (inner, middle and outer), with each cage completing a full rotation in 8, 16 and 30 seconds, respectively.

The Spherion is by far the fastest three-axis tourbillon in the world, and as if one wasn’t enough, Coudray managed to create movements with twin Spherions, each rotating in opposite directions thanks to the differential system he devised. Unsurprisingly, the two three-axis tourbillons require a lot of energy. With this in mind, the outer cage is made of titanium, an ultra-light material, and the movement has six barrels, arranged side-by-side in two-by-three, with two visible barrels Cover (engraved with Purnell’s Creed), providing a 32-hour power reserve.

Powered by the P03 movement, the Double Spherion weighs only 15.7 grams and powers the Escape II collection. The unique case design and the domed sapphire crystal provide unobstructed views of the double spherical watch through a window between the lugs at 6 o’clock and a lateral window at 9 o’clock. Dazzling and dazzling, the Double Spherion not only fulfills Purnell’s goal of creating a mechanism that is visually appealing and symbolizes a modern interpretation of the tourbillon. And this is just the beginning. Shortly after presenting the Escape II collection with the double sphere, Purnell also introduced the Escape II Treasure, fully set with diamonds and gemstones on the dial and case, and with diamonds on the outer cage of the double sphere. Although other brands had managed to bridge the tourbillon at the time,

The original Spherion weighed 0.79562 grams, while the diamond-encrusted version weighs just 0.831 grams. Still, even small changes in weight distribution can affect the performance of the movement, so the overall weight of the cage has been rebalanced – despite the addition of diamonds, the triple-axis tourbillon weighs the same regardless of whether the double sphere is set with diamonds or not. No, so keep its rotational speed the same. Calling it the “Dance of Diamonds,” Purnell fake managed to set a world record with its Double Spherion and a world first with its diamond-encrusted Double Spherion, both feats thanks to close collaboration with Eric Coudray and Commitment to maintaining 100% Swiss Made. Double sphere, a spectacular performance of mechanical muscles.