Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Bacchus

The single-piece version Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Bacchus combines Vacheron Constantin‘s expertise in advanced complication watches with its superb artistic craftsmanship. This double-sided watch contains 16 complications, mainly related to astronomy and calendar, driven by the 2755 GC16 movement equipped with minute repeater and tourbillon. A technical feat in the 18K 5N gold case, in which the middle is carved with a bas-relief. This “Bacchus” watch pays tribute to the god of vines and wine in Rome, and finds another source of inspiration from Johannes Kepler, thus establishing a fascinating connection between mythology and astronomy.

The 18K 5N pink gold case of this Les Cabinotiers timepiece is decorated with vine leaves decorated with clusters of ruby ​​grapes. The work of the engraver complements the work of the gem setter on the outside of the case, giving life to the symbolic pattern, making this watch a superb craftsmanship.

The case decoration on the bezel and case back continues, hand-carved to depict vine leaves. The hidden difficulty of this intaglio engraving is that there are no borders or contour lines. The wreath is hollowed out across the width of the bezel, so it is unique due to the pattern’s rhythmic regularity. The latter aspect is embodied in two fastening methods-folding buckle and pin buckle.

To create the movement of this highly complex watch,replica Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers used the Tour of the Island as a reference. This timepiece was launched in 2005 to pay tribute to the 250 years of watchmaking skills of the Geneva-based watch factory. . In the same spirit, the Les Cabinotiers-Bacchus timepiece combines 16 complications, making it one of the most complex watches produced by the brand. Its manual winding Calibre 2755 GC16 is equipped with a tourbillon adjuster to compensate for the influence of the earth’s gravity on the mechanism.

The tourbillon adopts a frame in the shape of Vacheron Constantin’s iconic Maltese cross logo, which completes a revolution every minute to act as a small second hand. This watch is also equipped with a minute repeater, which can tell the time, quarters and minutes as needed. In order to avoid unnecessary noise and wear and tear of the mechanism, the gong is equipped with an ingenious centripetal flying adjuster. This perfectly silent device adjusts the duration of the music sequence to obtain clear, clear and regular sound.

The perpetual calendar and astronomical functions play the protagonist on both sides of the watch. At 6 o’clock on the front, you can enjoy the mechanical ballet of the tourbillon, and the perpetual calendar indications are displayed on three counters. They are located on the upper part of the dial and display the date, day of the week and month respectively.

Designed to track the unpredictability of the Gregorian calendar, no adjustments are needed until 2100, and the leap year cycle indication further enhances the complexity of this timepiece. The latter appears in the small hole next to the pointer and indicates the torque of the minute repeater between the 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions. The power reserve of the timekeeping device matches the power reserve indication of the movement, which can be read by a serpentine hand coaxial with the day hand. Wholesale replica watch

The complex mechanics of this work also provides an astronomical interpretation of time, representing a tribute to Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), who is considered one of the founders of modern astronomy and discovered the laws of planetary motion. It is completely consistent with Copernicus’s heliocentric hypothesis. Therefore, the first astronomical function appeared on the same ivory champagne dial, starting from the time equation between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock.

Since the path of the earth orbiting the sun is not circular but elliptical, and because the axis of the earth is inclined at 24° to its orbital plane, the time for the sun to pass the zenith is not the same twice in a year. This difference between the (true) solar day and the (average) 24-hour civil day ranges from -16 to +14 minutes, depending on the time of year, and coincides only four times a year. Called the time equation, or time correction in astronomical language, this difference is displayed by a dedicated pointer, while sunrise and sunset times (adjusted according to the reference city) are displayed at the bottom of the dial.

The sidereal time display is located on the back of the watch, in the shape of a rotating disc, depicting the sky dome and its observable constellations from the northern hemisphere. Taking a fixed star in the sky as a reference point, the time required for the earth to complete a complete 360° rotation or sidereal day is exactly 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. Vacheron Constantin swiss

Since the earth rotates both on its axis and the sun, the time required to return to its origin relative to a given star is about four minutes less than a calendar day. On this model, the “celestial body” disk rotates completely according to the sidereal time, and the time is displayed on the periphery, contrary to the date displayed on the periphery of the moving disk.

The same date is read by moving a large central pointer on a fixed outer flange with a scale in five-day increments. This hand also indicates the zodiac signs, seasons, and four dates corresponding to the solstice and the vernal equinox. Finally, the small central hand indicates the age of the moon.

This extremely complex movement is composed of 839 parts, with a total diameter of 33.90 mm, a thickness of 12.15 mm, and a power reserve of 58 hours. It displays all its functions on both sides in a completely clear way. The balance wheel vibrates 18,000 times per hour (2.5 Hz).

The 47 mm diameter 18K 5N pink gold case is designed to provide the best sound quality for the minute repeater.

technical details
Model: Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Bacchus
Reference 9700C/000R-B755
Calibre 2755 GC16
By Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical development and manufacturing, manual winding
33.90 mm diameter, 12.15 mm thick
Power reserve of about 58 hours
2.5Hz (18,000 vibrations/hour)
839 parts
42 jewels
Geneva Seal Certified Timepiece

Front: hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock on the tourbillon frame-minute repeater-tourbillon-perpetual calendar (date, day, month, leap year)-power reserve indicator-time equation-sunrise time-sunset time- Alarm torque indication
Back: Starry sky map-age and moon phases-sidereal hours and minutes-seasons, zodiac signs

Crown and buttons
Setting Hours and minutes adjustment: winding crown (2 positions)
Moon phase adjustment: correction button on the case
Perpetual calendar adjustment: two correction buttons on the case
Starry sky map adjustment: with crown and screw-in button

Watch case
18K 5N pink gold, hand-engraved “grape leaf” on the bezel and back, hand-engraved “grape leaf” on the strap, and inlaid with 113 rubies, total weight about 1.84 carats, representing a bunch
47 mm diameter of grapes, 19.10 mm thick

Dial (front and back)
Champagne opal dial
18K 5N pink gold applied hour markers
18K 5N pink gold hands

Dark brown Mississippi alligator leather, hand-stitched, saddle finish, large square scales
Buckle: 18K 5N pink gold folding clasp with hand-engraved “vine leaf” pattern on the clasp; half Maltese cross

Les Cabinotiers Prestige box

Supplied with correction pen and magnifying glass
A winding box

Single-piece version
«Les Cabinotiers», «One Piece Unique», «Communications» logo engraved on the back of the watch